Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – Semifinal 1

It’s that week of the year again … JOIN US!


Yep, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that week of the year again. Eurovision week.

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Emmelie de Forest won Eurovision Song Contest for Denmark last year with song “Only Teardrops”, so Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is hosting ESC 2014. This year, 37 countries are participating.

The first of the two semifinals takes place tonight. 16 countries compete for 10 places in Saturday’s final. 10 more countries will advance from the second semifinal on Thursday and 26 countries will compete in the final on Saturday. The Big 5 (United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France and Italy) and host country (Denmark) are automatically qualified for the final.

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01) Armenia: “You’re Not Alone” – Aram MP3

02) Latvia: “Cake to Bake” – Aarzemnieki

03) Estonia: “Amazing” – Tanja

04) Sweden: “Undo” – Sanna Nielsen

05) Iceland: “No Prejudice” – Pollaponk

06) Albania: “One Night’s Anger” – Hersi

07) Russia: “Shine” – Tolmachevy Sisters

08) Azerbaijan: “Start a Fire” – Dilara Kazimova

09) Ukraine: “Tick-Tock” – Mariya Yaremchuk

10) Belgium: “Mother” – Axel Hirsoux

11) Moldova: “Wild Soul” – Cristina Scarlat

12) San Marino: “Maybe (Forse)” – Valentina Monetta

13) Portugal: “Quero Ser Tua” – Suzy

14) The Netherlands: “Calm After the Storm” – The Common Linnets

15) Montenegro: “Moj Svijet” – Sergej Cetkovic

16) Hungary: “Running” – Andras Kallay-Saunders

San Marino
The Netherlands

#JoinUs! on Thursday (at the same time, 3pm ET) for the second semifinal!

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Opening of the first Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with Emmelie de Forest

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – Live – The Ugly Duckling

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