So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Top 16 Spoilers

From SYTYCDism and Idol Forums.

Most of the top 16 spoilers are here thanks to a leak from Associated Press images. Thanks to the folks at Idolforums for finding them! Enjoy, appreciate, and comment. :)

Nathan & Mollee – Salsa – Gustavo Vargas?
Ryan & Ellenore – Hip-Hop – ?
Victor & Channing – Contemporary – Stacey Tookey
Peter & Pauline – Quickstep – ?
Russell & Noelle – Afro Jazz – Sean Cheesman
Kevin & Karen – Hustle – Maria Torres
Jakob & Ashleigh – ? – ?
Legacy & Kathryn – Broadway – Not Tyce Diorio

I’ll update this post when more info becomes available…

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  1. yay gustavo! yay stacey!! yay sean cheeseman! i’m loving all these familiar names!!

  2. One Hip Hop, and no Waltz or Tango? Well, at least the viewers have a say on what will happen on Wednesday.


    We were at the taping.. the hip hop routine was choreographed by Lil C, and I think it was actually crump.

    Ashleigh and Jakob did a jazz routine by Mandy Moore which involved some creative use of a cane that I’m sure everyone will love.

    The Broadway, Quickstep, Afro Jazz and Salsa choreographers were all new to the show, so I can’t remember their names.

    The Afro Jazz, Jazz (cane), and Broadway routines were my favorites, in that order.. and not b/c of the dancers b/c I don’t have any favorites yet.

    *We also got to see an amazing performance by two young (10 & 14) salsa dancers… they were so cute and GOOD, everyone is going to go crazy over them!

  4. Ashleigh and Jakob did a jazz routine by Mandy Moore which involved some creative use of a cane that I’m sure everyone will love.

    Yeah! I love Jakob and don’t understand way more people don’t just adore him. Russell and Ellenore can stay too. :)

  5. ^ I’ve dug Jakob since he stood out during that first get to know the dancers show. He’s frakin amazing. And Ellenore is awesome.

  6. I don’t think you need to have attended the taping to know that Quickstep always equals trouble, and with Peter and Pauline getting it, I’d imagine they’re both going to find it tough to get through to next week. I don’t think Peter is a strong all-round dancer, and although I like Pauline, she’s been kind of invisible (and wasn’t she have to “dance for her life” in Week 1?).

  7. The Hustle should be outstanding if Adam can take it without falling off his stool.

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