Headlines: Idol Franchise headed to Philippines, Sundance Head, Scotty McCreery

ATF: Fremantle Sets ‘Search for the Idol Philippines’ with ABS-CBN – Global producer and distributor, Fremantle has completed a deal with leading Philippines broadcaster ABS-CBN for the Fremantle and 19 Entertainment co-owned format “Idols.” The show is the world’s most successful search for a solo pop superstar. ABS-CBN is currently partner with Fremantle in the region on “Pilipinas Got Talent.” It will launch the new “Idols” series of “Search for the Idol Philippines” in 2019. – Read more at Variety

Sundance Head is Still Waiting for His The Voice Invite

Scotty and Gabi McCreery Make the Cover of Southern Bride

The American Idol season 10 winner was married earlier this year in the North Carolina mountains.

‘Walking Dead’s’ Emily Kinney, ‘American Idol’s’ Paul McDonald find love and inspiration again as the Sweetheart Deal – When former The Walking Dead actress and singer-songwriter Emily Kinney and alt-country artist/Season 10 American Idol finalist Paul McDonald were fixed up last year by a mutual music-business friend, Dan Spears, neither was initially enthused. “So for the past few years, this record that I just put out, my solo record, was a breakup record, and I had been in this kind of a funk for a while,” says McDonald. “So when my buddy Dan was like, ‘Hey, I’ve got this L.A. actress that I should set you up with,’ I was kind of like, ‘Hilarious, dude. Nah, I just went through that cycle.’” – Read more plus performances at Yahoo.com

Billy Gilman is Home for the Holidays -Grammy nominee Billy Gilman is coming Home for the Holidays in a special concert December 8th at the Dunkin Donuts Center. Billy joined us on The Rhode Show to talk about his show and what we have to look forward to. – Read more at WPRI

Ahead of Utah shows, David Archuleta gets candid about his music, self-esteem and going to therapy – “I pushed myself (to write) ‘Christmas Every Day,’” the singer told the Deseret News. “I was really scared, I (thought), ‘Maybe I shouldn’t do this — I don’t think I can pull this off,’ but it worked out and (the song) makes me happy and makes me think that it’s a happy time of year.” “It’s hard to have a mindset (focused on God) when people (say), ‘You look so good, you are so great, you changed my life,’” he said. “(As an artist), you’re always trying to feel unique and stand out. … It’s hard not to become selfish with this (‘look at me’ mentality).” – Read more at the Deseret News

Adam Levine Giving Kelly Clarkson Advice On How To Meet Celebs (Like Cher) Is The Best

‘The Voice’: DeAndre Nico & Reagan Strange Share The Best Advice They’ve Received From Adam Levine

MaKenzie Thomas On Closing The Show On ‘The Voice’: It Was ‘Awesome’ & ‘Nerve-Wracking’

‘The Voice’s’ Chris Kroeze Loved Performing A Garth Brooks Song Next To Blake Shelton’s Fiddle Player

‘The Voice’s’ Chevel Shepherd Dishes On ‘Country Tinkerbell’ Nickname

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  1. One of the best artist ever to come off The Voice. Hope to see him in concert one day. I am going to see Archie at The Plaza Live in Orlando next week and I was thinking about Grimmie just today. :(

  2. Congrats to Kris Allen, his version of “Jingle Bells” from his holiday album is streaming on the Spotify Christmas Coffeehouse Playlist, all month!

    >>Kris Allen
    Thanks spotify for putting my version of Jingle Bells on this awesome playlist! You’re gonna want this playlist for the whole month of December. Some amazing music on here. And thanks to…
    (link: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq-1eMlHdTD/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=1qk0lvekdovmz)

  3. LOL!!! Sundance is a hoot. I do somewhat feel for The Voice winners tho. They really pretty much ignore most of them. Idol was selective with their invitations and with those they highlighted as success stories. And some fans would complain because their favorites were not invited back to perform often or most seasons like Idol’s favored sons/daughters. But I think most high finishing Idols and all the winners until Trent (not sure about Caleb and Candice) at least were invited back to perform on their 1st albums. And of course they invited back most everyone on what they thought was the final show. But TV almost pretends their contestants/winners don’t exist. I guess they need more time to make sure their coaches get some much needed exposure. HA.

  4. Idol in the Philippines – interesting story, althogh not so clear on the back history – perhaps the third time will be the charm, as they say?

    The Philippines has had two adaptations of the singing competition Pop Idol under two different titles and on two different networks:
    Philippine Idol, which was aired in 2006 on ABC
    Pinoy Idol, which was aired in 2008 on GMA
    And now, coming soon — a revival adaptation of the singing competition with a new title will air on a new network: Search for the Idol Philippines, airing on ABS-CBN in 2019.

    When I looked up the history of Philippine Idol and Pinoy Idol, they both read like elaborate DramaRama, the stories about the first show especially would make a movie of its own! IMO.

  5. “Looking at the entire 60 positions on Country Airplay, seven female acts appear beyond Underwood”
    SMH. Anyone know what the Male:Female ratio is for country musicians? Just wondering if there’s a reasonable correlation to the charts. I know, it’s not that straightforward because the charts take position into account, but would be interesting to know nonetheless.

  6. i think from tuesday insant save they should have shared us a clip of reagan’s monday performance for adam to comment after. but since it all happened so fast and since reagan lost her voice on tuesday, adam had to do the talking for her.

    another thing is since deandre was bottom 2 for 2 weeks in a row adam knows that no one has won the show with 2 weeks being in the bottom and he told him, that he would be better on his own with his fanbase instead with being with the shit record company who didn’t do anything for past voice winners. and he admitted that he wanted another week with reagan to show america what she can do since she was sick wile performing on monday

    if people wanted DeAndre in the top 8 then they should have voted him through. i did vote for reagan not because adam told us too, but because i liked her from her blind audition and supported her since then.

  7. Adam was wrong to do that period. No excuses. He’s supposed to be the coach for ALL of his team, not throw one under the bus. Sorry Reagan was sick, but that’s show business.

  8. 1. Pentatonix Music Video – “Where Are You Christmas?”
    2. James Arthur Music Video – “Rewrite the Stars”
    3. Lindsey Stirling Music Video – “Santa Baby”
    4. Lindsey Stirling Music Video – “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch”
    5. Emily Ann Roberts Music Video – “I’ve Got Forever”
    6. Lauren Daigle Music Video – “The Christmas Song”

  9. Agree. And it is not always only about winning. But you want to stay on the show as long as possible. Was not right for Levine to blatantly interfere with the chances of his own team member who took the time to compete. No excuses can be made for such manipulation.

  10. Watched the videos of The Voice interviews. (I don’t get NBC, so I watch the vids here instead of the show.) So Kennedy impressed me with her maturity. I see why she’s popular, although her music doesn’t do much for me. But I’m pretty sure that’s just an age thing. Massive potential. And Reagan impressed me with her immaturity. Even without what happened on the results show two days ago, Reagan is underwhelming. Sarah Grace (my personal favorite) could use a small dose of humility (that’s a fine line to walk with confidence, etc.), and Chevel is completely adorable. As for the rest, Kimberly (another favorite) is very poised (and gave one of the best answers to what’s the best advice your coach gave you), and MaKenzie is a puzzle. Basically, I like all the females — Team Kelly first, then Team Jennifer.

  11. A little preview of “Boombox Saints” James Durbin’s new side project band with the guys from Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy.
    This GoPro footage of a rehearsal was filmed and uploaded by the drummer in Aug. 2018, so this collaboration has been brewing for a while, but just posted by their management a few days ago. Looks like James will be playing guitar in this band, at least for some songs.

    Scoley Coley shared a link.
    December 4 at 2:58 PM ·
    Be sure to get there at 8 to see The Boombox Saints featuring members of Fozzy and singer James Durbin of American Idol.

  12. Here’s the # of female artists signed on the 3 major country rosters & 2 labels considered “major independents” (BMLG & Broken Bow). I’m counting acts that have women in duos or groups in the total #, but also giving a separate # of solo women on rosters.

    – UMG Nashville (including 4 imprints): 8 of 24 roster spots, 6 are solo female artists
    – Warner Nashville (including 3 imprints): 7 of 32 roster spots, all are solo
    – Sony Nashville (including 3 imprints):9 of 25 roster spots, 6 are solo
    – BMLG (including 3 imprints): 7 of 26 roster spots, 5 are solo
    – Broken Bow (including 3 imprints): 3 of 20 roster spots, all are solo

    Keep in mind, a good amount of the female acts on these rosters are either new artists who haven’t released anything to radio or industry veterans which radio would consider too “old” to chart on Billboard Country Airplay (Ex. Dolly, Shania, etc.).

    Several years ago, there was an article where quotes from big wigs on labels including major label CEO’s said because it’s hard to break women in the industry many of the labels have to be “choosy” about who to sign. Basically, the amount of female acts compared to male acts already put female acts at a disadvantage. That’s not including radio problems, label politics, & the industry problem.

  13. Thanks for the info. As I suspected, the disparity is not equal to the signed artists, but I also understand that some of the legacy acts not really on radio any longer. So, is radio just giving the country music listening majority what they want (i.e., the populace isn’t all that interested in female country acts) or are they actually creating or at least contributing to the inequality (the proverbial good ole boy network)?

  14. That’s a good song by Emily Ann Roberts.

    Lauren Daigle has a very distinctive voice, but it’s not one I care for on many songs. This song from her is a no for me. (I either really like her or really don’t, on a song-by-song basis. I really liked the song she sang on Ellen, for instance.)

  15. He was my most people played artist with 225 hours , and that doesn’t include the music I actually bought and YouTube !

  16. Always loved that song. It was never released to radio but some Chinese fans (and some other Asian fans) said the movie and song being played in China introduced them to Adam. It opened many doors for him there when he released his album and music. That introduction helped him win three international awards in China. Two endorsement deals there. Performed on The Voice of China. Headlined several small arena concerts there as a solo artist. Featured artist performing on one of their big yearly televised events. And then returning for a bigger arena concert fronting Queen. One opportunity that did not seem that big of a deal in the US, because of no radio, led to other opportunities for him in other countries.

  17. 12/06/18
    Spotify seems to be working on their Year End Wraps…and I haven’t even checked for mine…but it seems David C just got his…and sent out a Thank You….

    >>David Cook
    ?Verified account
    Presented without comment, except the following comment:

    THANK YOU. Here’s to a great 2018 and an even greater 2019!!! Thanks for all the spotify love! https://www.instagram.com/p/BrEF22hBEqZ/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=37ax45dnhesj …

    Thanks for an Amazing year –
    Streams 6MIL – Fans 930K – Hours 363K – Countries – 65

    Spotify For Artists – 2018 Wrapped

  18. I wish I knew why this doesn’t embed correctly :(

    (I checked my own Spotify report and was surprised to see I only listed to Kris’ music for 1 hour this year. In fact, I wasn’t on Spotify all that much at all (about 1600 total hours) )

  19. There is definitely still a good old boy network. Radio people have said that they want to play more women, but the PD’s & big companies such as iheartmedia, Cumulus, etc. decide what a station plays. Just a few weeks ago, Sara Evans called out radio for not playing her new single. The problem is I can see why radio won’t play her single because she doesn’t have a label, considered “old” (40+ yrs. old), etc. The problem is how a radio PD responded. He said “radio has no problem with women.” “They need to make better music.” While only that radio PD responded to Evans negatively, this isn’t the 1st or even 2nd time a female artist criticized radio & then a PD talked back where women aren’t making good music, radio friendly singles, etc. Basically, I doubt this particular PD is the only high-up in radio that has these opinions. I think he’s just one of the few that wasn’t afraid to say them.

    Also, country radio is a genre that relies heavily on callouts. Callouts are listener feedback on singles. Radio PD’s took a comprehensive survey which results stated callouts are one of the top factors in determining what is a radio hit. The problem is the few women who have consistent good callout scores such as Carrie, Kelsea Ballerini, & Maren Morris are the one’s getting consistent airplay. The men & women that don’t get ok callout scores usually don’t chart well. I don’t think listeners really don’t like female voices, but many times callouts make it seem that way. I guess it’s possible the people who give the callout feedback have a problem with female voices because online it seems like there’s a lot of country fans that want to hear more female acts on the radio.

  20. The Forum@theforum
    BREAKING: Due to overwhelming demand, a second @QueenWillRock + @adamlambert show has been added at The Forum on Saturday, July 20!

    Tickets go on sale Friday, December 14 at 10am!

  21. I was able to get my tickets too with the presale code. Got floor seats. Expensive but SO worth it. These guys put on a phenomenal show. I was seeing lots of tweets this morning that people weren’t able to get tickets. Happy to see they’ve added second shows in NY and LA.

  22. I don’t think they can add any more shows in any other cities. They don’t seem to do three in a row, and adding any more shows would force them to do that.

  23. Yay! Queen and Adam sold out MSG so they had to add a second date.

    Live Nation NYC@livenationnyc
    Due to overwhelming demand, a second @queenwillrock + @adamlambert show has been added at @thegarden on August 7! Tickets go on sale Fri, 12/14.
    August 6 is SOLD OUT.

  24. I’ve always loved this song. And while I understand that due to record labels being as they are he may not have 100% say in the kind of music he makes, IMO huge, cinematic or theatrical songs like this is where his voice shines the best. That may be my personal preference but it just has always bugged me how much some of the music he’s done underutilizes his voice.

  25. I wish they’d come back here to Buffalo NY. When Queen toured with Paul Rodgers as frontman (I want to say it was 2006?) they sold out the arena here, but since they switched to Adam as lead they’ve never been back. I’m not able to travel so the closest place being Toronto won’t work for me :(

  26. Couldn’t get good seats. They are all sold out.

    I was checking out total cost in case I purchased not very good seats. The service fee alone is $71/per ticket. What the heck is service fee? Total extra charges would be $82/ticket, but hey, delivery is free!

    ETA: The $2000 ticket has a $296 service fee!!! What is that about?!!!

  27. I don’t know why the have not come back to Buffalo since you said they sold out that venue with Paul. Because the attendance rates of the concerts with Adam are much larger and more successful than the ones they did with Paul internationally and even more so in the US.

  28. I’m so happy I got my tickets for MSG! Great seats too! They were expensive but worth every penny! I saw that someone on my Twitter feed said when she signed on this morning at 10:00 to TM when tickets went on sale to the general public, there were something like 2000 ahead of her in the queue. I’m so happy I had a presale code and bought mine yesterday otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to get them. I am not at all surprised they added a second show. These guys ROCK! If anyone has a chance to go, you will NOT be disappointed!

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