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….I felt like I had a pretty solid grasp of the way record deals worked because of my experience before the show. I had had label interest and had built relationships for years. I thought I had been really close to record deals int he past, but now that my deal is a lawyer’s once over and my signature away from being official, I realize how far I was from being actually signed. It’s interesting…I was closer than most people ever get, but so far away.

Basically, when I finally decided what I wanted to do with a label (and decided to go with a label instead of doing my own thing), I then decided which label I wanted to be a part of. Once I made that decision, my management went to said label and began more formal discussions (when you’re courting, you talk in general terms). At this point, the formal discussions talk about deal terms: production budget, personal advance, promotions budget, how many records, etc. Then, once the label gets an idea of what we’re looking for, they send over a deal……

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Blake Lewis, America’s Favorite Beat Boxer, Releases Debut Single

….After “American Idol, ” Lewis signed to 19 Recordings / ARISTA Records and started working on his debut album with a stellar line-up of producers and songwriters. Among the producers were Jonathan “JR” Rotem, who has worked with Rihanna (on her No. 1 single “SOS”) and Sean Kingston; Ryan “Alias” Tedder, who has worked with Timbaland; and S*A*M & Sluggo, who have worked with two of the year’s biggest new artists, Gym Class Heroes and Boys Like Girls.

Lewis’ debut album, Audio Day Dream (A.D.D), will be released on December 4. “Break Anotha” is the first single off the album.


Diabetes Communities Unite to Celebrate World Diabetes Day November 14

….American Idol finalist and recording artist Elliott Yamin, who has type 1 diabetes, will perform “Promise to Remember Me, ” a song written for JDRF by Grammy-award winning composer Alan Silvestri and lyricist Steven Schwartz. He will be joined in song at the U.N.’s Rose Garden opening ceremony by children with diabetes. Restaurateur and television host B. Smith will emcee the Diabetes Education Rally and lead hundreds of World Diabetes Day supporters. This inspirational and educational event follows the 246-step march from the U.N. building to Guastavino’s restaurant under the 59th Street Bridge, with each step representing one million people with diabetes….


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GLENDALE: Jordin Sparks, the Glendale teen who won American Idol, plans to release her first album Nov. 20. The album’s cover photo is circulating on fan Web sites.


Studios scripting unhappy ending to writers strike

…Of the commercial networks, Fox is in the best position to wait out a strike. Its …American Idol, the king of all prime time, is on track to return in January.

But how much unscripted TV can you stomach? NBC can churn out more …Singing Bee and …Deal or No Deal and has the next installment of …The Apprentice, with C-list celebrities as Trump last sycophants, in the can….

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CMA’s Top Award an All-Male Affair

….A number of women have won the CMA’s highest honor over the years, including the Dixie Chicks, Twain, McEntire, Barbara Mandrell, Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn.

Hill, who’s been nominated for entertainer once, in 2000 when the Chicks won, and Underwood were obvious choices this year.

Hill and McGraw co-headlined one of the top-grossing concert tours of the year. Her 2005 album “Fireflies” reconnected her with country radio in a big way, and she released a greatest hits collection last month that debuted at No. 3. She’s also been singing the opening theme to NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” this season.

Meanwhile, Underwood’s 2005 debut “Some Hearts” sold more than 6 million copies, a phenomenal number for any artists let alone a new one, and her follow up, “Carnival Ride, ” was No. 1 last week on both the pop and country charts, selling more than 500, 000 in its first week _ one of the year’s best debuts. Though the former “American Idol” champ is not headlining her own tour yet, she’s clearly one of the year’s most visible country performers….

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Fans Still Line Up For Non-Scripted Shows

The tension at Television City, a Los Angeles complex that houses CBS headquarters and soundstages for …Dancing with the Stars and …American Idol, was palpable on Monday as about 120 striking writers marched next to people lining up to get tickets to the afternoon taping of …Dancing with the Stars, whose writers are not covered under the Writers Guild of America.
…Those people are definitely not with us, said Deborah Blum, a guild member who writes for programs that air on the History Channel and National Geographic.
The reality show fans stood quietly to the side in a single-file line. …I feel bad for the writers with no contract, but Im a big fan of this show and I took the day off to try and get tickets, said Angela Martinez, an office manager from Pasadena, Calif.

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John Rich Chooses The Big Winner on CMT’s “Gone Country” Celebrity Reality TV Music Show

A few people have asked for my opinion regarding the winner of the “Gone Country” show on CMT.

As a reminder, the 6-episode series of Gone Country doesn’t even begin airing until January, 2008.

I have no way of knowing who the winner actually will be. (Only John Rich knows for sure.) But here are my predictions…

….With those things in mind — and using this one night alone as a guide — I would say the winner is most likely to be either… (drumroll, please)…

#1 Diana DeGarmo
#2 Bobby Brown
Without a doubt, Diana DeGarmo had best “true” Country sound. That, combined with a great voice, a natural level of comfort with the crowd, great eye contact, honest emotions, wide range of vocal notes, and great stage presence made her a very natural shoe-in for this competition.

Oh, and she certainly had the attention of the big-wigs in the balcony. It was quite obvious that they had been told she was “the one to watch” on this night. And they were overwhelmingly impressed by her performance. She was one of the few who received a standing ovation from the people that mattered most on this night (John Rich and his peeps)….

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“Idol” gets it in gear
First winner of hit reality series keeps revved-up fans roaring

By any standard, Kelly Clarkson has had a rough year.

The original “American Idol” winner tussled publicly with RCA over her third album, “My December, ” when the label balked at Clarkson writing her own songs.

The subsequent underpromotion played a role in downsizing Clarkson’s current tour from venues like the Pepsi Center – where the Denver show was originally booked – to the 1, 870-seat Paramount Theatre.

No one seemed the wiser Monday night as Clarkson commanded the Paramount’s stage, her strong, subtly husky voice slicing through near-deafening screams to deliver chunks of melodic pop-rock.

Sure, the formulaic songs bled into one another as the show wore on. But Clarkson’s affability and her seven-piece band’s note-perfect performance engendered a vibe at once anthemic and intimate……..

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