Idol Sales News – Week Ending 12/28/14

Happy New Year’s Eve. We got a top 15 prediction from HDD. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Taylor Swift dominates the chart. She is so dominant that “1989” outsells the second, third and fourth albums combined. This will give her the juice to easily surpass “Frozen” as the number one album of the 2014 calender year.

Next up is Pentatonix. Their sales fall tp half which would normally be shocking news for an album that has grown legs, but is totally expected for a Christmas album. People purchased the album for the first three days of the week and Christmas music gets the boot for the remaining days of the week after Christmas. Christmas songs are like Gremlin’s after midnight. Play/feed them to your heart’s content before, but not after. Fortunately, Christmas songs don’t turn into monsters that eat your face off even though people complain about them enough you would be forgiven for thinking they did.

One Direction has rock steady sales (actually going up 1K) which again is kind of expected. Those tweens are the first to cash in their gift cards as soon as they can escape from the dinner table. J. Cole is down a little in sales, but in the same spot in sales. Nicki falls two spots and looses about half her sales which is still good for a second week (where drops are typically in the 70-80% range these days.

“The Guardian’s of the Galaxy” surges up from 15th to 6th with an increase in sales – lots of people got the DVD for Christmas? Sam Smith, who has been getting some press around MJ’s Blog these last few days, is 7th which is up a spot from last week but with about a 5% drop in sales.

Fabulous has the top debut of the week with “The Young Og Project”. As somebody who grew up in the Canadian school system, I of course have read the “Secret World of Og” by the esteemed Canadian journalist Pierre Burton. It is the story of a family of children who follow a little green man down into an underground world where the only word is “OG!”. I would like to think that “The Young Og Project” is a rap album ode to their adventures, but I doubt it.

The top 10 is rounded out by Garth Brooks and “Frozen”.

1 (1) Taylor Swift “1989” 328K (331K, -1%)
2 (2) Pentatonix “That’s Christmas To Me” 119K (203K, -41%)
3 (6) One Direction “Four” 106K (96K, +9%)
4 (4) J. Cole “2014 Forest Hills Drive” 105K (111K, -5%)
5 (3) Nicki Minaj “The PinkPrint” 104K (201K, 48%)
6 (15) Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack 76K (63K,+21%)
7 (8) Sam Smith “In the Lonely Hour” 76K (80K, -5%)
8 (NEW) Fabulous “The Young Og Project” 72K
9 (7) Garth Brooks “Man Against the Machine” 70K (83K, -16%)
10 (10) Frozen Soundtrack 57K (74K, -23%)

*Note percentages are based on using the rounded numbers available for the last two weeks. Actual percentages may vary slightly due to the rounding errors.

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