Kris Allen Donates “Horizons” Album Proceeds to Music Empowers

This is a very cool gesture from American Idol season 8 winner, Kris Allen. He’s donating a portion of the proceeds from his upcoming album, Horizons, to Music Empowers, to benefit music education in public schools!

Read the press release below. Also, Click to Listen to Horizons on Soundcloud.

Sales Of New Kris Allen Album, “Horizons” To Benefit Music Empowers Foundation

NEW YORK, Aug. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — American Idol Winner and singer/songwriter Kris Allen and the Music Empowers Foundation announced today that a portion of the proceeds from each sale of his newest album, “Horizons” will be given to the Music Empowers Foundation. “Horizons” is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, August 12, 2014.

Music Empowers Foundation awards grants and funding to organizations across the country that provide music education programs to children in communities without adequate access to affordable music education. Since is founding in 2010 Music Empowers Foundation has awarded over $700,000 in grants, helping to provide music education to hundreds of thousands of children.

Kris Allen has long been an advocate for music education and a strong supporter of the Music Empowers Foundation. “Access to good music education had a tremendous positive impact on my life,” explained Mr. Allen. “It gave me a purpose in school and helped me find something that I was actually good at. I’m glad that I have this opportunity to once again support Music Empowers, and that my fans can join me in supporting music education for kids just by purchasing “Horizons”.

“Horizons” is Kris Allen’s third full-length album and was produced by Grammy nominated Charlie Peacock. Drawing inspiration from beloved artists like James Taylor and Paul Simon, “Horizons” is built on intensely intimate and inward looking songs that ultimately take on a universal dimension.

Kris Allen is an internationally successful singer-songwriter, philanthropist and American Idol winner. Kris’ past work includes his 2009 self-titled debut, which features his breakout and platinum-selling single “Live Like We’re Dying.”

On August 12, Kris will release first independent album Horizons. Produced by Grammy nominated Charlie Peacock (Switchfoot, The Civil Wars), Kris sharpened his song craft and brought a more boldly open-hearted spirit to his soulful brand of pop-rock including his first single “Prove It To You” featuring Nashville songstress Lenachka. Horizons brings a level of sophistication in Kris’ melody-minded songwriting while fully tapping into his natural grace as a singer and guitarist. In addition to being a platinum recording and touring artist, Kris Allen is also dedicated to using his position to raise awareness about a number of philanthropic causes including Music Empowers, World Vision and the Trevor Project.

The Music Empowers Foundation is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit that provides financial support to nonprofits that offer music education programs to communities with limited or nonexistent programs. Since its inception in early 2010, it has awarded over $700,000 in grants to organizations such as, Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, Little Kids Rock, Berklee City Music Network, and Artists Corps of America. For more information on Music Empowers please go to, become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter

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  1. I think it is great Kris donating some of his profits to Music Empowers. It is a good cause. Music in the schools is definitely important.

  2. Kris is always generous with his time and money for worthy causes. Very kind and caring musician -no wonder he is well thought of by fans, friends, and others in the music business!

  3. Kris has the MEF logo printed on the back of his cd booklet and the statement about some of the proceeds going to MEF. So I wonder if they have signed on as a sponsor for the album and/or tour.

  4. Very cool thing to do, Kris. No Label Suits to have a Tart Ahack at giving away some of the profits has its good side. IMO.

  5. Kris puts his money and his time where his mouth is. Good for him.

  6. Reminder:

    Sorry…I just deleted a link to a blog I’d rather not link to for reasons. coughstealingmyspoilerscough coughwontsendhitstoknowncontenttheivescough.

    Any questions…email me. I’d rather not discuss it here.

  7. Sounds like typical Kris to do something like this. I hope lots of money goes to music education; I know I’ll be contributing my money.

  8. I am such a huge fan, but sometimes I almost feel unworthy in comparison to his incredible decency and generosity. lol He truly is a great guy, and I’m counting the minutes until I download my copy of Horizons!

  9. FYI…

    Kris Allen St Team @Team_Kris
    #For those who’ve been asking, #Horizons will be available in stores on Tuesday :)

    #Bonus tracks will not be a part of the current album release, but may be available at a later time and date.

    ETA: Kris’ street team is responding to questions from fans and confirmed things with his team.

  10. So much better than the FAIL that was the Kris Allen Idol season pass. It actually downloaded.

  11. Horizons is now #2 in Singer/Songwriters and #25 overall. (10:44pm Central time)

  12. I’m not surprised to hear Kris is donating some of the proceeds from his CD sales to Music Empowers. He and Andy Davis have been good friends for a long time and Kris is very big into music education. I think it’s very good of Kris to do this. Got the download from itunes.

  13. I hoped there was a headline this week for Kris’s new CD and this was as close as I could find. Just wanted to say how pleasantly surprised I was at the new record. I didn’t care for the debut, but really liked TYC. I was skeptical about this release as I figured it would be lower key than TYC since it was self-produced and was hoping it wasn’t as sleepy as the debut.

    I finally got to listen to the whole record today and I really, really like it. Yes, it IS lower key than TYC but has much more variety and cohesiveness (those two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive or even contradictory) than the debut. I think Kris demonstrated significant growth on this record and as much as it will never get the exposure it deserves because it’s an indie release, I hope that people will take a chance on it. It needs to be heard.

    It’s funny… I preferred Lee DeWyze’s indie release “Frames” to his post-idol debut as well. It seems these boys are finally being able to represent themselves as the artists they want to be, now that they are no longer slaves to RCA and the generic pop-rock stars that RCA so wanted to mold them into. Yes, I know that’s a dangling preposition. Deal with it ;)

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