Julie’s American Idol Tour 2009 Portland, ME Recap

The obligatory background: 42, big fan of Kris and Adam. I saw the show in Philly, 4th row center, and it was awesome. Got a pic with Kris at the afternoon barricades, show was great, figured I couldn’t top that. So I went back and forth all week as to whether or not to try for Portland (3 hours away from home). I checked Friday, and there was floor row 13, I thought about it, but let it go. Checked first thing Saturday and nothing came up. Checked an hour later, and 4th row stage right came up. Almost let it go, but then couldn’t resist. Best decision I ever made.

Turned out to be the seat closest to the stage, so I was both 4th row and front row, depending on where the Idols were on stage. Knowing how sick the boys were, I didn’t know what to expect. (Kris and Adam hadn’t twittered about how they were feeling by the time I had to leave home.) The room where the Idols had dinner was awkwardly in the lobby area of the arena, so a couple of them had to go through the milling crowd to get to the backstage area. (Ray was on hand, they made a space, so it’s not like they had to fight through people, but it was still in the middle of the crowd.) I saw Adam go by, smiling, so I figured that was a good sign.

I’m not going to recap each performance, but some random notes on the first half – Suspicious Minds works really well on Sarver, he should look for more songs like that. Anoop impressed me with his stage presence, here and in Philly, first in the line-up to take that leap up. Matt tore it up once again, great job.

Whatever combination of having the previous day off, having just four shows left, wanting to show the virus who’s boss, a good-energy crowd – everyone gave it their all and it was a great show. I had taken a few photos in Philly, so decided to leave the camera at home this time, so I could fully soak in the entire show. I’m glad to have the pics, but also very glad to have had another show without that distraction, makes a big difference (for me, your results may vary).

Things of beauty that will live in my mind forever:
Allison’s stunning self-empowerment at the tender age of 17. Hope she never loses it.
Being so close that I could see Adam’s individual arm/shoulder freckles. I don’t know why they’re so beautiful, but they just are.
At the end of Ain’t No Sunshine, Kris’ head down and right arm extended to the end of the keyboard – it was one of the most beautiful images I’ve ever seen, it could’ve been an artistic photo in a gallery.

Not so beautiful – the helium effect was present for Starlight, tho it did come and go. Are they really just figuring out how to fix it with three shows left? I guess it’s not there for all the shows, but it definitely was in Philly too. Not so much there for Mad World, so that was good.

Allison’s spirit brought my first teary moment of the night, that age thing. More teary moments followed during Adam and Kris’ performances. Being the most recently and severely, respectively, ill, to see them give every ounce of their being into every song was just so moving. Adam did his runs and dance moves, Kris hit the long notes and bounced at the piano and the guitar. I felt like Kris was especially going for it, in a “I’m back, dammit!” kind of way, tho he probably wouldn’t say dammit, but you get the idea. You could still hear the sickness in his voice, but it didn’t deter, just added a little sexy huskiness here and there. (I’m sure he appreciates that him feeling crappy translates to sexy voice fun for the audience.) The rest of the Idols seemed to give him extra props at the end of Hey Jude, appreciating him being back in force.

Kradam coming up on the lift for DSB was so reassuring – things back where they belong, Adam happy to have Kris back. But then I immediately realized – it will only be back where it belongs for three more shows. Seeing all of the Idols lined up at the end, such a diverse yet close family, all feeling the end coming – more teary moments for the crazy old hormonal woman.

I have to mention our little stage right section. Having seen elsewhere such crazy acrimony towards non-favored contestants from some fans, it was really nice to not have that in our little group. There were a number of crazed Glamberts in our midst, but they gave their full support to every single singer, from Sarver right on through to Gokey, swaying and cheering all along. Another beautiful thing on a beautiful night.

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