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Young! Talented! Divas! Adele, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Kelly Clarkson, Leona…

NEW YORK, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ — After a four year hiatus, “VH1 Divas” is officially back and better than ever! With a new crop of fresh, young, and talented female artists, “VH1 Divas” is gearing up to be an unforgettable night of girl-power at its best. For the first time ever Adele, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis and Miley Cyrus will perform together live on the same stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn, New York. The fabulous Paula Abdul is also set to join as Host for the evening. The”VH1 Divas” concert event will be televised live on VH1 on Thursday, September 17 at 9:00pm.*

In addition to individual performances by the Divas, the show will also feature a lineup of incredible duets. India.Arie will sing with Adele, Stevie Wonder will sing with Jennifer Hudson, Martina McBride will sing with Jordin Sparks, Melissa Etheridge will sing with Kelly Clarkson, Cyndi Lauper will sing with Leona Lewis, and Sheryl Crow will sing with Miley Cyrus.


Allison Iraheta: The End-Of-Tour Interview

While several rocker types have broken out of American Idol to become platinum sellers–namely Chris Daughtry and David Cook–there has yet to be a true female rock star to emerge from the show. Carly Smithson has made inroads with her new Evanescence-affiliated band We Are The Fallen, of course, and Kelly Clarkson has convincingly dabbled in the rock genre (Kelly’s bunnyboiling “Never Again” revenge anthem rocked pretty frickin’ hard)…but there has yet to be a true Idol rock chick that’s achieved Daughtry-esque success in the rock ‘n’ roll genre.

Adam Lambert: The End-Of-Tour Interview

The Idols Live tour has bittersweetly come to an end after a staggeringly successful 52-date run, but for many of the season 8 American Idol top 10, it’s just a beginning–a chance for them to finally stop singing other people’s songs and really show the world what they can do with their own original material, as they prepare to embark on solo careers.

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‘VH1 Divas’ franchise returns with ‘strong women in control’

When VH1 relaunches its Divas franchise Thursday night with a star-studded live concert hosted by Paula Abdul, the music channel intends to reintroduce its subject as a multifaceted and benevolent figure.

The young women performing in VH1 Divas (9 ET/PT) ‘” Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Leona Lewis and Jordin Sparks’” represent a star who is gracious, self-sufficient and likely to care as much about education and the environment as she does about hair and makeup.

USA Today

These six stars are ‘Divas’ by definition

What defines a diva? Her strength, say the six women who will share the stage Thursday night for VH1’s Divas concert (9 ET/PT).

“Divas have gotten a bad rap, like it’s supposed to mean that you’re demanding and crazy, ” says Jordin Sparks. “But a diva is really someone who can just captivate an audience with her voice.”

“It’s a person who’s bigger than life, ” says Miley Cyrus. “Someone who’s really empowered, ” adds Leona Lewis.

“And big hair is important, ” Adele quips.


Almas boast eclectic music taste

Where else but the Alma Awards would David Archuleta, Lynda Carter and Black Eyed Peas rapper Taboo be nominated in the same category? They are all part of this year’s eclectic mix of music honorees.

Archuleta, the Miami-born son of a Honduran singer, is one of two rising star honorees — the other is R&B singer Kat DeLuna, born in New York to Dominican parents. After finishing second last year on “American Idol, ” Archuleta has sold close to a million copies of his self-titled debut album. DeLuna’s debut “9 Lives” earned a Latin Billboard award, and she is currently working on a follow-up.

‘So You Think You Can Dance”s Nigel Lythgoe on Patrick Swayze

During a press conference to promote the new season of “So You Think You Can Dance, ” series executive producer/dancer Nigel Lythgoe weighed in on what he feels was Patrick Swayze’s contribution to the dance world.

ET Online

Kelly Clarkson on Patrick Swayze: ‘He Was Just the Nicest Guy’

Kelly Clarkson performed a free concert in Los Angeles on Monday night, where she shared her thoughts about the passing of Patrick Swayze, and opened up about the blog she wrote criticizing Kanye West for interrupting Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech.

“I just found out two seconds ago that Patrick Swayze died, and he was one of the first people that I met right after I won ‘Idol, ‘” Kelly said. “I did this event, and it was a private event, and he was there and he sought me out. I thought it was so cool because obviously ‘Dirty Dancing’ is everyone’s favorite film. He was just the nicest guy. And I just think it’s awesome that you can remember someone that’s actually classy in the industry. Obviously he had a big impact on pop culture.”


Kellie Pickler Mixes Music and One-Liners at CMA Songwriters Showcase in L.A.

LOS ANGELES — Kellie Pickler is the gift that keeps on giving. Plop the diminutive country dynamo on a stage, give her a microphone and, within minutes, she’s likely to say something jaw-dropping. Her appearance at Tuesday night’s (Sept. 15) CMA Songwriters Series was no exception.

Not surprisingly, party pooper Kanye West drew her biggest wrath. This was, after all, only 48 hours after West rudely crashed her BFF Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at MTV’s Video Music Awards.

Dancing Curse Roars Back, Strikes Kathy Ireland

Safety measures be damned. The new season of Dancing With the Stars hasn’t started yet, but already the injury count is one two and holding.

Kathy Ireland received seven stitches in her leg when a day at the beach turned into a day at the emergency room.

The accident happened on Sunday, when the former model took partner Tony Dovolani’s advice to “go out and have fun” on what may’”should she prove to be any good at this dancing thing’”have been her last free day for quite some time.


Armageddon Overdue: Tom Delay’s Dancing with the Stars season has arrived

There was the hope it was just a bad dream; a dystopian alternate reality gone terribly wrong. Tom Delay on Dancing With the Stars? It can’t have come to that already? But it can. And here it is.

In the future, meaning later this afternoon, the state will immediately all criminals and public enemies grant starring roles on prime time television shows. Look forward soon to Charles Manson’s season on Top Chef and Bernie Madoff’s Rock of Love.

“So You Think You Can Dance”: The aliens have landed

Remember how last week I said I was glad that the audition episode just had a lot of talent, not a lot of oddballs? Well, we weren’t as lucky tonight. I could tell the bar would be lowered with the presence of Demetrio “Biggie” Bargas, a large guy whose presence was aided by a corny “BOING” sound effect whenever he bounced around. Sure, he and his partner Brandon “Shorty” Smallwood were entertaining, but the judges really didn’t need to put either of them through to choreography. Same thing with Jarivs Johnson. Note to “SYCYD” producers: Repeated high-pitched screeching (especially in addition to Mary Murphy’s) does not make for entertaining TV. His dancing was “most entertaining guy on the dance floor at the wedding” at best, and the judges put him through as a joke, obviously, but the joke is old. And there were a handful of other oddballs who auditioned who weren’t that fun to watch.

LA Times

Time to take Susan Boyle seriously

Susan Boyle placed her hands on her abdomen as she sang the last note of the song “Wild Horses” Wednesday on the finale of “America’s Got Talent, ” taking the familiar stance of a trained singer, carefully locating her breath. The pose concluded a performance that was exactly what Boyle’s mentor, Simon Cowell, could have hoped for — lovely, inspirational, free of surprises.

LA Times

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ recap: Stupid Good

You’re stupid, SYTYCD fans. And by stupid, I mean awesome. Naturally. Or at least, that’s how guest judge Mia Michaels means it. How great was it to have the choreographer back on the panel last night in Phoenix? Even though it’s only been a few short weeks since the end of season 5, I found myself missing the wise words of one of the series’ quirkiest mentors. Especially when she comes up with praise like, ”You’re stupid.” Or her season 4 compliment, ”I want to stab you.” Here’s hoping she somehow manages to turn ”Hey, douchebag, ” into a nice phrase, so I don’t feel so bad saying it to friends on a semi-regular basis.

‘America’s Got Talent’ recap: And your winner is…

Really?!? Less than four months after Susan Boyle ‘” who performed tonight ‘” was robbed of her rightful victory on Britain’s Got Talent, so did the same story unfold for opera singer (and front-runner) Barbara Padilla across the pond. Making it to the Top Ten, her chances of winning looked good; in a Top Five that excluded Hairo Torres and Lawrence Beamen, her chances looked great. Then the final roll call: ‘Kevin Skinner and Barbara Padilla, please step forward.’  Silence. Tension. They stand still, anxiously awaiting the final result. Kevin, overcome with the weight of the moment, keeps his eyes on the ground; Barbara tries hard to settle on an emotion. Another long pause. Nick opens the envelope’ ¦’ KEVIN SKINNER!’  Eyebrows arch dangerously and Twitter seizes up as a nation attempts to understand what just happened.

Entertainment Weekly

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