Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace and Michael Sarver: More From Their Press Conference

Here are more quotes from yesterday’s press conference with Michael Sarver, Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey.

Sounds like the kids who make the Top 12 won’t be going home in the mean time.   Both Alexis and Michael hint that we’ll be seeing more of them in the coming weeks…

Alexis Grace:

  • Would you say your style is like Amy Winehouse and Duffy? I sing more like blues kind of stuff. More like blues, some Joss Stone, that where I come out.
  • Do you perform at home? I do the bar scene, that what I do back home.
  • How did you pick your song? From my hometown, Memphis, you hear blues all the time. My mom and dad listen to soul; my dad plays it. When you grow up listening to it all the time, that what you end up singing like.
  • How did it feel to have your family there?   My dad and his girlfriend were there. I loved having him there. My dad and I are in a band together back home. So it was like having my band member there, so the support was nice. I knew my dad was so proud of me. It was an amazing moment and Ill never forget it.
  • They teased everything with Tatiana ‘  what was your experience with her?   Honestly, Tatiana and I never really talked a whole bunch just because I kind of kept to myself a bit. But I can tell you that that girl is determined and she gonna be something [some] day. She is hilarious.
  • Does your daughter understand what you’re doing on “Idol”?   I would hope that she’d understand. That would be really cool if she did. But I know she watches the show with all my family, and when I come on the TV, she points at it and screams for me: “Mommy!” She might figure something out soon.

Sources:   LA Times, MTV, People

Michael Sarver and Danny Gokey after the jump…

Michael Sarver:

  • When did you get into music? Began in my life when things were really tough.   I resorted to music. Music made everything made sense to me. Then I started singing and realized there something there. Id hear compliments from my mom when I sang around the house. It been a huge part of my development as an artist.
  • Have you performed in bars or clubs?   MS: Ive performed in arenas and civic centers, not bars or clubs. Different youth conventions, concerts also.
  • What are you doing during the break? A lot of what well be doing is what were doing right now. Theyre rehearsals. Theyll keep us busy. There plenty for us to do. You guys will be treated to some. They got plans for us way ahead of time.
  • Talk about the roughneck biz. Theyre feeling the hit. A lot of people Ive heard have been laid off. There are hiring freezes in the oil field…. These guys live off what theyre bringing home every month. It tough.
  • What was their response to you trying out for “American Idol”? Some were positive. Some were, yeah right. One person, who I won’t say his name, he looked me in the eye and said “I heard you want to be a singer. Let me tell you something, thatll never happen.” Ill tell ya, no matter what people tell you, you keep trying, you keep trucking and itll work out.
  • What did you think about the judges saying you’d “lost your soul”? I dont feel they were trying to portray I had lost something so much as telling me not to step away from it. I took it as a compliment rather than a criticism. That means they saw something in me that set a higher standard.   Stepping up for me would just continue to be who I am. Im not ashamed of the song I sang at all. I stand [by] my decision to sing it. The words mean a lot to me and I know theyll probably mean a lot to a lot of other people. Ill probably begin to flirt with my roots more, which is a lot of B&B and soul.

Danny Gokey:

  • Why did you pick “Heard it Through the Grapevine” to sing for your audition? It showed my range. It was a fun song. The No. 1 thing is that it showed my ability. That was the whole point singing that song.
  • Were you wearing different eyeglasses last night? Yeah, I hadnt worn them on the show. I actually have a couple of more pairs that I want to wear, but they havent been approved because they have logos on them. Hopefully that works out because I love wearing different kind of glasses.
  • I wanted to know how you feel about the reaction Jamar has gotten? As you can see from the show, I was mad [when he got eliminated]. I had a pretty upset look on my face. I expected him to go through. I even said “Ill see you in the top 36” when we were talking. I was so confident that he showed his ability. Disappointment was completely in my heart and mind. He received such recognition, though, I know he going to be fine. It only gets better for him from here.
  • How is it not having Jamar there with you? I hope people take this the right way ‘  at this point in the game, it easier. I feel more emotionally stable. I wanted him to be here, but I’m so thankful he was in Hollywood. Hollywood was very tough for me. I was miserable inside. Only he knew that because I poured my heart out to him.
  • Tatiana was next to you during the results show. Was it hard to stay composed? With Tatiana, you expect the unexpected. But she really is a great person. I mean she wants it so bad and you see the desire and passion in her. At times it can maybe hurt her image on TV…. With me, I looked calm and cool, but on the inside, I felt kind of like a wreck. I hope that it doesnt come off that way to the viewers. My whole thought process was I was preparing myself to go home. Tatiana showed up that night when she sang. She had the surprise element. I was saying to myself, “Well, I got my message across.” I wanted to go out gracefully.
  • They showed a photo of your wife last night. Do you keep a memento of her when you perform? She in my heart and you can never take that away. I dont hang on to charms or mementos. She so ingrained in my heart and mind, she a part of who I am.
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