Holly’s American Idol Tour 2009 Dallas Recap

Holly’s re-cap focuses on the meet and greet before and after the show. Make sure to check out her photos at the end of her re-cap.


We arrived at 12 and got a spot by the barricade. There were many fans there, a majority were Adam fans and Kradam fans. We waited until 2:30 through a little bit of rain and finally Michael Sarver came out. He is by far the nicest Idol I have ever met. He stopped and talked to people, took pictures, signed things, answered questions ( even if they weren’t about him ). Someone asked if Adam was coming out and he said he never comes out before a show and we should check back at the end of the concert. I got a picture with him and he gave me a big hug and asked me if the protesters were there. I told him no they decided to go to that funeral and he said “Good, I was going to preach to them. They call themselves Christians it’s crazy, they need to learn about Christian love.” He was a sweetheart all around.

Then Matt & Scott came out, Scott with his brother helping him. Matt was kind to everyone but just doesn’t have the people skills Michael does. I got a picture with him and an autograph. Scott passed by me. I didn’t blame him. He was just scanning the crowd, it was too hard for him to do anything else. He was very happy though, you could tell that much. Then lots of screaming.. it was Kris Allen! He started on the other side and I was afraid I wouldn’t get to see him, so I ran over to where he was signing things and yelled from the back if he would give me a hug. He said “Sure, get on up here!” I ran up and got my hug right after he took pictures kissing a ladies dog next to me.

Danny then came out and was very personable and talked to everybody. I got a picture with him. Afterward he turned to me and said “Hey, could you check if there is anything in my teeth? I just ate.” I told him no he just had gum in his mouth and he thanked me. After they went back inside a guard came out and said that was all that was going to come out. People started leaving, we stayed just in case. Then Jasmine who isn’t on the tour but was voted out early came out. She came out of the barricade and was on the street with fans, we got a picture with her.

Me and a friend left after Kris’s first song in his set. We couldn’t pay attention to him after watching Adam. We went and got a place at the barricades outside, we had another friend station one on the opposite side just in case. We waited about an hour 1/2 when Allison and Lil came out. Allison was great. She was stopping and taking pictures with anyone who asked, Lil on the other hand was slightly rude and only stopped every other person to sign things.

After, people started coming out from different places and times. Anoop came out, almost literally ran down the crowd so fast he wouldn’t take pictures, only sign things if it was out and only took 1 second. Matt came around. I got him to sign my undershirt, and it was really funny. He was like “Uhh, uncomfortable..” Then Danny came out and I got him to sign my undershirt as well. He signed it nice and even put his hand out to hold it up. He didn’t seem to care how close he was to me like Matt did.

Megan Joy was after him and she was glowing. I do have to say I think Allison is more attractive than her in person. She was taking pictures and signing things for everybody. Her tattoo sleeve had bling all over it. I asked her if Adam bedazzled it and she said he actually did. Scott also came back out. He came by and took a picture with us. He had a pin on that said “I Love Texas” we told him we liked it and he said “I LOVE TEXAS” in the funniest voice ever.

Kris also came back out, but he wasn’t taking picture or stopping. He was rushing through signing autographs. Michael was now back out as well. He stopped and hugged me again. Then you hear massive screams erupt and Adam is making his way out of the door. He starts over by my other friend and he got Adam to sign my camera. He was the only guy in the crowd and he said Adam directly looked at him and smiled. Adam was then only two people away from getting to me and the guard came and took him away. He hadn’t even gone through half the line. People were screaming and crying. It was really disappointing but you could tell by the look on his face he didn’t want to leave. Later we found out they had to be inside by 12, and Adam had stayed out till 12:07. He was even more beautiful in person and I only wish I could have looked him in the eyes.

Overall I was shocked at being able to meet all the Idols and get pictures. I was only disappointed with Lil and Anoop not stopping and being as friendly. But they were on a time restraint, it’s just hard to remember that in the moment. This year was much better than last years tour. Good luck to all you at the other locations, if you want to see Adam push through the crowd where he starts. It will be worth it.

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