Idol Headlines for 2/13/08

Former “American Idol” star Jessica Sierra is no longer pregnant, is reporting.

The celebrity Web site said the unidentified close family friend who spoke to them wouldn’t say exactly what happened.

Reports of her pregnancy came in December, while the 22-year-old was in jail after she was arrested in Tampa, Fla. for disorderly intoxication and resisting officers.

Fox News

‘American Idol’ results shows already expanding [sortta]

Can something expand to its previous size if it never actually contracted in the first place? American Idol raised that important test of the laws of physics on Tuesday (Feb. 12).

FOX has announced that starting on Wednesday, March 12, American Idol “will expand the weekly results shows to one hour.” The only problem there is that if the American Idol result shows expand to an hour as of that date, the Wednesday shows won’t ever have aired in the 30-minute format FOX originally scheduled them for. So is that really an expansion?


Handling The Fame That Comes With ‘American Idol’

Paula Abdul ‘  choreographer, pop star, “American Idol” judge and dog lover ‘  had to go to the bathroom before we talked, which made her a little late, and then. …

“Sorry! I got stopped by two gentleman who wanted to take a picture, ” she said.

As long as it’s not in the bathroom.

“Oh, that’s happened, ” she said. “A fan leaned over and took a picture and I was mortified and she didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. … She deleted it, and I took pictures with her.

Katharine McPhee: Home From HoneymoonShe was spotted at LAX yesterday with her hubby toting around several pieces of Louis luggage, as well as a shopping bag from the French designer store.

McPhee, 23, and Cokas, 42 got hitched on February 2nd at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church. They left shortly thereafter for a romantic getaway in Hawaii.

Enjoy the pictures of Katharine and Nick arriving back in LA on Monday (February 11).

Gossip Girls

‹Idol finalist, Kellie Pickler, playing the fair

Kellie Pickler, a country singer who finished sixth in the 2006 season of American Idol, will headline the entertainment acts at the Grays Harbor County Fair this summer.

Other artists at the fair include country artists Eric Church and Connie Smith.

Pickler is scheduled to perform at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 7. The $15 …Golden Circle tickets limited to 500 seats are expected to go on sale in May. For everybody else, the concert is on a first-come first-serve basis.

The Daily World

‹American Idol best and worst so far

The nationwide auditions are over, and it time to go to Hollywood!

Well, for those lucky enough to get a Golden Ticket, that is.

But before the Hollywood auditions kick off, here a look back at the most outrageous and promising “Idol” hopefuls of Season Seven as seen on Q-11.

First up is Paula Abdul stalker, Paul Marturano. Singing in the Philadelphia auditions, he dedicated his self-composed stalker song for Paula, one which talked about breaking into her house and wearing her undergarments. Talk about being creepy!

From the San Diego auditions was a self-proclaimed Mariah Carey sound-alike who actually looked promising as she entered the audition room. According to Valerie Reyes, “Ive been listening to her ever since I was a little girl. Ill be singing it anywhere [like] when Im walking down the street, and people would come up and ask me, ‹Whoa, did you have like, Mariah playing? and Id be like ‹No, that was me.”

Voice, looks and a good story win ‹Idol slots

One thing that the production staff of GMA 7 …Pinoy Idol has confirmed after four weeks of auditions all over the country: Filipinos are among the most respectful people in the world.

Even after enduring a barrage of vitriolic comments from the judges’ specifically Wyngard Tracy’ almost all of the rejected aspirants would invariably end the encounter with a smile and a …Salamat po or …Thank you sir/maam.

This observation was related to Inquirer Entertainment by Tracy himself, as well as Perry Lansigan, executive producer of the local version of the world-famous reality talent contest.

Tracy noted, …On ‹American Idol, we often see the rejects curse, or insult, the judges. That has not happened to us ¦ so far. (Cebu was the fourth stop.)

Not that theyd been dodging it.


Good News: TV Ratings Just as Bad as Ever!

The writers’ strike did a lot of damage. But it didn’t kill the network TV audience.

YouTube, knitting or whatever else it is that keeps people from hunkering down in front of Friday Night Lights already did.

From the first week of the strike back in November through last weekend, when a new labor deal was announced, the big four broadcast networks lost, on average, less than half-a-million viewers.

E Online

American Idol: Hollywood Week

Can I just go on record here as saying that I love love love LOVE love love (did I mention love?) the changes American Idol has made to “Hollywood Week.” Gone are the forced group performances, the “When Contestants Go Wild!” bits and the breakdown at the end into three rooms, two of which move forward and one of which goes home.

Instead, every contestant gets at least two chances to make it to the third and final round. In the first round they can choose to perform with an instrument, and in the last round, they get to perform in front of the band with back-up vocals. It felt so much more like a real audition process that I’m still coming down from the high it gave me.

TV Squad

‘Idol’ is thisclose to naming its Top 24

Two words that make American Idol fans go “squeeeeeeeeeeee!”: Hollywood Week! Yes indeed, after four long weeks of auditions, tonight we’ll finally get to see potential superstars emerge, while lesser contestants crack, caterwaul, and forget their lyrics in front of Simon, Paula, and Randy.

By Thursday morning, we’ll all know season 7’s top 24… and the power will be in our collective hands! (Well, and also in the hands of the producers, who’ll decide which wannabes get misty backstories, good lighting, and adoring closeups.) Fox has already released a shot of the triumphant double-dozen, their faces obscured by Simon Cowell cutouts, which you can see after the jump. (The folks at Remote Access are speculating about who’s behind the masks… but I can’t bring myself to read about Idol spoilers. It takes away all the suspense!) In other Idol news, Fox has announced all of its results shows will be a padded excessive torturous whopping 60 minutes this season. (How exactly should the show fill all that time? Discuss!)

Entertainment Weekly

”American Idol”: To Live and Die in Hollywood

Simon Cowell delivers hundreds of pithy one-liners over the course of an American Idol season ‘  ”You have the stage presence of a flea” has officially joined his repertoire of classics ‘  but one comment in particular tonight perfectly summed up the Hollywood Week proceedings:

”This stage makes you or breaks you.”

Entertainment Weekly

Even Hollywood gentler this year on ‹Idol

At the beginning of Tuesday episode, Ryan Seacrest promised viewers a brand-new Hollywood week. Mercifully, one wrinkle was the absence of the group sing that been a staple of previous seasons and mainly served to provide footage of the contestants behaving badly toward each other.

But from a competitive standpoint, the big change was that nobody was cut in the first round. Either people got enough yes votes to advance all the way to the final performances on Thursday, or they would have to come back for a sing-for-your-life audition Wednesday. It was a kinder, gentler Hollywood round, albeit one where 100-plus talented performers were getting their dreams crushed within shouting distance of stardom, or at least temporary fame.


‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week

The new Hollywood Week format showcased on Tuesday (Feb. 12) night’s American Idol had some odd consequences. On one hand, it was almost completely devoid of the sort of suspense and histrionics viewers have come to expect. That’s bad. On the other hand, I felt like I actually saw some super performances over the course of the two-hour episode. That’s good.


Farewell song on ‹Idol to make Ferras a big wheel

Move over Daniel Powter and Chris Daughtry. …American Idol has a new song to accompany its teary goodbye montages, courtesy of a pop/rock newcomer named Ferras.

Powter …Bad Day and Daughtry …Home did their respective jobs in seasons five and six, but this is a new day. Tuesday night Tinseltown castoffs hugged, wept and received their walking papers to …Hollywood Not America, a song from Ferras debut album, …Aliens and Rainbows, produced by hitmakers The Matrix and out April 1.

Boston Herald

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