Lauren Alaina Fights Gets Into A Teenaged Twitter Battle (Slow News Day)

Yes. I’ll admit it. Things are so slow around here, so I’m reduced to posting twitter fights between teenagers. Sadz.  That teenager would be 17 year old Season 10 runner-up, Lauren Alaina who got into a twitter battle last night with an ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend. Or at least that’s what I gather is going on after checking out IDF and the Taste Of Country comments section where the story was first “reported”

Lauren decided to take her fight to all of her 300K followers.  In other words, she didn’t direct her tweets specifically to the kids she was fighting with, but to everyone who follows her.

You need something. But that something ain’t me!! Did you really just refer to me as a celebrity girlfriend? #classy

And its a good thing you don’t need one Bc (in case you haven’t noticed by me ignoring you everytime you text or call) I’m done with you!(;

Sweetie. In case you haven’t learned by now you can’t believe a word he says. but go for it if ur dumb enough to believe him u deserve him(;

Ps: you won’t ever have to worry about him cheating on you with me I wouldn’t do that to someone. That must e the kinda girl you are. #eww

I did write a song about it. But sorry sweetie, u weren’t in it. It was the other girl he cheated on me with. Ur story wasn’t good enough (;

@Lauren_Alaina you’re my hero. I’m lovin these tweets!! #MiniMirandaLambert

Awe why did you delete your tweets? I was just getting started. Quit while youre (kinda) ahead. I get it (; #gameover

Okay y’all I’m done with the tweets I just got upset. I’m a teenage girl we have drama unfortunately. Let’s have a twitter party! (:

Lauren explained her outburst to one of her followers, “I’m a real person with feelings. I handle things the way I would before I tried out for idol. I haven’t changed. Won’t ever.”  But maybe she should change the way she behaves in certain situations now that she’s famous.  Little outbursts like the one she had last night get repeated everywhere. The aftermath could be embarrassing.  Maybe she’s a drama queen and kind of relishes the attention. Or maybe she’s just young and hasn’t figured out how to conduct herself yet. That’s where mom is supposed to step in. And since that’s not me, I’ll just leave it at that.

According to commenters at IDF and TOC, Lauren’s ex and his friends were cyber bullying her and threatening to cause trouble at her hometown concert at The Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga  this weekend. If that’s true, I can see why she’d be tempted to rally the troupes via twitter to fight back.  But it really solves nothing. Better to take the high road. If she’s being threatened, get adults involved–security if necessary.   The consensus in both comments sections appear to be that Lauren should keep her private life private and that getting into public twitter fights with an ex-boyfriend looks unprofessional.

Twitter really is the devil. I know, because I’ve gotten into arguments with twitter bullies, and it never ends well.  I’ve managed to train myself NOT TO RESPOND, but it’s not always easy.  I still can’t promise that I’ll be good if ya’ll hit me when I’m tired or have had a bad day. So I feel for Lauren.

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