The Masked Singer 6 Recap: Group B: Last of the Wildcards (VIDEOS)


Tonight, season 6 of the wacky singing competition, The Masked Singer returns after a World Series break. Group B will present their last Wildcard before the semifinals begin. 

FIVE  masks will perform tonight, including Mallard, Caterpillar, Banana Split, Queen of Hearts and Wildcard, Beachball.

After the contestants are presented, with clues, they will perform a song. Then, it’s up to the audience and judges to guess who is behind the mask.

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel. Nick Cannon hosts. Joel McHale returns as guest judge. Joel and Ken will co-host the FOX New Years Eve special. 

The theme tonight is “Giving Thanks.”  Joel walks on dressed as a turkey. Gobble gobble. Clues will be delivered via “Turkey Drop.”

Tonight, it looks like the “Take it Off” buzzer will come into play, thanks to Jenny who is convinced she knows Caterpillar’s identity. 


Clues: Mallard is part of a famous family. He’s had scrutiny over stuff his family members have said. But in the end, they all have supper together. He’s pals with Luke Bryan!

Performance: Play Something Country by Brooks & Dunn – He chose the song to make up for not knowing the lyrics when Luke Bryan asked him to sing the song on stage. Mallard can carry a country tune. But he’s not much of a performer. He’s obviously not a pro. BORING.  Jenny guesses Billy Ray Cyrus. Robin guesses Kiefer Sutherland. Nicole guesses John Rich. Mallard’s first performance was a Big & Rich song. Against the rules. So no.  Chris Pratt delivers a message for his pal. Why is he covered in mud?  

Prediction: Mallard is for sure Willie Robertson of the controversial Duck Dynasty family. They are all right wing nuts that say all manner of insulting stuff–particularly grandad who is pretty homophobic. Willie is friends with both Bryan and Pratt. 


Clues: Caterpillar didn’t know some members of his family. When he worked as a telemarketer, he saw it as an opportunity to call them. He’d hang up at first. But finally he connected, and they welcomed him with open arms.  

Performance: It’s Gonna Be Me by Nsync – Caterpillar delivers a very boy bandy performance. Is N’Sync looking for a new member? Caterpillar loves Robin’s jacket! The Turkey Drop clue is: “Pop” is the word. Ken guesses Keegan Michael Key. But then, Jenny jumps up. I KNOW WHO IT IS. She wants to use the “Take it Off” button. And….she decides not to use it. Jenny’s guess is JC Chasez. Good thing she didn’t hit that button. Then she guesses Joey Fatone. WHO HAS BEEN ON THE SHOW ALREADY. Robin guesses AJ McLean. Nicole guesses Lance Bass. There is an argument over whether Caterpillar’s video package said he was adopted.

The “Take it Off” buzzer is turning out to be one of Masked Singer’s fakiest bits. 

Prediction: Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco was a big guess. BUT others on the internets are saying Queer Eye’s interior designer Bobby Berk. His Wikipedia page actually describes how Bobby met his biological dad when he worked as a telemarketer for MCI. He was born to a young mother after which his aunt and her husband adopted him. Taylor Swift is one of Caterpillar’s hints, and Bobby appeared in her “You Need to Calm Down” video with a bunch of other LGBT icons.

Queen of Hearts

Clues: Power of words. The press wasn’t kind to her. They criticized her for being a woman. She’s always written her own story. She changed her song at last minute, and had a terrible last rehearsal. But she’s trying to challenge herself.

Performance: River by Bishop Briggs – It’s a jazzy, bluesy version of “River.” She puts her own spin on the song. What a great voice. But more than that, Queen is an incredible interpreter. QUEEN OF HEARTS TOTALLY DELIVERING. Her one word clue is: Home. Jenny guesses Kacey Musgraves. NEVER. Robin guesses Jessica Simpson. Jessica don’t sing like that. Nicole guesses Jewel. BINGO. Ken scoffs. He’s convinced Queen is southern. 

Prediction: Nicole is correct. Queen of hearts IS Jewel.

Banana Split

Clues: While I’m convinced of Banana Splits identity based on Ice Cream’s voice, and that Banana plays piano, the clues don’t really help me. In this clip, the two behave like Lucy and Ricky in a black and white sitcom.

Performance: Let er Rip by The Chicks – I wonder if Banana will ever get out from behind the piano? Probably not. Ice Cream puts on a southern accent for this country tune. AND THAT’S A CLUE She’s obviously got some theater chops. It’s Ice Cream’s weakest performance so far Queen of Hearts is a better singer. And I point that out, because the final showdown before the finale will be between the two of them, I think. One word clue is: Director. Nicole guesses Sutton Foster. Jenny guesses Jeff Goldblum and his wife. Robin thinks it might be Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

Prediction: Of course, Banana Split is American Idol alum Katharine McPhee and her husband David Foster. Katherine played a southern country singer in her short-lived Netflix musical comedy, Southern Comfort.

Beachball – Wildcard

Clues: She was thrown into the game at a very young age. She recorded a hit song in one take. She had a falling out with her biggest supporter. But they reconnected when they found out about the show. 

Performance: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus – OH DEAR. Beachball is probably more than one person. AND NONE OF THEM CAN SING. It’s a tuneless mess. If they aren’t voted off immediately, it will be a shocking result. Nicole calls it “fun.” Time for first impression guesses, which are tossed to Nick inside beach balls. Robin guesses Dakota and Elle Fanning and Beachball gives him a side eye. Those two would never do this show. Then he guesses more reasonably Kat Denning and Beth Behrs. That’s followed by a bunch of Kardashian guesses. 


The singer headed home tonight is…Beachball. A no brainer. Ken: Kim and Khloe Kardashian he’s sticking with that. Nicole thinks it’s Snooki and Jwoww. Joel agrees. Nicole guessed Kristen Wiig..and some other chick.  And the Beachball is Honey Boo Boo and Mama June. OH GOOD LORD. Honey Boo Boo got voted off DWTS: Juniors really fast a few years ago. In short: She can’t dance OR sing. Oh. So Mama June got sober and prior to that, the two were on the outs. 


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