Clash of The Cover Bands Recap: Pop Divas Britney and Jlo Do Battle

Clash of the Cover Bands – Pop Divas

On Week 4 of Clash of the Cover Bands Pop Divas battle it out as Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez impersonators take the stage.  tWitch hosts the series. Adam Lambert, Ester Dean
and Meghan Trainor sit on the judges panel.

Ester proudly calls herself a diva. “Beyonce showed us what to do.” When a female artist takes the stage, they take charge, she explains.

It’s Britney…well, you know

First, it’s Britney Spears impersonator, Katie Murdock, 36. She currently lives in Las Vegas. She grew up in Salt Lake City with 7 siblings. Code: LDS upbringing. Katie looks like Britney without any makeup. It’s no surprise that a producer plucked her out of obscurity to join a tribute show. Sadly, her mom, who taught her to sing, passed away in 2006. 

CLASH OF THE COVER BANDS -- Pictured: Katie Murdock covering the music of Britney Spears -- (Photo by: Casey Durkin/E! Entertainment)
Pictured: Katie Murdock covering the music of Britney Spears — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/E! Entertainment)

When Katie enters the stage, the resemblance is uncanny.  So far, Katie is the impersonator who most closely resembles their artist. She could legit fool people.  She’s a bit too nasally, but she’s got the vocal inflections down, mostly. “I feel like I’m watching TRL right now!” tWitch laughs.

Meghan claims Britney is the reason she wanted to become an artist. “You look so much like her, that I literally got goosebumps.” Adam compliments her physicality and mannerisms, citing a few examples, like how Katie tucked her hair behind her ears. “I think you have something very special,” he says. Ester notes that Britney needs vocal coaches, because she is primarily a dancer. So the judged will send her to vocal expert, Kuk Harrell. When Katie chats with tWitch after the judges remarks, she doesn’t break character. She’s serious about her Britney.

Jlo gets loud

Next up, it’s Connie Pena impersonating Jenny from the Block aka Jennifer Lopez. The 42 year old is also from Las Vegas. She always wanted a career in show business. But she got pregnant at 15 and then kicked out of her house a year later. At first, she slept in a car. But then promised her son that they’d never sleep on the streets again. She moved to Las Vegas. At first, she organized events. But she never forgot about her dream to perform. She had never performed on stage before. So she took choreography and singing lessons. 

CLASH OF THE COVER BANDS -- Pictured: Connie Pena covering the music of Jennifer Lopez -- (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/E! Entertainment)
Pictured: Connie Pena covering the music of Jennifer Lopez — (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/E! Entertainment)

Connie performs Jlo’s “Let’s Get Loud” and she’s not as convincing as Katie’s Britney impersonation. Her styling is impeccable, from the shimmering dress to her high pony. Expert makeup helps with the resemblance, but Connie doesn’t sound much like Jennifer. Close your eyes, and it’s like a random singer covering the song. Also, she’s not an accomplished dancer like Jennifer.

Ester is impressed by the outfit change in the middle of the performance. Adam feels Connie gave him “Jlo” the look. but he could see her thinking through the whole performance. “She’s so polished,” Adam says of Jlo. “Even if something goes wrong, you don’t see it on her face at all.” He suggests that Connie work with the vocal expert Kuk. He’s actually worked with Jlo. Meghan reminds everyone how hard it is to sing and dance at the same time. Honestly, she could also use help from Ray Leeper the movement expert. Maybe he had the week off.

Britney and Jennifer work on their vocals

Kuk has worked with Jennifer in the studio, getting her performance. “top notch.” Connie is very excited. He actually suggests that Connie sing from her throat rather than her chest. That is NOT good vocal technique. But apparently, that’s how Jlo sings. “She’s got a soft tone, but she cuts through,” says Kuk. Connie realizes that her tone is different. It seems a thousand hours working with Kuk won’t solve that issue, however. Singing softly is ok, he says, but “Let the mic work for you.” These seem to be the tricks marginally talented singers use to be able to dance at the same time. Interesting. He also suggests that she tie together the rhythms of her singing to her movements. 

In their session, Kuk and Katie work on her breathing. He explains that Katie is pushing Britney’s sound so hard, that she’s running out of breath. She needs to marry her tone to Britney’s tone. Kuk suggests Katie only use Britney’s whiny “cry” in specific spots. “Kind of go in and out of it,” he says, And that’s it. Kuk didn’t have other notes for Katie’s performance. He’s impressed with her. “She’s really walking in it,” he says. 

Time for battle.

Each tribute will sing a snip of a hit song alternately. At the end, the judges will choose a winner.

Jennifer sings: “Waiting for Tonight,” “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” and “On the Floor” While Britney sings “Circus,” “Toxic” and “…Baby One More Time.”

Connie still doesn’t sound like Jennifer, at all. But Kuk’s suggestions may have helped Katie breath better though her performance. But now that she’s blending her own tone with Britney’s she sounds LESS like her than she did originally. Initially, Katie seemed to have the edge in this competition. But after the battle, maybe not. 

Ester feels like she just saw a show. “You both did a great job,” she says. Adam loves Connie’s heart. And he loves Katie’s energy. “It feels like Britney,” he says. “You both worked really hard and brought it.” Meghan feels both improved after working with the vocal expert. “I hear so much improvement…you’re both here to win it.”

The Panel choose a winner

Adam notes that the artists being impersonated are very different. But he feels Katie has really studied Britney and brings all of it. But Connie embodies Jennifer’s spirit. “We can feel that.” Ester is impressed that both impersonators work hard. But the winner is…Connie Pena as Jennifer Lopez. 

Connie wins $10,000 and a chance to perform on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Connie becomes very emotional, while Katie plasters on a smile. Based on that last performance, either impersonator could have credibly won. 

Next week it’s 90s Rock Bands: Foo Fighters vs Blink 182. Ray Leeper returns!

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