Glee Season 4 – I Do – Recap and Videos

GLEE: Blaine (Darren Criss, L) and Kurt (Chris Colfer, R) perform at Will and Emma's wedding in the "I Do" episode of GLEE airing Thursday, Feb. 14 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Adam Rose/FOX

What could be more romantic than a Valentine’s Day weedding? On tonight’s Glee, titled “I Do,” Will and Emma are are FINALLY set to tie the knot. The big event brings all of the Glee graduates back to Lima. Old relationships are re-kindled, current couples get cozy and new sparks fly. The spoilers promise some SHOCKING developments, so hang on to your hats kids.

For you The Glee Project fans: Season 2 contender, Ali Stroker, makes her debut as Betty, Emma’s niece, and a possible new love interest for Artie.

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I’ve got a really busy night tonight, but I want to at least post a few plot points and thoughts on tonight’s super-crazy episode of Glee:

  • Let’s begin this mini-recap at the end. RACHEL MIGHT BE PREGNANT Y’ALL. More on that later.
  • Within the first half hour of the episode, an overwhelmed Emma becomes a runaway bride, leaving Will at the altar.  Her performance of (Not) Getting Married Today was stunning. And who knew Mercedes could sing opera? But we don’t see Emma again for the rest of the episode.
  • SO MANY HOOKUPS:  Blaine and Kurt have a hot make out in a car before the wedding. After the non-reception, they hook up for real in Kurt’s hotel room.  Kurt constantly minimizes the hookup, but its pretty clear he’s still smitten. Blaine is over the moon and is convinced the two are on the way to being together forever. ENDGAME.  Artie finally wins over Emma’s niece Betty, who is not very nice to him initially. Ali Stroker is pretty fabulous as a mean girl in a wheel chair.  They also hook up, and like it so much, they plan for more. There is, of course, is the inevitable Finchel hookup. After Rachel catches the bouquet, and Finn lectured about how the two of them are endgame. Yawn.  I swear, the minute she steps foot back in Lima I don’t like her any more.  Most shockingly? QUINN AND SANTANA TOTALLY HOOK UP! They slow dance, and then retreat to Quinn’s hotel room for some sex and pillow talk. The development is  pretty shocking, but surprisingly sweet.  Santana is not upset when Quinn makes it clear that she was just bi-curious for a hot minute. But with Glee? You just never know.
  • Jake and Marley DO NOT HOOK UP.  This, after Jake gives Marley the most romantic Valentine’s week ever–thanks to Ryder.  The Valentines fun begins with a surprise performance of “You’re All I Need To Get By” by Jake and the New Directions boys as backups. Marley, who isn’t fooled, confronts Ryder about his Cyrano de Bergerac ways.  Ryder responds with a kiss. The love triangle between these three is BACK ON.
  • Tina continued to act like a hag scorned in this episode. I did not like this story line one bit, and I’m glad it’s finally settled.  Best line: Kurt to Tina: “Did you Vapo-rape my ex-boyfriend Tina Cohen Chang!” This, during a heated conversation between an angry Tina and Kurt which takes place after an adorable Klaine duet of Depeche Mode’s “I Just Can’t Get Enough”–set as a back drop for all the couples getting together. Sure Tina, was supposed to be Blaine’s date, and here he is hooking back up with his ex-boyfriend. NOT TO MENTION EVERYTHING SHE’S DONE FOR HIM.  And how dare Kurt just waltz back to Lima after rejecting him. Blah blah blah. Dial it back crazy woman. Back at school, Tina realizes her nutty ways and apologizes to Blaine and Kurt.  The trio happily take off to watch a double feature of All About Eve and Show Girls. The end.
  • Finn comforts Will after Emma’s abandonment. He pledges to help him win her back. He does not confess to kissing her.  Only Rachel knows about that.
  • Sue, dressed in a replica of Emma’s wedding dress, totally FREAKS her out before the ceremony, likely pushing the bride-to-be’s already crumbling resolve.   After Emma flees, Sue arrives at the church to break the bad news to Will and the assembled congregation. She relishes the disaster of course.  It doesn’t stop her from attending the non-reception, which everybody decides to attend anyway, even Will. The reception is where the Klaine and Finchel duets occur.  
  •  Finn and Rachel sing “We’ve Got Tonight” and there are solos for all of the couples who are about to hook up.  They slow dance  and eventually head to hotel rooms upstairs.  Quinn and Santana are tipsy–they present fake IDs to the bartender.
  • The end of Brody is near.  While Rachel is honest about what happened with Finn (They are supposedly in a “modern” open relationship) Brody lies. He tells Rachel he spent the weekend watching videos. Cut to shot of him  leaving a hotel room, checking his pockets for money.  Was he with a hooker? WTH?  Oh I see. Brody is working his way through NYADA as a male escort.  That is, quite possibly, one of Glee’s dumbest plot lines ever. I hate that the writers are going to split them up by making Brody an asshole. I really liked those two together.
  • Hew Directions sing “Anything Can Happen” and in the final moments of the performance we see Rachel checking a home pregnancy test.  ETA: OK, This is a cliffhanger. Rachel MAY Be pregnant. But she sure didn’t look relieved when reading the results.  What’s going to happen now? Will she actually have a baby? WHAT?  Or, will Ryan Murphy be audacious, and write an abortion story line.  Or, will he take the easy way out and have Rachel miscarry or be mistaken about her results.  Honestly, I cannot imagine a pregnancy story line for Rachel. That’s just…NO.  Rachel has found out the hard way that playing house has it’s consequences.
  • With a few reservations (notably, this crazy pregnancy shizz, and the Brody man-whore deal) I thought tonight’s episode was A+.
Edited to Add:
  • I could not figure out the scene with Brody checking his pockets for money.  Maybe because the idea of him being a man whore is SO BEYOND STUPID THE THOUGHT REFUSED TO ENTER MY BRAIN.  WTF.
  • I immediately read Rachel’s reaction to the pregnancy test as negative and assumed she was pregnant. But of course, with a 3 week hiatus ahead? THERE HAS TO BE A CLIFFHANGER.
  • I’m going to be really annoyed if we find out in March that she’s not pregnant. Then what was the point of the last scene other than to string us along?  Besides, there are too many opportunities for drama that can still be wrung from that situation.
  • If Rachel IS pregnant, she will either tragically miscarry, or GASP decide to have an abortion. The latter is definitely possible–Ryan loves to push the envelope on social issues. Another possibility–she believes she’s pregnant but then it turns out to be a false positive (Just like Terry!).  In any case, there is NO way Rachel Berry is going to carry a baby to term. Like somebody said in comments, Ryan isn’t going to do that story over again.


You’re All I Need To Get By –  Jake surprises Marly in Will’s history class with a performance that turns into a duet.  The New Directions boys back him out, decked out in pink retro suits. It was all Ryder’s idea, of course.  The two make a darling duo.

(Not) Getting Married Today – Jayma Mays is brilliant in this number from the Broadway musical, Company. Will is completely clueless as Emma unravels under the pressure of her upcoming nuptials. As the song builds to a crescendo, with the kids adding perfect grace notes, Emma morphs into a runaway bride, fleeing the scene in a cab. Do not miss Amber Riley’s opera singing!

Just Can’t Get Enough – Hooray for Klaine duets! As the boys adorably make coo eyes on stage, the camera cuts to Rachel soothing Finn, assuring him that a little kiss wouldn’t make a bride run. Tina FUMES in her seat. Artie drags Betty out to the dance floor. Aggressive Artie is pretty Awesome. After a few (illegal) drinks, Quinn and Santana head to the dance floor. There’s also a little Sam/Mike action!

We’ve Got Tonight – Rachel and Finn duet while all of the couples sway. Eventually, Rachel and Finn, Blaine and Kurt, Artie and Betty, Jake and Marley, and Quinn and Santana sing as they make their way upstairs to hotel rooms. Rachel pulls off her slip under the covers. Thank you FOX censors! The scene is really really sweet–and surprisingly emotional.

Anything Could Happen – Marley, Artie and Jake sing lead with The New Directions (Blake, Brittany, Tina, Sam and Ryder on backups). Cut to New York, where Rachel is looking at her calender. She realizes her period is late. As the kids in Lima happily sing amidst falling balloons, the scene cuts to New York  where Rachel anxiously watches a timer clock down after taking a home pregnancy test. The double-edged sword that is the song’s message is made perfectly clear.

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