Glee Season 3 Spoilers for Episode 2 + Christmas Album!

Mega Glee Season 3 spoiler roundup, people!

Glee 3×02 is rumored to be called “I Am Unicorn”  Before I get to specific spoilers for that episode, here are some more general spoilers.

The big news, Lea Michele tweeted today, “Believe it or not I’m in the studio right now recording our Glee Christmas album! Christmas in August!!”

  • Episode 3×03 is called AsianF
  • How will Chord Overstreet be written off the show? According to TV Line, Sam’s family moves out of state.
  • Also, according to TV Line: The show is quietly casting an Asian couple — stylish wife, conservative dad to play Mike Chang’s parents — to potentially recur this season.
  • According to E Online: Brittany  and Santana together for the new season, so it won’t be tackled in the very beginning of season three. However, the writers are tentatively planning an arc for them a little later on.
  • Rachel’s mom Shelby (played by Menzel), will definitely be doing a duet with her daughter. “I just came from the studio recording, ” she says. “I won’t say what it is, but it’s something with Lea (Michele)and it’s one of the best songs ever written.”
  • From a HuffPo intv with Chris Colfer, Kurt has been “pretty funny so far in the first few episodes.”
  • Chris says he’s yet to learn Kurt’s dead mother’s backstory, but “I’ve asked them that question a million times and they don’t know yet. But have told me they’re planning on using it in a future episode.”

This photo reportedly comes from that episode 1 tap dance routine, rumored to feature Chris Colfer and Lea Michele.  Chris admitted in a recent interview that he can tap a little.   Supposedly the backup dancers are dressed as Kurt and Rachel for the number!  You can see more photos HERE.

Now for the episode 2 spoilers!

  • According to this tumblr from Wednesday, Lea Michele and Idina Menzel performed two performances and Chris Chris performed is performing a solo.
  • According to this tumblr, There will be a Kurt/Burt scene in the episode

A ton of spoiler tweets from the cast! Lea Michele is still filming quite a bit with Chris Colfer.  Luckily, he stayed alive this week after shooting a scene that was “very dangerous and possibly life threatening” and “my idea”

Darren Criss spent part of the week in New York City shooting a movie, so not sure how that impacts his screen time.   Idina Menzel (Shelby) had scenes with Rachel, Principal Figgins…and babies!  She’s supposedly coming to McKinley to teach. That could be complicated, considering she’s Rachel’s birth mom and the adoptive mom to Quinn and Puck’s baby girl.

Shooting for 3×03 begins on Monday.

Tweet roundup:


@leamichele (Lea Michele – Rachel): Rise and shine everyone! On the glee set right now playing dress-up…my 10 year old self would by dying to wear what I have on right now!!

“Can’t wait for you guys to see. Today’s our last day of episode 2! Monday starts episode 3! We’re on fire over here!!”


@leamichele (Rachel) What a nice day with the family. Gotta get to bed cause I have an early call tomorrow! Shooting a funny scene with @chriscolfer first up! :)

@idinamenzel (Shelby): “sorry, we were shooting scenes with babies and i couldn’t concentrate long enough for q and a. i’ll make it up to y’all.”

On my way to @Glee worked with @msleamichele yesterday.can I have a crush on my daughter?

@AdamAnders (vocal producer) “Working on the most complicated time consuming vocal arrangement ever. It never ends!!!! #aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!


@msleamichele ( Rachel): “Morning friends! Just got to work.. Getting ready to shoot a scene w/ @Idinamenzel :) I’m so happy she’s back!”

“Rachel cries a lot on Glee but only a few times have I cried from singing a song or something.. And this scene/song is so emotional! Think you guys are gonna like it”

“Getting ready to shoot my second scene of the day with @druidDUDE (Kevin McHale – Artie) Jayma Mays (Emma)  and Dot Marie (Coach Bieste)!!”

@DarrenCriss (Blaine): “What an amazing day at work. I get to learn so much from such incredible actors. I’m totally in heaven right now. #ThisMovieIsGonnaKickAss”


@ChrisColfer (Kurt): “I’m filming something very dangerous and possibly life threatening tomorrow for episode 3-02 of Glee…yes, it was my idea.”

@msleamichele (Rachel): “About to shoot a really cute finchel scene with @CoryMonteith”

@iqbaltheba ( Principal Figgins) “Working today doing a scene with Idina Menzel… so looking forward to it. @Bradfalchuck directing”

@littlelengies (Vanessa Lengies – Sugar) I almost had to save the life of my idol @idinamenzel in the #glee makeup and hair trailer when she started choking! Best day ever?

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