Glee Spoilers: Will Jessica Sanchez Sing a Stevie Wonder Song? PLUS MORE

GLEE: Sam (Chord Overstreet, L) and Brittany (Heather Morris, R) care for Lord Tubbington in the "Shooting Star" episode of GLEE airing Thursday, April 11 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Adam Rose/FOX

Hey Jessica Sanchez fans! How do you feel about your girl singing a Stevie Wonder song on Glee? Episode 21 (4×21), which is set to Air on May 2 is a Stevie Wonder tribute titled “Wonder-ful.”

It’s also the first of Jessica’s two episode Glee arc. There is no confirmation that the American Idol season 11 runner-up  has a number in this episode, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she does!  Jessica will play a “Powerhouse Diva” from a rival school, set to face off against New Directions at Regionals.  But, despite her legendary status, her divatude is all for show.  Jessica’s character is really sweet inside.

Production has begun on “Wonder-ful”, so keep your eyes peeled for sightings of Jessica on the Glee set!

More spoilery stuff for 4×21: According to Gleek Out Brasil: Kurt is back in Ohio for Burt’s medical appointment (we learned in “Glee Actually” that he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer).  Mercedes and Mike are back to help New Directions with their Regionals preparations. While back in NYC, Cassandra will do an unexpected gesture (I’m guessing she helps Rachel land a role in Funny Girl.  which she is auditioning for in episode 4×19).  This is NOT the Regionals episode! There are 7 songs–6 solos and 1 duet.  As soon as we have song spoilers I’ll put up a post.

Last night, Co-Creator, Ryan Murphy held a twitter Q&A. I’ve excerpted concrete spoilers below.  For more, click this link.

is Mercedes coming back soon?
Yes. Just wrote a big episode for Mercedes. Amber is thrilled. (4×21, the Stevie Wonder tribute)

Will Adam come back? Will he song again? He and Kurt were so so sweet I loved them so far!!
I hope Adam will come back. I love his character.

Will we be finding out what Seniors plans are after graduation?

any kurt solos in the future?
Yes. In the Stevie Wonder episode. (YAY)

Are there any storylines for Kitty coming up?
Yes. A romance gone wrong.

Is Brittany leaving Trouty Mouth?
How did you guess?

Is Mike Chang coming back soon?
Yes. In our Stevie Wonder tribute episode. I have missed him.

will we ever see any part of blaine’s immediate family ever again for as long as they both shall live wait what
Perhaps at the wedding. (trolling the Klainers)

are we going to find out more about ryder’s online love?
Yes. I like this Catfish story. (I KNEW the online thing was a catfish!)

any burt/blaine/kurt scenes soon? i love all three of them together! family time!
Then you will be happy with the last 2 episodes.

More Becky, okay? She’s hilarious. Not really a question… let me try again. Can we see more Becky? :)
Yes! I love Becky. She has a big storyline coming up.

are we gonna see Santana “find herself” in any way in NY?
Doing an episode about that.

Do you have any plans for Glee’s 100th episode? :)
Yes! Big plans if it happens. (IF?)

Will Chord sing a new solo till the end of this season??????? ;-)
Yes. A great solo in the Lights Out episode.

can we see naya singing adele’s “Don’t you remember” to brittany? gleeks would fangirl a lot 7
Wouldn’t you rather see Santana singing to a hot together girl in NY who could emotionally give her a real relationship? I do. (REALLY trolling the Brittana fans. Can’t say I don’t disagree with him, though)

is brittany getting a graduation storyline?
Actually, she is!

please make this a perfect night and answer me: will Mercedes have a solo in this season?
Yes. Enjoy your perfect night.

are most things going to be wrapped up in the last episode of the season or will there be a cliffhanger like last year?
Many cliffhangers.

Hi Ryan! Anything about Quinn? And what about Beth? Shelby is back so? Love you Ryan! Please get back to me
Shelby is back in an amazing scene. Beth is doing quite well. Thank you for asking.

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