Hey — more news

Hey — more news.

I’ve read from a few sources, including a comment on my site here that Brad Kish was cut in Hollywood.  Sorrow.  Actually, not really.  I’m sure he’s a really nice guy, but judging from his music he’s an average singer whose musical sensibility is rather pedestrian.  Later dude, we didn’t even get to know you.

Becky O’Donahue is the gal standing in the picture I posted in my last entry. Her twin sister’s name is Jessie.

I’m skeered.  Somebody from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue has been reading my blog after Googling Ayla Brown.  I said I already hated her.  Warning:  I could get snarkier.  I just hope this person doesn’t get pissed enough to initiate an audit.  I got enough problems!  Thank you. :)

More folks who made it to Hollywood according to Survivor Sucks:

Natalie Weiss – She’s a returnee from last year, I believe
Tina Novak
Jenny Anderson

No info on them yet.  Except, when I Googled Tina Novak I found this.  This Tina Novak appears to have a recording contract–I’m thinking it’s not the Tina Novak on the list.

Someone who claims to be in the “know” over at Idol forums says there is no Jenny Anderson on the list, and that he’s almost positive that Jordan Southerland didn’t make it to Hollywood.

So many rumors–so confusing to sort through.  I’ll give it a shot, though…