Anoop Desai – L.U.V.R – UNC Homecoming – VIDEO

Anoop Desai performs his original song “L.U.V.R.” at the UNC Homecoming concert at Memorial Hall on the University of North Carolina campus last night. (November 8)

Meet AN AMERICAN IN PARIS' Brandon Uranowitz- 'I Can Die Now'

The son was co-written with David Mikush.

Check out the performance, after the jump…

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Thanks again MJ for posting!As usual,you and your blog are a great help in promoting all things idol!

    I think it’s a nice catchy light pop R&B (sort of like some of Natasha Bedingfield’s songs).I hope this gets to be produced properly–the beat is there,it needs –because it’s pop–production work and maybe some polishing on arrangement esp the end (it kind of ends abruptly).

  2. I love it. And I’m betting the studio version is going to sound even better.

  3. Oh god. You guys know how I feel about songs intentionally spelled wrong… but despite that.. it’s not so bad actually! It is very light, but I agree that it could use a bit of work. Studio would be nice.. parts were bit hard to understand.

  4. I am not knocking this original song. But the site listed below has most of Anoop’s show and ( for me for you for me ) have songs that showcase his voice much better.
    Some are really very good.

  5. I suppose that exposire is the important thing. Is Anoop showcasing a possible line-up of selections for an album? As mentioned, a studio can make the sound so much more marketable.

  6. Grammie Kari – definitely, studio recordings really make a huge difference. He’s putting together some demo recordings to shop around…here’s one….so much more impressive…and sounds marketable to me…
    a studio recording of “Make Love” is up on his official myspace:

  7. From Anoop’s most recent blog :

    November 3, 2009 – Tuesday
    Upcoming songs
    Hey everyone!

    Wanted to keep you updated on goings on in Los Angeles. I’ve had a productive couple weeks in my new surroundings. Last night I was in the studio with my buddy and fellow Idol alum Brandon Rogers and Russ Ali (google him) working on a new track called “Not Like This”. I’m really excited about this one. When its done I’ll be sure to put it up here for y’all. Also working with a few other people around LA and David Mikush who is based in Atlanta on some new music. This is going to be the stuff that makes up the demo that I’ll be shopping to record companies in the very very near future. For now, I’m out here grindin.
    Stay in touch,

    Grammie Kari – definitely, studio recordings really make a huge difference

    a Studio recording of “Make Love” is up on his official myspace:

  8. I kinda like the vibe and in full production mode I think it would sound really good…


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