Kellie Pickler – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – VIDEO

The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition episode Kellie Pickler filmed was aired on ABC tonight.   Kellie helped Ty Pennington and his crew build an accessible home for the Terpenning family of Beavercreek, OH.

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In the first of two clips posted after the jump, Kellie helps bust up the Terpenning home to make way for construction of their new digs. In the second clip, she performs for the crew and plays wheelchair basketball.

The young blond boy with Kellie is her little brother…

I wonder how the familty will afford the upkeep on a bigger home once the crews go home?   Several   of these Extreme Makeover homes have gone into foreclosure in the past few years…

David Cook recently filmed an episode of the show.   His appearance on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will air sometime in winter/spring 201o.

Videos after the JUMP…

Kellie Pickler Smashes stuff up real good

Kellie plays basketball in a wheelchair, sings for the crew.

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  1. Usually the community comes together and pays off the old mortgage. ABC assists with taxes. The house also has warranty. I live close to one that aired recently (the one with Ashley Tisdale). I don’t know why foreclosure happens. All expenses are paid by local businesses and community.

  2. Aww, I don’t know anything about this show, but I love the Pickles. She sure has a big heart. :-)

  3. O.M.G!! I knew they were doing a home close to me, but I didn’t know Kellie Pickler was going to be there!!!!! I fail!!

  4. Hey gang ! Thanks for the vids MJ !

    The reason some of the homes have gone into foreclosure is because the families took out mortgages/second mortgages or couldn’t pay the property tax.

    Usually it’s the mortgages though.

    I still love Pickler !

  5. OMG, hubby and I were sniffing through the whole show, it seems, lol. Love Kellie, and it was so cool to include her brother. I will never forget that broadcast she did with that one radio station that she stood up to concerning some things they said about her. She was concerned about what her family, and particularly her little brother would say if they were to hear what was said about her. It’s a shame about the foreclosures, though. And congrats to Carrie on the 11th #1 single!:-D

  6. Loved these videos. I am glad Kellie has returned to a more natural look — for a little while she looked like a Jayne Mansfield wannabe, much too old for her. She looked her age in this vids and seems like a real sweetie.

  7. I’ve always been concerned about how these makeovers affect the families financially.

    Do they have to pay state and federal income tax on the gifts (compensation) for being a part of this show? Property taxes and insurance would definitely be higher and I suspect their utility bills as well with all the additional energy consuming products.

  8. I actually live in Beavercreek, the town where the family lives. They make pretty decent money (he works for the Air Force Base, one of the bigger ones in the country). Our community is also great at supporting each other.

  9. I wonder how the familty will afford the upkeep on a bigger home once the crews go home? Several of these Extreme Makeover homes have gone into foreclosure in the past few years’ ¦

    I am sure in some areas some of the families would be very hard pressed to pay the tax bill. Even if the show helps out the first year, the families have to cough up what may be serious money to them on down the road. Sometimes the show goes way extreme IMHO. They did a house in my town on a street I travel down every single day, but I missed it so I had to have been out of town. They did a really nice job on the house and it still looks good and the same people still live there, but they didn’t go crazy and build a McMansion.

    WE LOVE KELLIE! Didn’t look at the clips as we are going to watch it thanks to DVR (love that invention!).

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