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Hey Guys, I shot Adam for YRB Magazine and the issue comes out March 15th which is when the rest of the pix will be released. Keep an eye out! Photo

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EXCLUSIVE: American Idol Hopeful Crystal Bowersox On The Attack – With Spaghetti!

Watch-out American Idol judges because talented top 24 finalist Crystal Bowersox is ready and willing to attack at all times – just ask her former music partner Frank May. has unearthed images of single mom Bowersox dumping May’s face in a plateful of spaghetti. The pictures were taken by her friend and performance artist Nicky Watts.

PHOTOS:  Bowersox On The Attack With Spaghetti


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Kris Allen’s Advice for Nervous Idol Contestants: Do Jumping Jacks!

What are Kris Allen’s words of wisdom for the new crop of American Idol contestants? “Don’t be nervous. People can tell, so just go out, be comfortable and be yourself, ” the season 8 champ says. “Jumping jacks always help.”

The reigning Idol, who visited Radio Disney recently to record a spot for the Take Over With Ernie D show, has been watching season 9 and has already formed an opinion about the current top 24. “I thought Andrew Garcia was really good, ” he says. But this year he predicts, “It’s going to be a girl, maybe a country girl.”

But the girl power should stop with the winner, he suggests. When it comes to who should replace Simon next season, Allen says he was a fan of Katy Perry’s guest-judging skills, but says, “that might be a little too woman friendly. Maybe it should be a guy.”

‘American Idol’ alums offer advice to newbie class

Auditions, check! Top 24, check! Winning over America? Eek!

Anyone who’s been through the American Idol gauntlet will tell you the hard part starts now.

On The Red Carpet’s Rachel Smith caught up with several past contestants at the top 24 party last night in West Hollywood.

Alums like Jason Castro, Scott MacIntyre, Kimberly Locke, and Michael Johns were eager to offer their advice for the contestants.

On The Red Carpet

Key advice for ‘American Idol’ Top 24: Give your performance a twist

With the voting rounds about to begin, I continue to protest the boy/girl split on “American Idol.” Two guys and two girls will go home each week until we get to the top 12.

I don’t understand the boy/girl split, I never have. Even if they insist on 12 boys and 12 girls to start, can’t they just send home the lowest 4 vote-getters each week? This artificial split has always resulted in the wrong person going home, sometimes more than one, leaving a weak link in the top 12.

So, who will be memorable? Who will stand out?

Seattle Times

Is season rigged for girl power?

Angela Martin — you’ve just had your hopes and dreams crushed for the third time by “American Idol”!

But it’s all good, because you just got Kara snuggles!

I try not to drink too much of the hater-ade regarding DioGuardi, the much-maligned judge added last season (and author of everyone’s favorite coronation song, “No Boundaries”).

But seriously, Kara — crawling in the chair with her, trying to hug her while giving the crappy news?

It did not soften the blow and seemed rather insincere.

Tulsa World

So What Was the Biggest Buzz at New York Fashion Week?

We could give you a list of all the trends to expect for fall 2010, but that’s not what New York Fashion Week’s really about, is it?

OK, well, maybe it is, but it’s also about those pretty people perched in the front row of all the major fashion shows. Seeing the likes of Justin Timberlake, Adam Lambert, Kellan Lutz, Victoria Beckham and the wide range of CW stars can ease the burn of knowing you can’t afford that incredible couture gown better than any ointment.

So what were they buzzing about all week? Read on…


Carrie Underwood Shows Off Her Guns

Still plugging away on her first movie role, Carrie Underwood was spotted on the set of “Soul Surfer” in Hawaii on Saturday afternoon (February 13).

The “American Idol” was busy during the course of the day doing an interview for Entertainment Tonight, flexing her arm to show off her bulging bicep.

‘Idol’ judge DioGuardi has roots in Ocala

It’s easy delivering good news. You can joke, tease, have a little fun with it.

There’s nothing fun about telling someone their dream of becoming the next American Idol isn’t going to come true. Not this time.

Those watching Idol judge Kara DioGuardi deliver that bad news to Angela Martin Wednesday night saw someone filled with warmth, sensitivity and compassion.

The Top 24: What the girls sang

As we go into the full-performance episodes of American Idol, it’s always good to have an idea of the kind of song choices the contestants might make. So we’ve created a list of all the songs each of the Top 24 contestants has performed so far during their Idol runs, from their appearances before the judges through their final solo performances during Hollywood — including the ones that weren’t shown on TV. Since the girls get the first semifinals show on Tuesday, let’s start with them.

USA Today

The Top 24: What the guys sang

Earlier, we listed all the songs the Top 12 women sang during their auditions for American Idol and during Hollywood Week. Now, it’s time for the guys.

It’s worth noting that eight of the 12 flipped the gender on a song at some point during the process, singing a song most often associated with a woman (with choices ranging from Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat to Joan Osborne and Judy Garland).

The guys will get their chance to show their stuff next this Wednesday night on Fox.

USA Today

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