Katharine McPhee – International Women’s Day – VIDEO

Katharine McPhee performed at the White House yesterday for International Women’s Day. She sang “Surrender” from her album UnBroken, with President Obama and First Lady Michelle in attendance.

Check out her performance after the jump. via Rickey.org.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Katharine McPhee is singing for the President and First Lady. I want her agent for myself.

  2. I’ve never been able to understand this girl’s appeal. She’s very pretty and very stiff – and very fake, in my opinion. But hey. YMMV I guess!

  3. Katharine McPhee is singing for the President and First Lady. I want her agent for myself.

    You crack me up, Suzanne, because I was thinking exactly the same thing. Like, she’s there and I’m not?? Wassup with that?

  4. how the hell does this girl get these gigs? what the heck has she done besides be in “the house bunny” movie that tanked? lol i see her in magazines lol and shes sold like zilch in the music industry..

  5. Thanks mj. Happy Kat is out there doing her thing w/lots of awesome appearances/gigs being planned during the comings weeks/months.
    Kat makes a guest appearance on the TV show Community this Thursday, Jay Leno on Friday, starts TV filming a pilot,The Pink house, and her concert tour starts Apr 2. Her music is selling, granted not by leaps and bounds, but selling. Go Kat!

  6. Just because a singer does not sell tons of music does not qualify one as not a respected artist by many others! Not everyone that sells tons of music are respected in all circles either! It is a matter of what different folks like….and many people do respect McPhee and her talents and thus she gets those gigs…simple. If she was not considered a respected and liked artist among certain circles-she would not be “seen” so much.Personally, if I were a singer- I would rather be invited to sing at such events like the Whitehouse,in concert with international artist , and alongside other historical singers at events honoring life achievements than to be number one on MTV or some chart for a few weeks!

  7. Kphee is the greatest female artist out there to me…She has so much more heart and spirit than any of the other girls…Money dont mean anything, those approved by the biggest masses, to me, seem to be the fakest alot of times…she reaches deep into my soul, and breathes the warmth of life and love and peace into my heart, these ears that have heard, too often, the things we wish not to ever hear, finds her voice a touch from the angels…my eyes that have seen other things, finds the sight of her worth more than a kings ransom, her smile to me is warmer than the blacksmiths flames, and melts away my most bitter thoughts and fears…She is funny, full of life, honor, talent, spirit, and beauty…who wouldnt love that? Mcpheever!

  8. CombatVet….I’m with you!…She has it all…Bet she will still be around and in view long after the “chart toppers” are forgotten in couple years!!!!!!!!

  9. Katharine’s album is pretty awesome, perhaps a bit heavy and dark, but I like it a whole lot. That dress looks like a frock from ancient Greece with a belt added. Kat’s agent is her husband Nick and the guy is doing one hell of a job lining up gigs for her. I think the key is that a lot of people remember Katharine in a favorable way so the doors open.

    Here is the performance in HD on Youtube:


  10. I luv this girl. I never understood the people that don’t understand her. lol. She is amazing to me.

  11. What a really nice performance. I think she should do a musical film, something along the lines of a Chicago. She would be terrific.

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