Dancing with the Stars 24 Key Art Feature

Did you watch night one of the season twenty-four Dancing with the Stars finale? In one jam packed hour long show, we saw four perfect scores (two went to the same couple who had a completely perfect night), three very different freestyle routines, and a nail biting finish competitive finish to the season. With only seven points separating the highest scoring couple from the lowest, it is down to who’s fans vote the hardest and who grabs that ever so important casual vote from America.

What did you guys think? Did your favorite seal the deal? Did another couple take the glory and in your opinion, the championship? Did any freestyle disappoint you? And how about those redemption routines? Did you see improvement? Who do you want to see win? And of course, who do you think will actually win? Are you happy with the way the season has turned out after ten weeks? This is your last chance to have your voices heard, so let’s get on with these poll questions.

Feel free to vote and comment and remember, I’ll see you all tomorrow night. I will put up the results of these polls and my final thoughts of the season a bit earlier than when the show starts at 8:30 Eastern.