DWTS 21 Week 5 – Paula Deen & Mark Ballas – Jive

Paula is scared. She says Mark is too edgy for her. Some absolutely hysterical moments in rehearsal for them. Mark is going to take some risks this week. Umm…where is the jive? Kicks and flicks? None? Okay. Cute routine and very easy choreography for Paula. It was the very definition of safe. I will give her credit because I didn’t see a single mistake but this needed more jive steps. There’s just some steps you don’t leave out of a jive, even if the partner you are working with will not do them all that well. Nice production on this number for sure and Mark sure loves to play around.

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Carrie Ann calls Paula naughty. But she calls it her best dance ever. Julianne says that Paula brought the cookies to Mark’s milk. Maks found it fun but wanted to see more jive. She was playing it safe. Bruno thought Mark spiked the milk. The plus side is that Paula didn’t go wrong but the negative was the dance was done on her flats instead of on her toes.
Carrie Ann- 7
Maks- 6
Julianne- 7
Bruno- 6
Total: 26/40
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