The Voice 6 Top 8 Predictions, Poll Results, iTunes Rankings

The Voice 6 Top 8 Predictions

The Voice 6 Top 8 Predictions

We’re down to the Top 8. THREE finalists will be eliminated tonight. It’s practically gonna be a bloodbath! FOUR of the finalists will sing to be saved by the twitter instavote. Here’s how things shook out on iTunes and our polls. Maybe the results will aid in determining which contestants will be heading home tonight.

iTunes Rankings

Josh Kaufman and Christina Grimmie will both receive the iTunes bonus this week. Christina hits the Top 10 for two weeks in a row, and is the contestant to beat. I am REALLY surprised the Kat Perkins song is doing so well. Taking a fresh, contemporary song like “Get Lucky” and rendering it completely irrelevant (the 90s wants its arrangement back) doesn’t seem like it would be a thing. But what do I know. I am very surprised Audra McLaughlin didn’t even hit the Top 50. I thought she sang “Forgive” beautifully. iTunes rankings always have a surprise or two, and don’t necessarily correlate to the voting results.

#2 – Josh Kaufman – Team Usher – I Can’t Make You Love Me
#5 – Christina Grimmie – Team Adam – How to Love
#14 – Kat Perkins – Team Adam – Get Lucky
#21 – Jake Worthington – Team Blake – Hillbilly Deluxe
#29 – Kristen Merlin – Team Shakira -I Drive Your Truck
#41 – Delvin Choice – Team Adam – I Believe I Can Fly
#61 – Audra McLaughlin – Team Blake – Forgive
#72 – Sisaundra Lewis – Team Blake – River Deep Mountain High

Favorite Performance

But then, YOU guys liked Audra’s performance. Although, there is a big gap between Josh and Audra, it may not mean much. Everything else is bunched together below 10%.  Josh Kaufman and Christina Grimmie are the only finalists I feel confident are safe tonight.

  1. Christina Grimmie – Team Adam – “How to Love” 28.15%
  2. Josh Kaufman – Team Usher – “I Can’t Make You Love Me” 28.08%
  3. Audra McLaughlin – Team Blake – “Forgive” 12.31%
  4. Kat Perkins – Team Adam – “Get Lucky” 9.54%
  5. Jake Worthington – Team Blake – “Hillbilly Deluxe” 9.31%
  6. Kristen Merlin – Team Shakira – “I Drive Your Truck” 5.62%
  7. Sisaundra Lewis – Team Blake – “River Deep Mountain High” 5.08%
  8. Delvin Choice – Team Adam – “I Believe I Can Fly” 2%

Favorite Team

Ya’ll are liking Team Blake, even as Team Adam and Team Usher sit at the top of the Favorite Performances chart.

  1. Team Adam 46.55%
  2. Team Blake 25.3%
  3. Team Usher 20.48%
  4. Team Shakira 7.67%

Who SHOULD Go Home

Delvin Choice and Jake Worthington are not favorites.  Poor Delvin was handed a pretty terrible song choice. But unlike, Josh Kaufman, Delvin did not transform an overdone song into something brand new.

  1. Delvin Choice 29.18%
  2. Jake Worthington 26.33%
  3. Kat Perkins 8.84%
  4. Sisaundra Lewis 8.75%
  5. Audra McLaughlin 8.56%
  6. Kristen Merlin 7.98%
  7. Christina Grimmie 7.22%
  8. Josh Kaufman 3.14%

Who WILL GO Home

Almost HALF you you believe Delvin Choice will go home! So do I. The only two contestants I feel confident will have to sing for the insta-vote are Delvin and Sisaundra Lewis (who is too old fashioned to get past mid-pack, despite her impressive pipes). Kristen Merlin had an off night, but I think she’s built up enough goodwill to save her from the bottom.

  1. Delvin Choice 43.13%
  2. Kat Perkins 15.25%
  3. Sisaundra Lewis 10.91%
  4. Jake Worthington 10.71%
  5. Kristen Merlin 6.46%
  6. Audra McLaughlin 6.16%
  7. Josh Kaufman 3.84%
  8. Christina Grimmie 3.54%

Predication: Delvin Choice and Sisaundra Lewis will definitely be in the Bottom 4.  I’m going to say Kat Perkins makes another appearance, because that’s what happens to singers who are twitter saved. Audra McLaughlin rounds out the group. She will be saved by the Insta-Vote.

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