Idol Headlines for 10/13/07

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Another Gay Aiken Controversy – A Top Story This Week

Before we get to the reposting for this story a not so quick note. Anytime we run ANYTHING on Clay the nuts come out of the woodwork with propaganda and conspiracy theories either for or against him. Both ask us to print such stories and we reject almost all due to the questionable sources………

… So you can send us hate mail about the stories but the only good it really does is provide us with entertainment with how hysterical some are. And by all means if you have a positive newsworthy story send it in we will be happy to report on it. (a story about an idiot that has nothing better to do but hate Aiken and his turning up at a concert and Clay ignoring him doesn’t really qualify). And for those that emailed us asking what difference would it make to Christians if Clay is gay or not, why are you asking us? Take a few minutes and go talk to a local pastor or priest and ask them why most Christians frown upon homosexuality. That’s not for us to answer. Now on with the silly Clay story from this past week:


Humor on the hustings

….But, hands down, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is generally conceded to be the funniest Republican candidate.

He’s running for president, he says, because, “My band didn’t make it on American Idol.”

There are two things you’ll never hear in Arkansas, he says. “Baby, we don’t need another thing at Wal-Mart this week” and “We don’t need another dog.”

Asked how long God took to create the world, Huckabee – who urges Baptists in his audiences when his band is playing to be more like Pentecostals and lift both feet off the floor – said, “I don’t know. I wasn’t there.”…


‹American Idol alum films video at local racetrack

…Track owner John Ballance said he was contacted by a member of the production crew several days before the shoot, who asked him to set aside a day for Covington to shoot the video.

…He told me they usually dont go too far (from Nashville) to do shoots, but they had been talking to people who knew about motocross, and that this was one of the most aesthetic, prettier tracks around, Ballance said.

Covington, director Trey Fanjoy and a slew of motocross riders and other extras spent a 12-hour day at the winding, hilly dirt track to shoot the video.

The track hosted a race on Sept. 22-23, and some of the local riders stuck around to perform stunts for the video….

BG Daily News

Kelly Clarkson launches her My December tour

….The tour follows a triumphant trip to Australia where she played sold-out performances in Melbourne and Sydney, appeared on three of Australia TV’s most popular programs –“The Footy Show finale, ” “Sunrise” and “Australia Idol” — and attended a gold-plaque presentation for Australian sales of her album, “My December.”

On Wednesday, the Grammy Award-winning singer took the stage at The Turning Point Casino in Verona….

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