Idol Headlines for 08/13/07

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LaKisha lights up Palace
‘Idols Live!’ gives fans a lot to like

Time after time, the performers shouted the same thing to the audience during the “American Idols Live!” concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Sunday night.

And the message was: It’s good to be in LaKisha Jones territory…….

Sixth season ‘Idol’ tour not worth rerun

There’s a reason “American Idol” doesn’t air reruns for every season: The show’s often-shaky karaoke-style performances don’t necessarily hold up to repeated viewings.

Too bad, then, that Sunday’s “American Idol” live show at The Palace of Auburn Hills acted as an extended rerun of the show’s sixth season, generally thought of as one of the Fox juggernaut’s weaker outings. The season’s top 10 finalists — including winner Jordin Sparks, beatboxer Blake Lewis and Flint’s own LaKisha Jones — reprised the songs that made them famous earlier this year, even if those performances weren’t exactly memorable……

Det News

Event ends on high note for teen

…Two days earlier, she stood among 8, 000 people at the Qwest Center in Omaha, who were trying to warble their way on to the hit television show, “American Idol.”‘

She endured two hours of crowd shots before a producer heard her sing.The judge liked her, encouraged her to broaden her repertoire and suggested she try out again in Philadelphia in two weeks.

“I can’t go again in a week or two weeks, ” Peck said. “I don’t have enough money. But I’ll definitely go back and try again next year. It’s really fun.”…

Argus Leader

Hopefuls Line up for a Chance to be the Next ‘American Idol’

The very best, and perhaps some of the worst, singers in the southeast lined up in Atlanta Sunday to belt out their tunes for a chance to become the next “American Idol.” Producers from the FOX network invited hopefuls to register for auditions this week….


With personality and charm, Aiken holds own at Tennessee

Singer Clay Aiken opened his Sunday night concert at the Tennessee Theatre by tackling a local legend, and he held his own admirably.

Aiken displayed nerves of steel as he launched with Dolly Parton …Here You Come Again in front of about 1, 330 enthusiastic Aiken fans. It would have seemed as though he were catering to the home crowd but for the fact that the tune is one of the highlights of his most recent album and that at least half the crowd ‘  as revealed by an Aiken poll ‘  wasnt from around here, as the natives say…..

Knox News

This ‘Idol’ is all clay feet


NEW YORK — There’s no point in going all Simon Cowell and spewing poison over “Idol: The Musical.”

The pathetic little off-off-Broadway musical that opened yesterday at the 45th Street Theatre will soon perish of its own wretchedness without any help from the critics. So why stomp upon a miserable newborn?

Based on a concept by producer Todd Ellis, who premiered the show earlier at the Syracuse Civic Theatre he runs in upstate New York, “Idol: The Musical” regards a group of high school misfits who worship Clay Aiken, the singer of “American Idol” fame…..

Aiken for an argument

I just finished my review of the Clay Aiken concert a few minutes ago, and I was trying to talk myself out of writing more about it on the Dish before going home, but my stubborn side won. There just wasn’t room or time to say everything in the review that I wanted to, and apparently I’m itching to stir up a fight with Claymaniacs, so here goes.

Clay has a beautiful voice. Clay has a lousy repertoire…..

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