Idol Headlines for 05/22/12 – The Evening Edition

Social Media Analysis Firm Projects An ‘American Idol’ Upset – I don’t want to go overboard on American Idol predictions. But after reporting yesterday that online betting sites overwhelmingly see Phillip Phillips coming in first, I feel duty-bound to note that a firm that analyzes social media and Twitter traffic says today that Jessica Sanchez “is the safest pick to win.” – Read more at Deadline

Phillip Phillips “Pushing Through” Health Concerns at Idol Finale – “Yeah, I’ve been sick the whole show,” said Phillips in a press conference on Monday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Seated next to his rival, 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez, Phillips admitted that the painful condition has affected his singing on the show at times. “I’m doing all right. It’s almost over, so I’m excited.” “It’s kinda been going on since the show started. Nothing’s really changed. Some days are just good, some aren’t,” Phillips said at a press conference Monday afternoon. “I’m just pushing through like I have been.” Squashing any rumors that his doctor was against Phillips participating in the Idol finale, he simply stated “You can’t believe everything.” – See the video at MIX 104.1

American Idol’s Hollie Cavanagh On Her Redemption Story & Jennifer Lopez – “With Jennifer’s (Lopez) advice, I was very determined to work hard. If you really want to do something, you just can’t go at it one time, and be like, oh it didn’t work out, I’m done,” Hollie explained. In season 10, Hollie was very shy, but had a big voice. This season she really showed America who she is and proved that she deserves to be on the Idol stage. Even Hollie recognizes how far she has come. “I definitely think I’m coming out of my shell more. Even onstage I’m not so timid. It takes practice and it takes time to grow.” – More at MIX 104.1

Kris Allen Discusses “Thank You Camellia”

Kris Allen on American Idol Finale Week – Unofficial Idol Forum

Haley Reinhart on her debut album ‘Listen Up!’ and ‘American Idol’

Haley Reinhart Sings Beautifully on GDLA

Haley Reinhart Sings Beautifully on GDLA:

Haley Reinhart of “American Idol” fame wants you to “Listen Up!” – “Third place was a perfect place for me,” she told The Wheeling, Ill., native, who now calls Los Angeles home, said she wouldn’t change a thing about her “Idol” experience in 2011.”I have no regrets because it all led me here to this very day — to this album release,” she said. That album is “Listen Up!,” out today on Interscope Records, featuring a mix of sounds. In Reinhart’s words: “There’s soul on it, there’s the rock side, the funky side. Channeling things like retro music, Motown.” – Read more at CBS

Who Is Carrie Underwood Rooting For On ‘American Idol’? – And, like every former “Idol” who walks a red carpet in the days and weeks leading up to the big reveal, MTV News just had to ask her who she’s betting on and which singer she thinks has the best chance at a career. “Fifty-fifty,” she said when MTV caught up with Underwood outside the Billboard Music Awards? on Sunday night of the odds that a woman would come out on top after a four-year drought. “There’s only two left, whatever will happen will be good. I think she and Phillip … They’re both so different musically that I think both of them have very bright futures ahead of them.” – See the Video at MTV

Taylor Hicks Has Been From Vegas to Broadway to Nashville – “I think I knew down deep inside I wanted to be an entertainer as a kid. I think I made that decision at a very early age,” Hicks said. “When you do that I think you put yourself in a place ultimately where you can actually smell it, feel it, and taste it.” Focused on his Vegas show at Bally’s and his upcoming album, Taylor says he never had a backup plan – and never will. – Mix104.1

I’m NOT a Nympho But …My Manager Screwed Me – But sources connected with Murphy tell us … they believe Sanchez is trying to embarrass Murphy on the eve of the show’s Thursday premiere because she has sued him for double-dealing her over a show she was in — “Burn the Floor.” According to the suit, filed in December, Murphy says Sanchez secretly went to producers of the play and told them not to pay Murphy directly, but rather to put the $60,000 in his account and then he would take care of her. Murphy says Sanchez didn’t give her a penny.
Murphy’s lawsuit has been put on hold because Sanchez has filed for bankruptcy. She’s listed as a creditor. – Read more at TMZ

The Fug Girls Track Chris Colfer’s Most Bananas Glee Outfits – Tonight marks the end of Glee’s third season, and while the formerly ground-breaking musical is now so cartoonish it may belong in Fox’s animation block, at least we’ll always have Kurt. Chris Colfer’s character gives the show — even at its silliest — a likable beating heart, and the actor earns extra credit for maintaining a relatable emotional core through the trappings of a wardrobe that is arguably Glee’s most farcical, with influences seemingly ranging from the Sound of Music to The Warriors to a Swiffer duster (sometimes all in the same hour). In honor of Kurt’s graduation from McKinley, we’ve picked out some of our favorite outfits from his final season as a high-school student. – See the photos at Vulture

Ryan Murphy Dissects Glee and American Horror Story, Addresses Fans and Critics – What did you think of Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly saying next season would be a “creative renaissance” for the show at the network’s upfront? I don’t think that Kevin was particularly a fan of what I was trying to do with the beginning of this season. We did an episode of all show tunes, we did several of them. There was the West Side Story thing that I loved, but I don’t think the audience did. Kevin wants a Glee that’s about Top 40, pop culture, big stars. So I know that he loved the end of this season, and I went and pitched him the next season and I think he loves it because it’s very pop-culture-based. We’re doing a great tribute right off the bat, another Britney Spears episode. Many of the characters will be starting over as underdogs, which is a good thing for the show. I really made an effort, talking to all the regulars about it. I will say the story for season four gets back to the underdog status [for the characters] and that will appease people, maybe. Sometimes I feel that you can’t win. It’s just a volatile group of people that watch it, and for that, I like their passion. Anybody who’s ever done a show about youth has told me they went through this exact same thing. – Read more at Vulture

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