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‹Idol translator: ‹Likability means ‹big teeth

You know what the judges say every week on …American Idol, but do you know what their critiques really mean? …Idol has developed its own lexicon, where up can be down, bad can be good, and Paula Abdul can be considered coherent. Here, we present a guide to some of the expressions youll hear most often, and what they really mean.


`Idol’ finalists savor group prize: concert tour

LOS ANGELES (AP) ‘  The top 10 “American Idol” finalists say they already count themselves as winners: They’ve earned a place on the show’s nationwide concert tour.

For Adam Lambert, the summer tour means the chance to buy a condo. Danny Gokey sees it as a financial boon as well. Michael Sarver fervently echoes that and looks forward to his version of a rock-star perq ‘  ice cream, and lots of it.

“I have a major problem with ice cream. I should probably go to Ice Cream Anonymous meetings, ” he said.

Sarver and his fellow contestants laugh when asked about any divalike demands, but they’re serious about the opportunity ahead of them.

Associated Press

‘American Idol’ Motown Week: Who’s Got The Edge?

There’s a reason “American Idol” has country-themed shows, pop nights, singer/songwriter visits and even mentors from the world of Broadway: The best way to judge who might survive in the unpredictable music world is to test their range in every way possible.

Last week, the Grand Ole Opry did in Alexis Grace, who might have kept on chugging had she made it through to this week’s challenge: the classic songs of Motown. The question is, who will soar singing the songs of Smokey, Diana and Marvin on Wednesday night (March 25), and who will be sent packing on Thursday?


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American Idol Baby Photos: Who’s Who?


“My dad and my mom both love music, ” this singer says of his influences growing up. But for him, the love of the spotlight came first. “I liked to put on costumes. I thought capes were like the look.” Can you guess who he is? (See the answer on the next slide!)


Apparently, Now Is The Time To Call The Wahhhmbulance On “American Idol”

American Idol’ the show that brought you the “bush baby” insult, tons of sorta-homophobic banter between Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell, the Crazy Chapter of the life of Paula Abdul being written in real time, and, well, eight years of audition episodes showcasing this country’s most delusional crazies’ is in its eighth season maybe getting a bit too cruel, at least if you ask USA Today’s Brian Mansfield. And past Idol contestants like Chris Sligh and Brooke White agree!


Attending American Idol live in Hollywood

My daughter Kylie and I left Fort Walton late Monday afternoon on March 16, arriving in Hollywood at 11 p.m.

The next day, we were dropped off at CBS Studios at 1 p.m., for the American Idol Live Show. We were No. 40 and 41 in line.

Camaraderie was high in line and new friends were made from San Diego, who had connections to Adam Lambert. One woman was his choir teacher at the high school he attended.

Kylie had made a sign, too, for Matt Giraud, who is from our hometown of Ypsilanti, which said “Giraud Squad, ” the name of his fan group on

Walton Sun

Top 10 tour means exposure, experience for Michael Sarver

No matter what happens in the coming weeks, Sarver will still be a part of the tour that made 53 stops last year with the 2008 Top 10 singing to more than 490, 000 fans.

The 2008 tour was the 24th highest grossing tour of the year, making more than $29.9 million, according to Billboard Boxscore.

Figures differ as to how much the Idol Top 10 make on tour – estimates run from $2, 000 to $5, 000 per appearance, a range that will put Sarver earning in the six-figures. Although those numbers aren’t official, the not-so-tangible gains are as good as gold for mostly-green participants.

Beaumont Enterprise

Megan Corkrey still (looong shot) on ‘Idol’

But while David Archuleta was an early favorite who came within a step of winning it all a year ago, pretty much nobody thinks Megan Joy Corkrey stands a chance.

(The competition continues tonight at 7 p.m. on Ch. 13.)

Judge Simon Cowell has already gone on record with his prediction that this year’s winner will be male. Paula Abdul has already predicted Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert will be the final two.

Deseret News

Alexis Grace Returns to Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The Mid-South welcomed home one of its Idols Tuesday night. After an impressive, but shocking departure from “American Idol, ” the soulful Alexis Grace returned to the Bluff City.

Grace touched down in Memphis from New York City around 6:30 Tuesday evening. Family and friends waited with flowers in the airport after a month of not seeing their American idol.

One little fan in particular couldn’t wait to see Alexis. Two-year-old Ryan waited patiently to see her mommy. She wore a t-shirt with Alexis’ picture on it.

My Fox Memphis

Queen Of Daytime Talk Oprah Winfrey To Host Country Music Stars On Show

Chicago, IL (CNS) – The queen of daytime talk, Oprah Winfrey is set to host an all-star lineup of country stars on her talk show. Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, Sugarland and Carrie Underwood will all visit the “Oprah” show for a special country bash. The daytime host will make sure her guests’ biggest fans are in the audience.

If you are a fan of good country music and country music is the soundtrack of your life, then you may get a chance to see your favorite star and Oprah. Oprah is offering viewers who are country music fans a chance to be in the audience for the upcoming show.

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‘Idol’ star David Archuleta a no-show

REXBURG — Local fans of “American Idol” star David Archuleta felt sad, upset and cheated Friday when their idol didn’t show up for his after-concert party. Archuleta had been scheduled to perform at The Rex theater from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. following his Friday performance in Idaho Falls.

Jason Clark, a sophomore at Brigham Young University-Idaho, attended the party at The Rex with eight of his friends, several of whom he’d brought from Utah to see the singer perform. While some members of Clark’s group bought tickets in advance, others waited in line for more than two hours.

Tickets had been advertised and sold at $10 apiece.


From Arco to Aberdeen, David Archuleta Fans Flocked to Sold Out Concert in Pocatello

Idaho Falls housed American Idol runner-up David Archuleta last Friday. Monday night was Pocatello’s chance to show their excitement.

It’s a tough call, as to who has more Archuleta spirit. Seats were assigned in Pocatello at the Stephens Performing Arts Center, but a security guard told NBC Newschannel 6 that at least three people hung out all day to catch a glimpse of the Idol star from Murray, Utah.

Due to a technical error, the concert started at 8 p.m. It seems like nothing could damper the mood of the crowd though.

‹Idol winner finds fame hard to get used to

Cook spoke to The Fayetteville Observer about his music, life after …Idol and his future plans.

Observer: How has your adjustment to fame been, where your love life is considered tabloid fodder?

Cook: That been the most unnerving thing. I just want to play music. Not even just that. I just want to do things that are artistic ‘  like acting ‘  anything. It unnerving when people pay attention to my personal life, dating, that kind of stuff. It makes me uncomfortable.

Observer: Do you ever get used to seeing your face on the cover of magazines, or even on the cover of the World Almanac and Book of Facts 2009, next to Barack Obama?

Cook: That was a trip. My mom called me and told me about it, and I thought she was lying. It was very strange. To be considered one of the major parts of the year, that a huge honor. The magazine stuff, the tabloids, it just interesting.

Fay Observer

David Cook has the greatest fans; Allegan County Fair presale code

“American” Idol winner David Cook has some of the greatest fans, no question. Take Jessica Eluskie, of Canadian Lakes in Mecosta County, for example. She e-mailed me recently, simply asking if I had a presale code for Cook’s Allegan County Fair date Sept. 15. Tickets go on sale to the public at 10 a.m. Friday through StarTickets and the Allegan box office.

“I was wondering if by chance you might be able to come up with the presale code for David Cook’s upcoming concert at the Allegan County Fair, ” she wrote in her e-mail. “I am wanting to take my mom, who is a two-time cancer survivor, and she is a huge David Cook fan along with myself.”


Clarkson inks pact with Kobalt

LONDON, Mar 24, 2009 (UPI via COMTEX) — U.S. pop star Kelly Clarkson has signed a deal naming Kobalt Music Group as her exclusive worldwide publishing administration company.
As part of the pact, the independent London music publisher said it will represent the Grammy Award-winning singer for “a wide array” of opportunities in film, TV, advertising and other media.

Market Watch

Ruben Studdard Talks About His Return to Idol

Get ready to get down to the sounds of Motown!

American Idol top 10 contestants will pay tribute to …50 Years of Motown on Wednesday performance show and on Thursday, theyll get to meet the show season 2 champ.

…Returning to American Idol means a great deal to me. It like going back home, Ruben Studdard tells PEOPLE. …I get a chance to see many of the people responsible for elevating my career to the amazing level it is today. To be surrounded by American Idol great fans and all of the fantastic people that make the show happen is a blessing and I cant wait to be a part of that world again.



Veteran actor MARTIN SHEEN has such a bad memory, he once brushed off a meeting with singer PAULA ABDUL – after failing to recognise his former daughter-in-law.

The screen legend was at a fundraising gala several years ago when he was greeted by his son Emilio Estevez’s ex-wife Abdul.

But Sheen had trouble recalling exactly where he knew the familiar face from, much to her disappointment.

Contact Music

Simon on President Obama’s ‘Idol’ Shoutout

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Simon Cowell backstage after his appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” The tough judge was still grinning about President Barack Obama’s personal shoutout during his appearance on the show last week.

During President Obama’s interview with Leno, the President jokingly compared Washington, D.C. to “Idol, ” saying, “It’s a little bit like ‘American Idol, ‘ except everybody is like Simon Cowell.”

Cowell admits, “It’s an honor. It’s nice to be spoken about.” Simon isn’t the only one surprised by Obama’s comments. Host Ryan Seacrest was shocked and immediately texted Simon saying, “Obama mentioned you. I’m dying!”

Extra TV

Call Simon Cowell a sponger? Not me says Prince Philip

Cowell told The Tonight Show, an American chat show broadcast in Britain, that Prince Philip was rude when he met him after the Royal Variety Show.

But the Palace dismissed Cowell’s accusations. A spokesman said: “The Duke of Edinburgh categorically did not call Mr Cowell a sponger. He has no reason to. He has said he does not know enough about Mr Cowell to make any sort of comment about him. Mr Cowell may have misheard the Duke, he has a very soft voice.”

Cowell said his meeting with the Queen in the after show line-up was also “awkward” because she ignored him.

But a Palace spokesman said: “The Queen doesn’t ignore people. She has many people to meet after such a show.”

`Dancing’ inching up on Fox’s `Idol’

NEW YORK (AP) ‘  “American Idol” may have some competition on its hands.

ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” finished closer to “Idol” than it ever has in a week where both shows were on the air, according to Nielsen Media Research. “Dancing” reached 21.2 million viewers last Monday, while “Idol” had 21.9 million on Tuesday. “Idol” fared much better when the games’ results shows aired.

“Idol” is in the midst of its semifinal rounds, where interest has traditionally waned compared to the auditions and final few episodes. Fox is also comforted by knowing “Idol” has a much younger audience, considered more valuable to advertisers.

Associated Press

Ty Murray: Ballroom Dancing Is Like Bull Riding

Ballroom dancing is no different from getting into the ring with a bull ‘  at least to season 8 Dancing with the Stars contender Ty Murray.

In a MySpace video posted Monday, the rodeo star, who is interviewed by wife Jewel, is asked who he thinks is his toughest competitor on the show. He says, …I look at [the competition] just like I did my bull riding career. I dont have any control over the other competitors, I just gotta keep control of myself and make sure that Im able to hopefully focus in and not get the jitters too bad.

‘Dancing’ Stars Exposed!

“Dancing with the Stars” pro Derek Hough — bare-chested and buff! The 23-year-old was shirtless outside of his dressing room with competitor Gilles Marini. There really is no need for the elaborate costumes when you have bodies like theirs!

Extra TV

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Grin and bare it

Steveo_2 It was samba and fox trot night at the old “DWTS” corral, which had the unique distinction of featuring what host Tom Bergeron called …the best mostly dressed cast on television! And truly, there seemed to be a rash of scanty bra tops and bare midriffery going around. Even Maks caught it, first breaking out his bright pink bra top for a kinda funny, mostly endearing Carmen Miranda segment, and then opting for an open flowy mesh number that once again showed off his rock-hard mannaries. But I digress. Here how the dancers stacked up:

LA Times

Woz, Steve-O stay, Denise Richards leaves despite improvement

Despite improving the score she received from the judges, Denise Richards was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars 8. Both Woz and Steve-O were safe, thanks to their fans support, since they definitely didnt have the judges support.

When she learned she and Woz were safe, Karina shrieked, and later Woz said, …I am more shocked than any time in my life than maybe when I got served with divorce papers. Samantha Harris decided to take credit for her vote-whoring, saying, …See folks? You listen to me, it works sometimes. Then she threw back to Tom Bergeron with a bit of an overshare that revealed how she thinks Tom perceives her: …Tom’ someone who doesnt listen to me’ Tom.

Reality Blurred

Carrie Ann Inaba blogs ‘DWTS, ‘ week 3

It was cute tonight — during the Hall & Oates number, Dmitry asked me if he could kiss my hand. I like that he was so polite about it: good old-fashioned manners. On a side note, I think Dmitry and Chelsie are doing a great job this year as newcomers. We are grateful to SYTYCD for bringing up these great dancers — it nice to see the synergy between our shows there. But back to this show….

Entertainment Weekly

Fox leads TV ratings in key demos

Reality skeins dominated the early part of last week, but college basketball helped CBS close the frame well as the Eye continues to outperform its ratings levels of last year.

While Fox still prevailed in key demos, CBS won the last four nights of the week in 18-49 thanks to college hoops. The Eye also remained on top in total viewers, boosted by a “60 Minutes” interview with President Obama.

Overall, according to Nielsen estimates, Fox led in adults 18-49 for a seventh straight week with a 3.8 rating/11 share. CBS was a competitive second (3.4/10), followed by ABC (2.7/9), NBC (2.0/6), Univision (1.6/5) and USA (1.0/3).

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