Alex Preston Crowdfunds a Songwriting Getaway


American Idol 13 alum, Alex Preston, is working on an EP. Like many singing show alums, before him, the singer has begun a crowdfunding campaign. But there’s a twist! The money raised will NOT fund costs associated with producing and recording the record. Nope. Alex is asking for $5,000 in order to finance and alternate living arrangement. He’d like to spend time in a remote location that would provide an entirely NEW environment in which to write songs.

The project is called “Songs From Within.”  From the project description:

My name is Alex Preston and I am a singer songwriter from Mont Vernon, NH. I am a small town guy, only about 2,000 people living here in Mont Vernon. I have always loved writing and playing music, and suddenly this year I got accepted on American Idol. Not only was I accepted, I came in 3rd place. This sudden exposure made me think about my music in great detail. I started to notice how music suddenly became a full time job, and writing songs evolved from a personal outlet, to more of an artificially inspired reproduction of another’s words. Everything started sounding the same. Songwriting has been in my life for so long; it really is my only way to express my shy mind and soul.

So I had an idea. I want to escape to a secluded area, such as Montana, and really discover stories from within. Entirely alone, forced to stew in my own consciousness and derive stories from the earth and my soul. I think the music industry is far too filled with mimicry, and songwriting has become this sort of “formula of success”. People try out a song idea, it becomes popular, so they recreate it. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t something I am complaining about, I just find it interesting. My goal is to really discover what I’m thinking as an individual, discover inspiration from within. I want to see how different environments trigger new emotions and ideas. If I were to blindly write an album on an island, it wouldn’t sound the same as if I were in a snowy cabin. I want to show how new ideas can be derived from really discovering how you react to new things. I would document everything, discover places, and play whatever music comes from being there. I want to go with an empty mind, and see how each individual factor of where I am opens a new part of my mind and soul. I really just want to open the lost art of writing a song, finding inspiration from myself, and from the earth. Who knows, maybe something new might arise? I want to write not to fill any molds, just to create a new one. Maybe inspire someone else to just play, and not be scared of what people might think.

With this, I hope to record an organic EP. I have about 250,000 collective social media fans waiting for some sort of CD, so why not give them something that is truly ME. Not inspired by other artists, not inspired by anything else other than my interpretations of each of my senses being used in the new setting. Co writing with the lost ideas and stories of where ill be. I cant think of a better way to debut my music.

Alex also lists the risks involved:

Wildlife interaction
Doing everything myself
Getting sick
Getting lost while hiking

But I will be careful, and use the money to stay safe, stay healthy, and record an awesome EP.

Yes. Please come back in one piece, Alex. If you go to Montana, stay away from the grizzly bears.

Perks for participants include:

  • $7 dollars – Signed CD.
  • $10 – Signed CD and access to BTS footage of the trip.
  • $25 – Signed CD, Signed photo, BTS footage, 1st look at film (Alex will be documenting everything)
  • $50 – All of the above, and a thank you in the EP liner notes.
  • $100 – All of the above, and a personal video filmed during the trip.
  • $25o – All of the above and a bonus track
  • $500 – All of the above and a) a percussive instrument used in the songs, b) Listed as a sponsor in the video credits c) A skype session Q&A

Alex’s estimated delivery of the EP is March 2015.  Wherever he chooses to go, I hope he’s taking the weather into account!

What do you think of Alex’s idea? It sounds to me like he’s currently fighting a creative slump and a little procrastination. Sometimes a new environment can help.  I actually donated to the project.  Will you?

UPDATE: Alex clarified the project to me in a series of tweets. He’ll be writing and recording in a remote location. He’ll also be spending much more than 5K (which I figured, actually).

Alex also tweets, that he’s bringing a GoPro camera with him.

Read More: Alex Preston – Capitol Center for the Arts – Concord NH (VIDEO)

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