David’s American Idol Tour 2009 Cleveland OH Recap

Let me start by saying that I have always read comments on here but never commented on anything till now….I got the chance to go to the Cleveland, Ohio concert and I wanted to give just a little of my opinions. (Note: some may not like my opinions but their only opinions and it really don’t matter)

My best friend surprised me with tickets to the concert..so I will tell you what I thought and then what she thought

(order from least favorite to favorite)

Megan: sorry never liked her on the show and didn’t like her live either
Friend Said: She would be good if she just had the right song…

Scott: was just alright for me was kinda bored caught myself looking around at what every one else was doing.
Friend Said: Well she didn’t really say anything about Scott.

Lil: I think Lil Could have potential if she wouldn’t lose herself..She thinks too much while she is performing, instead of having that natural feeling I think she tries to force it and it don’t work for her…If she would slow down and let it come naturally she would “get it “.
Friend said: Lil need a lot of work and she would never pay to see her in concert.

Michael: He was the first one to get my attention but kind of lost it by the second song.(but he did get lots of love from the crowd).
Friend said: he was actually pretty good..which was a shock because she didn’t like him on the show.

Danny: I do not like Danny’s voice, to me he sounds like he has water in his throat when he sings. I keep wanting to pat him on the back and saying “get it out”. If he would just sing and let it flow instead of the breaks in his words he would be good..Although I did like Maria, Maria..that was the highlight for me of his set.
Friend Said: he sounds great wishes he could get one full sentence in without breaking it up..she liked My wish and Maria, Maria.

Anoop: he had me at “Always on my mind” and “Mad”…I never really like him on the show so he was a surprise to me. (got lots of love)
Friend said: He was Awesome and she wanted to take him home..she said she believes there is something inside Anoop waiting to get out and when it does, watch out..

Alison: Sorry guys but she is not one of my favorites but, I did love “Cry Baby”. I think she is like Adam though and puts on a good show…(loved her cane)
Friend said: Girl can rock but don’t like the way some of her words come out when she sings..She also loved “Cry Baby”

Adam: I know what most of you are thinking…Sorry Adam is a great “performer” and that’s all to me. I don’t think he is Sexy and I don’t think he is a Rock God…He is too much of a girl for me and I can’t take him seriously.. He puts on a great show not denying that and I did love WLL but he is just not not for me…He did get the loudest screams and I was by this girl who fainted after he signed her book and And Adam said “Oh My God” and kept signing..It was Great..So I do like him as a person. Oh and I would love to go to a club with Adam and just dance that would be a blast..
Friend said: “He is so my Favorite but he is such a diva (like Sasha Fierce) then she said “I wonder if anyone would actually pay attention if we turned off all the lights and just had him sing in the dark”? Hhhmmmmm….

Matt: I have always liked Matt from Day 1, always say star potential in him..but I never expected him to bring it like he did in Cleveland, Ohio..He was my biggest surprise of the night…This boy will be a star someday you all just watch and see… Loved everything but “The Frey” song
Friend said: Matt will be alright after tour she thinks good things are coming his way. She loved the Frey song..

Kris: This kid right here blows my mind…i love Heartless with that rock edge..I loved Bright lights…and ANS….I stood there and for a moment it was just him and I.. then the girl next to me screamed and it was over…Kris Allen is My American Idol and I am proud to say it.
The only thing I was hoping for is for him to unbutton his shirt a little bit more..but that didn’t happen..
Friend said: Kris is hot and boy can sing agrees with me on the buttons on the shirt.
and Adam is still her favorite..

I do have to say that DSB was a mess..It seemed like they were thinking too much and they even forgot to sing part of the song…Very sloppy..but over all I had a great time what a great way to spend your birthday…

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