Remember the Irish girl

Simon Cowell was raving about in the press a couple of weeks ago? Well according to an interview with USAToday yesterday the girl was disqualified from the competition because she didn’t have a valid Visa.

And we never did learn her name.

Other tidbits in the article: Simon is producing an American Idol-type show featuring inventors. He swears it’ll be riveting. Yeah.

Simon goes on to say that “with fewer ‘professional auditioners, ” (they visited some smaller towns this year) it feels “fresher than last year or the year before.” Also, “The raw talent is with the 16 and 17 year olds this year.”

Translation: Constantine and Bo, who had years in the business and knew from being screwed-over were a pain in the ass. No more street-smart contestants. That’s just a hunch. TPTB are probably praying for another Fantasia. Not another great singer, but a contestant who’s reading skills are so bad, they just sign the contracts without reading them. Fantasia claims to have done just that.

Simon also sez:

  • In contrast to last year, he says girls were stronger than boys <me-but a girl won>
  • Cameras rolled on judges Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson far more than in previous auditions, he says, capturing their reactions to finalists, and each other.
  • The biggest disappointment, Cowell says, was Ruben Studdard, “in terms of what his potential was.”
  • The Season 2 final between Clay Aiken and Studdard, “the little nerd who transformed himself and the polished soul singer, ” remains his favorite. <me-subsequent finales, especially AI4, really sucked>

Thanks to Schmands for finding that article!

A little disclaimer before I post today’s AI5 news. Right now, I’m posting mostly rumors that I’m getting from 2nd and 3rd hand sources. At this stage of the competition, with most of the info under wraps, that’s pretty much all there is. And I’m just gathering up all the things I’ve been reading on the net and posting them here. I attribute where I can. Most of what I’ll be posting today comes from this thread found on the AI forums on Survivor Sucks–a very snarky board. If you are a contestant friend or family member, and not a hard-ass, you might want to stay away. I’ve also got an item or two from this thread from Idol Forums, an AI Fan board.

A picture named Nweiss.jpgHey, got any rumors you’d like to share? Leave a comment, or click on the little yellow envelope to shoot me an email. I’ll attribute if you’d like, or keep it anonymous ;).

More Hollywood Contestants (from Survivor Sucks):

Natalie Weiss – I mentioned her previously, but I have more information. She was a Hollywood contestant last year, and was part of Janay Castine’s group sing. And, she’s a music/theater major at Penn State! Reason enough for me to like her. go nittany lions ;). Here is what looks like her performing at her own graduation (left). Hmmm. Seems like Natalie may have two strikes (check out my Jordan Southerland rant) against her :(. I wish her a lot of luck this year.

Yesterday I posted, that according to a somebody who claims an inside source, Jordan Southerland did not make it to Hollywood. WELL, Somebody who’s sister goes to school with Jordan posted this over at Idol Forums: “I know for a fact that Jordan, made it all the way. My sisters goes to his school, and he has been missing a lot of days due to this. Ohh and to the people who said he cant sing or he is just average. Im sorry to burst your bubble, but you cant judge from those clips of him singing on that Old site! First off those A picture named jordan.jpgpics are from like 2002 and the singing was from the same year. hmm I’ve heard him singing in churches and events, and I would describe his voice as, hmmm Josh Groban, Clay Aiken, 3 doors down lead singer, and Anthony Federov all togeather. Last I heard he auditioned in Chicago, and didnt make it , then went to NC, and the rest is History.” She was responding to folks who said he probably didn’t make it due to fugliness and bad singing. ;) Judge for yourself. Maybe this year’s Scott Savol? She posted a picture (right) Supposedly he has a MySpace profile. Anybody know where I can find that? Brad Kish is supposed to have one too…

Oh ask and ye shall receive! Brad Kish’s My Space. Thank you Grrrr :).

Speaking of Brad Kish, one of his friends, posting on his thread at AI Survivor Sucks got a little upset: “I have to say, it really pisses me off to see you put down a triple threat artist. He really doesn’t need Idol. He is currently signed on for a record deal, finished shooting a pilot for a future HBO show, and does modeling. So in the end your comments mean nothing except an annoyance to the people who support him. For everyones information, he was cut in hollywood, but told me he is unable to give the details. I bet once they found out he was signed on a label, they needed to get rid of him. Sad too, they could have made a lot off of him.” So if he didn’t need Idol, why did he try out? First, the dude is posting at a forum that has “Sucks” in the title, so I’m not sure why he’s shocked SHOCKED to find posters mocking his friend. Second, AI rules stipulate that contestants not have professional representation currently. Many former AI contestants have CDs under their belts. I’m betting Brad was cut for the usual reasons….

A picture named tina_03.jpgSpeaking of professionals I mentioned Tina Novak here and posted a website I thought might be her. I think it is her. Somebody posted this picture over at Sucks. (left) Still not conclusive proof, however.

Here is a list of random names of folks who made it to Hollywood:

Cameron Utterback
Patrick Johnson
Terri Carson

Sound familiar to anybody?