Glee Premieres in TWO DAYS – Are You Excited? – VIDEOS

Above: The cast of Glee attends the outdoor screening of “Hell-o” at The Grove in Los Angeles, April 10, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

The long wait is nearly over! Glee returns to FOX with 9 more episodes, beginning Tuesday, April 13, right after Idol. The show will air at a special time 9:28/8:28c ET, pushing your local news back 30 minutes. Of course, if Idol runs over… Ha just kidding! That would never happen. Eep!

All kidding aside, Glee will move to it’s new time the following week–9/8c PM.

The first episode is entitled “Hell-0” and features all songs about…saying Hello! The plot picks up with the Glee kids getting ready to compete in the finals against the dreaded power-house show choir, Vocal Adrenaline.

Check out a slew of videos, after the jump, including a full preview of Lea Michele singing “Gives You Hell”, a preview of Madonna songs from the upcoming all-Madonna episode, behind the scenes footage, interviews and MORE.

VIDEO after the JUMP…

Lea Michele sings “Gives You Hell” from the Hell-o episode (premiere of the Back 9, airing Tuesday night after Idol)

A short clip from Hell-O featuring Jayma Mays (Emma) and Matthew Morrison (Will)

Bethany Jones At Work
Uploaded by rachelk720. – See the latest featured music videos.

Glee Promo

2 minute + Promo

Glee Behind the Scenes – 4 minute vid

Preview of tunes from the All-Madonna Episode

Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Jonathan Groff and Idina Menzel talk about the show’s return!

Jane Lynch interviewed on Good Day NY 04/09/10

TV Guide: Behind the Scenes – Madonna photo shoot

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  1. I cannot wait for Tuesday! I LOVE the song “We Want the Funk”!

    Thanks for posting all of the previews in one spot, MJ.

  2. I love Idina! So excited for Glee to come back, it’s such a great show. Lea and Jonathan together again, this is going to be terrific.

  3. Yay Gleeeeeeeeeeeee! Ha, glee club version of “Gives You Hell!” I love it!

  4. i’m super excited… the anticipation is just eating me up inside! these vids are fantastic, i can’t wait for tuesday!!

  5. Words cannot describe how excited I am for Glee to return! I’ve been listening to “Gives You Hell” practically nonstop since that video showed up online. I seriously can’t wait. Less than 48 hours to go!

  6. can’t wait! I hope there will be Glee the musical after the TV show ends.

  7. I enjoyed the first set of episodes, didn’t miss any actually, but not quite enough to watch it on a weekly basis anymore. It just started to feel a bit too contrived and cute. Maybe I’ll pick up the DVD set when the library gets them in.

    Then again Jane Lynch powns…perhaps resistance really is futile.

  8. The Madonna episode is going to be special… can’t wait to hear “Like a Prayer”. The commercial with Lea singing it sounds amazing.

  9. There’s local auditions for Glee tomorrow. I don’t think I can go because of the lack of ride. DAMMIT! I honestly think I have (some) potential to get past the first round :P. The second round of auditions would kill me, though >_>. The second set of auditions would have us sing a song karaoke style from a pre-approved list of songs (which is all Glee songs, except they’re the ones I don’t know the lyrics for lol). Also, I could use my audition for one of my classes :P. Luckily there’s online auditions until the 26th, but those seem less…. fun >_>.

    In any case, I’m totally stoked for the return of this show.

  10. Am I excited? I can’t wait! Everything about the new episodes screams “amazing”! Madonna, Beatles, Lady Gaga…Idina Menzel joining the cast! This show is the real jewel of Fox.

  11. The whole family is now hooked on the show now that we got the Season 1 DVD- really looking forward to Tuesday.

  12. Tuesday is going to me an amazing night of TV! Adam on Idol then Glee. Woot!

  13. Couldn’t agree more jinxx- for the first time since May I am actually countring down the days until Idol.


  14. So, SO excited! I wonder if Artie will do the David Cook version of “Hello”? I love Artie and it would be awesome if somebody did homage to Cook’s take on that cheezy Lionel Ritchie song. Long shot, I know, but a girl can dream.

  15. Madonna, Beatles, Lady Gaga…Idina Menzel joining the cast!

    The Beatles?! Since when?!

    I don’t give a crap about Madonna and I don’t care THAT MUCH (keyword that much) for Lady GaGa (though the idea of “Glee” Lady GaGa is amazing), but I like the ideas of The Beatles and Idina Menzel on Glee :).

  16. I absolutely CANNOT WAIT! This is all I’ve been looking forward to for a few weeks since I lost a good amount of interest in Idol. I love these clips, MJ. :) Thanks so much for posting them.

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