Idol Headlines for 03/05/10

Fox’s Reilly talks fall pilots, ’24, ‘ ‘Target, ‘ Cowell

THR: What’s the latest on replacing Simon Cowell? Have any of the rumored contenders been close?

Reilly: No. There’s just all sorts of conjecture out there, but I can tell you there’s been some interesting dialogue and interesting names. There’s going to be some very interesting developments on that front.

THR: Cowell’s whole emphasis was that this needs to be someone with huge experience in the music industry rather than just a big name. Do you agree with that?

Reilly: I just want to say credibility is going to be very important to us. That’s going to be important to maintain.

The Hollywood Reporter

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Adam Lambert is insane

n just a few short minutes Adam Lambert gets an Australian nickname, reveals behind the scenes secrets of American Idol and questions his sanity.

Adam Lambert – living a dream

Adam Lambert proves the old kid’s poem, “First the worst, second the best”, may sometimes be true.

He came second in American Idol but he’s out-sold the winner by a huge margin. in fact, two to one.

So, he’s American Idol’s most popular loser and living a dream that is both wonderful and surreal.

Watch the interview with Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert: Forever Gay?

American Idol winner Adam Lambert dropped into the Kyle and Jackie O Show to clear the air on a couple of “elephants in the room”…

First, the so-called anti-Susan Boyle remark.

“Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion. I definitely don’t feel bitter about, oh ‘she beat me in the charts’. I was merely reviewing it as a music lover.”

Second, about being gay.

“That’s been the one challenge that I faced in light of that I have this label that almost precedes the fact that I’m a singer… I think it’s new, it’s a novelty thing, and I think over time it’ll probably change a little bit.”

Idol Insider: All About Allison

WSVN — She’s rocked-it-out for millions of people toured the country with her Idol friends and released an album all before her 18th birthday.

Shireen: “It’s coming up in April?”

Allison Iraheta: “April 27th.”

Shireen: “So what are we going to be doing for the big birthday?”

Allison Iraheta: “Party.”

What Has Danny Gokey Been Up To Since ‘American Idol’?

On Thursday night’s (March 4) “American Idol” results show, amid the carnage and the castaways, Danny Gokey performed “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me, ” the first proper single from his just-released debut album, My Best Days. It was a pretty sage move by show producers, and not just because Gokey has a disc to promote. The newly departed “Idol” hopefuls could learn a thing or two from the song’s inspirational message. And from Gokey himself.

Rocking a leather jacket, jeans, a burgundy shirt and his signature specs, Gokey’s gravelly soul voice was warmly received as he sang the peppy country/pop tune about the power of positive thinking. “I can be whatever I want to be/ My best days are ahead of me, ” he crooned over a twanging pedal-steel riff. “I’ve got sunsets to witness, dreams to dance with/ And beaches to walk on and lovers to kiss.”

Scott MacIntyre talks about next week’s duet with Matt Giraud, says season 9 ‘not as clearly defined’

Season 8 alums Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud will reprise their “American Idol” summer tour number, Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About It, ” on next week’s show. “It was talked about for last year’s finale, ” Scott tells Idol Tracker. “And I was disappointed when it didn’t happen, but Ken Warwick always said he wanted to bring it back, so we’ve been in touch about it. I’m really excited. It’s one of my favorite Billy Joel songs, and it allows me and Matt to banter back and forth as if we’re trying to show each other up.”

The two will encore their dueling pianos bit for the performance, which Scott describes as a “pinnacle moment” of the “Idol” tour. “A lot of media said it was their favorite part of the whole show, ” he says. “I think it’s going to be a surprise for everyone watching.” (Well, all except the people reading this blog!)

LA Times

Community Guest Service with Katharine McPhee

After fans were introduced to the vocally talented and beautiful Katharine McPhee on season five of American Idol, McPhee managed to create bigger opportunities for herself in the acting world. Post Idol, Katharine McPhee went on to appear in Ugly Betty before landing a more substantial supporting role in the 2008 film, The House Bunny, and now takes to the NBC airwaves on March 4 at 8pm in a guest role on Community and the episode, “Basic Genealogy”.

With Katharine McPhee in the Community role of Amber, the step-daughter of Chevy Chase’s Pierce character, things get accidentally twisted when Amber takes a liking to Jeff, played by Joel McHale, who’s trying to help bring Pierce and Amber together to form a deeper bond.


‘American Idol’ Top 20 Results: Tonight’s Gonna Be A Bad Night

After a surprising first elimination round that saw the departure of a couple of early favorites (flaxen-tressed songbird Janell Wheeler and terrycloth-swathed retro-rocker Tyler Grady), “American Idol” fans were once again reminded last week that on this topsy-turvy show, no contestant is ever safe, and absolutely anything can happen. Sure, last week’s eliminations weren’t exactly Chris Daughtry/Michael Johns-level shockers, but they still threw viewers for a loop, and many grumpy pundits (myself included) griped that America had gotten it wrong.

So, did America get it right this week? For the most part, yes. But the night still ended in tears.

‘Idol’ needs to boot the pathetic group sing first

“American Idol” said farewell to four more semifinalists on Thursday, and unlike a week ago, there wasn’t anyone who had reason to be upset at the results. But there remains one huge issue for the show in the coming weeks, one that has become so noticeably lacking that it threatens to undermine the entire credibility of the show.

I refer, of course, to the group sing.


‘American Idol’ recap: Jesus Balks!

A few important facts learned on American Idol’s Top 20 results show tonight: God is not a huge fan of chronic over-singing. A toned back end won’t get you as far as six-pack abs. America is definitely not ready for a Creed comeback. And bird feathers are on sale in bulk down at the Idol commissary. (Get ’em now, while supplies last!)

And that pretty much sums up the sleepy, one-hour telecast, seeing how there wasn’t much in the way of drama or surprise in the four eliminations and two musical numbers on the docket.


Paula Abdul Is Straight-Up Proud of ‘American Idol’ Country Finds

“My dad was a cattle man — a cowboy — and listening to country music was our bond, ” Paula tells The Boot. [Roger Miller’s] ‘King of the Road’ was our song together that we used to sing. I just remember happy songs as a kid growing up. Coming out of divorce, my parents divorced when I was 7, I just remember country music was a way of telling stories. Whenever I was staying with him for the week, that was our bond. We loved all of Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline, and later on Dolly Parton was one of my dad’s favorites and she became one of mine.

The Boot


DANNII Minogue’s fate on the X Factor will be decided at a brain-storming session in Los Angeles this month.

Simon Cowell will meet the show’s senior executives at his mansion to discuss “major changes”.

Sources say they will be deciding the line-up of judges, focusing on mum-to-be Dannii, 38 with a senior insider admitting: “No-one is safe, apart from Simon.”



Adam Lambert is Number One Down Under

The glam-bam-thank you man of American Idol fame went with the up-do and smokey, bejeweled eyes for his Wednesday night performance of Sleepwalker on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. The song is from Lambert’s critically acclaimed CD For Your Entertainment. After a sultry and gritty performance that displayed musical and vocal versatility, Lambert skipped the continent to share the love, and a song or two, with his new-found Aussie friends.

He flew to Sydney as part of a promotional tour for the CD, which comes out on Friday. It shot to #1 on the Australian iTunes Pop Chart even prior to its release, and includes a bonus track called VooDoo. The promo tour itself will include TV appearances on the Aussie version of So You Think You Can Dance, and a popular morning show called Sunrise (TV). He’ll also stick around for the festivities at a GL Mardi Gras party in Sydney on Saturday.

Pop Star

‘Idol’ DeWyze Looks Back On Local High School Days

After his second live performance Tuesday night, American Idol judge Simon Cowell told Mt. Prospect resident Lee DeWyze he may be the one to beat in this season’s competition.

“Vocally, I have said this before, you are head and shoulders above everyone else in your side of the competition so far, ” said Cowell on the television program. “But you look terrified. I am waiting for you to totally connect, lose the nerves, choose the right song and sing as good as we know you can.”

During his video introduction prior to performing “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder, DeWyze, 23, talked about his past.

“High school was rough, ” he said. “I made some bad choices and I got placed from my regular high school (Prospect) into an alternative school (Forest View).”


Elliott Yamin Finally Makes It Out Of Chile

It took nearly a week, but former “American Idol” finalist Elliott Yamin finally got out of earthquake-ravaged Chile on Thursday. The singer, who was in the country performing at a singing competition, announced the news on his Twitter page.

“Whooohoo!! … just got my ticket home errrrbodyy!!!!! … never thought I’d b so happy in an airport b4!!!, ” he tweeted late Thursday, posting a photo of the airline ticket counter rep celebrating the joyous occasion. Yamin originally hoped to leave the country on Tuesday, but due to the widespread damage from the powerful quake, he was unable to make it to a major airport and was forced to stay in the country until he got clearance to leave from the U.S. embassy.


Jennifer Hudson to sing at her wedding

Professional wrestler David Otunga is keen for the singer to show off her vocal talents at their forthcoming nuptials along with contestants from ‘American Idol’, the show on which Jennifer first found fame.

He said: “It would be great if any of the former American Idols sang at the wedding. And it would be wonderful to have Jennifer sing – I’d love that. But I won’t be because I don’t sing!”

Times Live

‘American Idol’ Siobhan Magnus and her Irish connections

American Idol contestant Siobhan Magnus has a last name that means ‘Great’ in Latin. How fitting. Magnus proved just how “great” she was when she performed on “American Idol” Wednesday night, blowing the judges away with her rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Think.”

The name Magnus was initially a first name among Romans during the middle ages. People began to name their children Magnus as Europe was converted to Latin speaking Catholic Christianity. People wanted their children to be “great”!

Irish Central

Has ‘American Idol’ jumped the shark?

(CNN) — Over the years, “American Idol” has been a lot of things: a launching pad for undiscovered talent, fodder for national conversation and even a blending of politics and pop culture (remember the “red state-blue state” debate last season during the Kris Allen-Adam Lambert showdown?).

But never, ever has it been boring. Until now.

“Normally, they don’t have this many terrible people, ” said Dave Della Terza, creator of the Web site Vote for the Worst. “It’s not interesting when they are all bad or they are all good. You need a good mix, and they don’t seem to have that this season.”


Danny Gokey: ‘Grateful to be back’ on ‘Idol’ stage

It was hard for Season 8 alumnus Danny Gokey to contain his excitement on Thursday night, and he’s acutely aware of it. Back on the “Idol” stage for the first time since his elimination in May, Danny’s post-performance emotions got the best of him, while his mouth tried to keep up.

“I had so much to say, it was hard to get it all out, ” Danny explained following the show at a CD signing held at the Grove’s Barnes & Noble. Of course, that’s not to say he didn’t try — at a mile a minute. “I went back and regretted everything I did say, ” he admitted with a nervous laugh. “I’m one of those guys who over-analyzes everything. Right after the show, I was, like, ‘I shouldn’t have said this or that… freak, freak, freak!’ Oh well, it is what it is.”

LA Times

TRUCKS: Skinner To Host Toyota Round Up For Charity

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Champion driver and Volusia County resident Mike Skinner announced today that the 4TH ANNUAL TOYOTA SKINNER ROUND UP FOR CHARITY Presented by Rue & Ziffra Personal Injury Attorneys will take place on Thursday, March 11, and Friday, March 12, at Daytona International Speedway and Spruce Creek Country Club in Daytona Beach, Fla.

Among the celebrities to help raise funds to benefit Volusia County charities include jazz & blues superstar Stacy Mitchhart, “American Idol’s” Bo Bice, NASCAR Drivers Ron Hornaday, Steve Park, Tommy Baldwin, and Rick Crawford. Over the last three years, celebrities and the community have joined Mike in raising over a half a million dollars for area charities.


DWTS’ Tony Dovolani: Kate Gosselin Is “Definitely Not the Best Dancer”

With Dancing With the Stars rehearsals underway, how is Kate Gosselin doing so far?

“She’s definitely not the best dancer, ” her partner Tony Dovolani told Thursday at the NYC premiere of the Discovery Channel’s Life. “She’s never taken a step of dancing in her life, but she’s very hard-working. She’s willing to try everything. So, for me, it’s like I have an empty canvas that I can create a masterpiece. It’s a great opportunity to show America what I’m capable of – which is teaching somebody who has never danced before.”


‘Idol’ exit Q&A: Jermaine Sellers — ‘I didn’t want to come across as a diva’

Whether he’s facing the judges or facing down an American Idol exit interview, Jermaine Sellers is never at a loss for words. He talked happily about his eclectic fashion choices, his outsized personality, why he confused Idol associate music director Michael Orland for a certain King of Pop, and who was always on his mind when he was performing on stage.


‘Idol’ exit Q&A: Michelle Delamor explains her choices in song and fashion

Michelle Delamor got booted off Idol last night for her uneven rendition of Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open, ” but the 22-year-old Miami native hasn’t lost hope. Delamor chatted with EW about last night, why she chose a Creed song, and what was up with those gloves.


‘Idol’ exit Q&A: Haeley Vaughn talks about connecting with her music, and Simon’s cryptic prediction

Haeley Vaughn was nothing if not relentlessly cheerful during her tenure on American Idol, so it’s kinda bracing to hear her sound so hushed and droopy the day after she was eliminated from the show. Well, for the first 15 seconds, anyway — then it was back to the upbeat Haeley we all know and love.


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