Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and David Cook ABC News Radio Interview

Cuts from an ABC News Radio, interview with Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and David Cook recorded on Friday at the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series performance:

Adam Lambert says the response he’s getting from the crowd is helping him get through the extremely hectic Idols Live concert schedule. ‘The energy’s nuts, ‘  he says. ‘I mean, I’m not going to lie. It’s a grueling schedule. But even if I’m exhausted, the minute I step out onto that stage, I’m charged up. The audience is throwing amazing positive energy our way, and it’s an exchange. I feel that, and I try to give it back, as much as I can.’  Adam says that a few of the songs he’s performing on tour are actually giving fans a bit of a sneak preview of his forthcoming album. He explains, ‘I would say the Bowie medley is a really nice way to telecast what some parts of the album may sound like, you know, there’s a little bit of an electronic production to it, and I think that’s very similar to some of the stuff we’re doing.’  He adds, ‘Also, the Muse song is a nice kind of nod to some things to expect.’ 

Kris Allen says he’s enjoying meeting the fans while on the road, and especially those fans who he’s had a major impact on. ‘There was one girl the other night, ‘  he says. ‘She was, like, fourteen, and she was a singer-songwriter, played the guitar, and she was, like, ‘You have really inspired me to go after this.”  So that meant a whole lot. A lot of people are like (screaming) ‘KRISS!!!!! Blah Blah.’ But hearing stuff like that and actually meeting that person was so cool.’  As for the songs he’s performing on tour, Kris says he’s having the most fun with ‘Hey Jude.’  ‘At the end of that, the whole place just sings along and is standing up, and everyone’s just screaming, ‘  he says. ‘So it’s very cool to have people singing along, and you’re up on that big stage, kinda leading it, and I’m actually surprised that a lot of people know that song!’ 

David Cook is on the road through November, and he says he’s proud of the fact that his show has no gimmicks or special effects ‘ it’s just music. As he puts it, ‘If you want to come out and see, y’know, fifty pounds of glitter dumped on an audience, we’re not the show for that. I think what we bring to the table is, we try to eliminate that buffer, you know. We’ll play some songs, we’ll talk to the audience, talk to each other, crack jokes on each other’ ¦we try to make it as much of a conversation as we possibly can.’ 

On Paula leaving:

Adam Lambert says Paula’s departure will be a loss to American Idol, both for fans and contestants. ‘I know the audience will miss her, ‘  he says, ‘and I think that she provides a lot of safety and warmth both in the audition room and onstage. When you’re performing from week to week, she’s somebody that, as a performer, you can look at and you know she will make you feel comfortable and loved. She’s got a lot of heart and I think the contestants are going to be missing something.’ 

Kris Allen says future contestants on American Idol will suffer from not having Paula there. ‘I think they’ll miss the heartfelt thing that she gives. She’s so caring and she’s so lovely, ‘  says Kris. ‘ Behind the scenes, she was the person who would be, like, no matter how you felt about [your performance], she felt good about it.’ 

David Cook doesn’t think Paula can be replaced. ‘No, ‘  he says, ‘And I really, earnestly hope that that’s not what the show tries to do. I think Paula is Paula.’  He adds, ‘ I think if they’re going to bring somebody in, bring fresh blood in. Hopefully, it’s somebody nice, because I was eternally grateful for the fact that Paula always kind of eased the criticism.’ 

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