Daily Numbers Thread 03/12/2019

This thread is brought to you by the number 34.

The Jonas Brothers surprised their fans by suddenly re-uniting, dropping their new single and appearing for a week on the Late Late Show. As a result, “Sucker” hit the top of the Hot 100. This single is their first song (as a group or as part of their solo projects) to top this chart. It also becomes their first single to top the digital chart and the streaming chart (a chart that was introduced the year they broke up).

“Sucker” is the 34th song to debut at the top of the Hot 100. Other songs on that list include “This is the Night” by Clay Aiken, “I Believe” by Fantasia, “Inside Your Heaven” by Carrier Underwood, “Do I Make you Proud” by Taylor Hicks and “Pillowtalk” by Zayn.

Over on the Billboard 200, Hozier debuts “Wasteland Baby” at the top of the chart. It is also his first time to top this chart.

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