Idol Sales News – Week Ending 09/14/14

Rapper Lecrae will have the top album of the week. Adam Levine’s Maroon 5 will have an excellent second week in second. With his show starting up again next Monday, it may help the album to have legs. Having a strong single is helping as well.

The top selling single of the week will likely be Taylor’s “Shake it Off”, but it could still be “All About the Bass” (the single version was pulled mid-week for the EP version which causes a ripple in sales. It helps to be in the top 10 of iTunes when people log on). “All About the Bass” will likely top the Hot 100 for a second week.

This week’s battle of the albums has Babs vs Chris Brown with HDD predicting sales in the 120K range.

This is the weekly sales thread. Please post numbers as you find them. Thanks!

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