Glee Season 5 Spoilers! “Tina In the Sky With Diamonds” Songs, Photos Details


A Glee Season 5 spoilers master post for “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds.” It’s Episode 2, Part 2 of the Glee Beatles tribute, set to air on Thursday, October 3.


There are MAJOR spoilers coming. So if you want to save the surprises (cause there are some big ones), STOP READING NOW.

Demi Lovato begins her 6 episode arc as Dani, a “struggling artist” who, according to Naya Rivera, will play Santana’s love interest.  They’ll duet on the George Harrison song “Here Comes The Sun.”

Also…the McKinley kids go to the Senior Prom!

Better to read these spoilers from the bottom up!

UPDATE:  Spoiler bits. daxterdd, wishyouwould

  • Kurt and Blaine each mention being engaged in their first scene, but they don’t interact this episode.
  • Kurt and Rachel sing “Get Back” at NYADA because Rachel needs to get her mojo back.
  • Kurt starts working at the diner because doesn’t pay and he wants seed cash for a Madonna cover band.
  • Blaine and Artie encourage Sam to ask out the new nurse.
  • “Revolution” sung by Tina is in the episode… well, a bit of it. It is another of Tina’s solos that gets cut short.

  • Kitty is surprised by Tina’s nomination for Prom Queen support her campaign.
  • Santana and Dani discuss Brittany. When Dani asks if they’ll get back together, Santana says she loves her, but it’s over. There are comments about how Santana has never been with a “real lesbian” since it’s only been bisexual Brittany and college experimentation. Also how it’s nice to have a girlfriend who won’t “stray for dick”.
  • Rachel gets an answer about Funny Girl by the end of the episode.
  • Tina ditches Sam as her prom date to court the single girl vote for her prom date. People think she’s rude for it. Later Sam is bummed out even though he didn’t even want to really go with her since he doesn’t really care about her/doesn’t think she’s hot.
  • Blaine does not have a date to the prom.
  • All of the school years share the same prom.
  • Bree is held accountable for Carrie-ing Tina (See spoilers below)
  • Rachel, Santana, Kurt and Dani get drunk.

UPDATE:  Promo – No Gleekin Way


UPDATE: New Video – Lots of fun scenes from Season 5 including Rachel wooing the director from Funny Girl with a song at the diner


  • The potential new love interest for Sam, played by Phoebe Strole, is the McKinley High School Nurse. Per a photo, she gives Sam a shot in the ass. Alrighty then.
  • Kitty considers running for Prom Queen, but according to spoilers, she does not.
  • Santana books a commercial
  • FIRST LOOK Dani and Santana!

UPDATE: New Synopsis Rachel continues to wait on word about her Funny Girl audition. Kitty schemes to thwart Tina’s prom queen ambitions.

As New Directions’ exploration of The Beatles’ classic hits enters the “experimental years,” Will takes a lesson from the Fab Four and encourages the kids to be fearless despite the potential for failure. When Tina becomes an unlikely candidate for Prom Queen, she takes Mr. Schue’s lesson to heart and throws herself whole- (and cold-) heartedly in the race. Despite Kitty’s assurances that she will back Tina’s run for the crown, powerful forces within the Cheerios! are determined to see that one of their own win the coveted title, and scheme – on Kitty’s behalf – against the gleek. After failing to earn a nomination for Prom King, and being prom-date-dumped by Tina, a dejected Sam suffers a crisis of confidence… until the timely arrival of a pretty, new college age school nurse gives him the chance to face his fears in order to to make a connection. Meanwhile, no news is torture for Rachel as she waits to hear the results of her Funny Girl audition, and the Spotlight Diner brings a potential new love interest for Santana… if only she has the courage to seize it.

UPDATE: More spoilers from WishYouWould

  • There’s something with a “420 club” which I assume is tied to the Stoner Brett storyline
  • Ruby/Bree/whatever her name is seems to be the one behind the Carrie stunt pulled on Tina (it’s possible context is missing and there’s more to it, idk)
  • Kitty gives Tina a new pink dress to wear after she is Carrie’d
  • For one of the diner scenes, there was a casting call for “obnoxious children”

UPDATE:  New FOX promo has a shot of the prom nominees: Blaine, Stoner Brett, Neck Brace Girl and Tina

UPDATE: According to the Official FOX episode description, Rachel will also work at the diner with Santana and Dani (Demi Lovato):

“Beatlemania continues at McKinley with the “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds” episode airing Thursday, October 3 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).  It’s time for the students to vote for prom queen and king, but when Tina receives a nomination, she takes on a fierce attitude that alienates her biggest supporters. Meanwhile, Rachel adjusts to a new attitude of her own as she and Santana work at a Broadway diner to make ends meet.”

UPDATE: Demi Lovato’s character, Dani, play a singing waitress at a NYC diner. That’s where she’ll meet Santana.  Check out the Paramount set for the NYC street where the action takes place HERE.  Naya Rivera instagrammed a photo taken with Demi in costume:

Naya Rivera and Demi Lovato on the Set of Glee

An extra tweeted (since deleted) “Silly, Glee. It looks like I will be a waitress sporting red go go boots on their show after all.” and “Glee was fun. They placed me with a great group for the waitstaff. With luck, a few of the crew told me it MAY be a season long gig. :)” So it looks like the diner may be a season long thing.

Extras were spotted on the set:

— Jen (@jl_goodman) August 28, 2013

On the Lima side of things, it’s THE PROM. The scenes have been shot already, and again, if you don’t want to be spoiled in a MAJOR WAY STOP READING. This episode revolves around Tina–hence her name in the title

From the reliable tumblr spoiler, Creative Choices Are Hard. Also, HERE.

  • Tina wins Prom Queen but gets Carrie’d. Via a slushie, of course, rather than pigs blood!  But still. Seriously, I’ll ask again. WTF did Jenna Ushkowitz do to piss of Ryan Murphy?
  • Stoner Brett wins Prom King
  • New Directions rallies around Tina by performing “Hey Jude.”
  • No confirmation that Kurt and Blaine went to prom together.  Chris Colfer and Mike O’Malley were spotted on set on the same day, but no idea what they were filming. Stay tuned.
  • Sam asks a potential new love interest, a nurse, out on a date.

While the first part of the Beatles tribute were songs circa 1964-1966, the second part covers the Beatles later oeuvre, from 1967-1970, which is an interesting way to go about it. Check out the full list of songs below.

Song Spoilers (Via GleekOutBrasil)

  • “Here Comes the Sun” – Dani (Demi Lovato) and Santana
  • “Revolution” – Tina
  • “Something” – Sam
  • “Get Back” – Kurt and Rachel
  • “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” – Ryder, Marley, Jake and Unique
  • “Let it Be” – Rachel, Santana, Kurt, Tina and Artie
  • “Hey Jude”- Blaine, Sam, Tina & Kitty

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