DWTS 21 Week 5 – Tamar Braxton & Louis Van Amstel – Samba

Tamar is not so thrilled about dancing with someone new after she finally got the connection with Val right. Louis is pleased he gets to choreograph a bit of a more difficult routine for Tamar as compared to what he does with Paula usually (haha). Tamar feels this is her toughest routine of the competition so far. Some really nice samba rolls here (not perfect but kudos to Tamar for doing them). Tamar is really strong on her own, definitely getting down with it. Together with Louis though, I’m not sure how much chemistry is being showcased here. It doesn’t feel very fluid when they are together and actually, gets a bit messy. That’s surprising for Tamar. She is definitely missing Val I think and while Louis is a good dancer, the Val factor for Tamar was lacking here. It was a decent routine but I would give Tamar high scores for her solo dancing and average scores for the two of them.

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Maks thinks Tamar is an amazing performer. But he felt everything they did separately was better than what they did together. Bruno also enjoyed Tamar alone but in hold, there was balance issues and missed steps. Carrie Ann feels that out of all women left, Tamar always owns the dance floor. She did feel the disconnect though. Julianne gives her props because the dances are twice as long. She wants Tamar to get grounded more.
Carrie Ann- 7
Maks- 8
Julianne- 7
Bruno- 7
Total: 29/40
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