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Todd won the Head of Household competition and nominated Carson and Lamar for eviction. Carson is the target, but there is still a Power of Veto competition. Who will win the Power of Veto and who will be evicted? Let’s find out!

The episode picks up after the Nomination Ceremony. We hear from the celebrities in the Diary Room. Todd calls Carson a big threat after winning two competitions. He wants Carson evicted. Lamar is his pawn. Todd adds that he, Todrick, and Miesha are working together. Carson jokes about being nominated for the third time. He says it’s getting a little old. He knows he is in danger, but he has hope if Cynthia wins the Power of Veto. If she saves Carson, then they both will be safe from eviction. Lamar is competitive and looking to win the Veto. Miesha says their plan of picking off the opposition is coming together well. Cynthia calls this her worst nightmare. She can’t imagine being in the house without Carson. Todrick calls this bittersweet. He likes Carson, but he hopes they can finally evict Carson.

No regrets

While Todd, Miesha, Lamar, and Todrick are in the bathroom and reiterating that they have to win the Power of Veto, Carson and Cynthia are in their bedroom. Cynthia points out how she and Carson made it pretty far in the game. Carson says he has zero regrets about how they played. He says they played with integrity. They still have hope with the upcoming Power of Veto competition. They’re confused why they weren’t nominated together, but there’s a chance they can both stay and decide whom gets evicted this week.

Lamar talks to Todrick about some of the hard times in his life, including his mother passing away from cancer. Lamar says going through hard times made him appreciate the little things in life. Todrick sometimes wishes Lamar would get his head in the game more, but he can’t blame him due to his experiences in life. Later, we see Cynthia say a prayer for herself and Carson to do well in the upcoming Power of Veto competition.

It’s time for the Power of Veto

It’s time for the Power of Veto competition. For this competition, they must play a version of the shell game. They will see a video of an animated Golden Veto hiding under an object. The objects will shuffle around. After the objects shuffle around, they will have to answer A, B, or C to say where the Golden Veto is. The celebrity with the most correct answers will win the Power of Veto.

Question 1: Todd and Cynthia are correct.

Question 2: Todd, Miesha, and Todrick are correct.

Question 3: Todd, Miesha, Todrick, and Cynthia are correct.

Question 4: Miesha and Todrick are correct.

Question 5: Carson, Miesha, Todrick, and Cynthia are correct.

Question 6: Todd, Miesha, and Todrick are correct.

Question 7: Todd and Miesha are correct.

Miesha wins the Power of Veto!

Will noms stay the same?

Miesha is glad they can finally evict Carson from the house. Todd is relieved his nominations will stay the same. Carson says he and Cynthia are in hot water. He doubts Miesha would consider using the Power of Veto. Lamar says he should survive eviction as long as he’s sitting next to Carson. Later, Carson talks game with Lamar. Carson knows he’s the target, but he suggests to Lamar that he should team up with Cynthia moving forward. In the Diary Room, Lamar admits he’s hesitant about that plan. He likes Cynthia as a friend, but he doesn’t want to team up with her so close to the end of the game to just evict her soon afterwards.

Meanwhile, Cynthia wonders if Lamar could be evicted. She noticed Miesha’s annoyance with Lamar during the competition. Miesha asked Lamar to stop talking while she was trying to concentrate. Miesha also remarked how Lamar didn’t sit with them during dinnertime. She says he hates losing competitions. Carson wonders if this could help him stay this week.

Carson and Cynthia try to strike a deal with Meisha

After a segment featuring Miesha’s fitness and diet regimen, we see Cynthia and Carson talk game. Their plan is for nominations to remain the same and to get the votes to keep Carson. Cynthia and Carson later approach Miesha for a deal. They want nominations to stay the same and a Final 4 deal with Miesha and Todrick. Miesha admits that she already promised Lamar and Todd to go the Final 4. In the Diary Room, she shares how she was confused how they asked her not to use the Power of Veto, especially since she was already planning on not using it. At the Veto Meeting, Miesha chooses not to use the Power of Veto. Carson and Lamar remain on the block.

After the Veto Meeting, Cynthia and Carson talk votes. They believe they made a deal with Miesha and Todrick last week when Carson backdoored Shanna. Carson only needs two votes to stay this week. He already has Cynthia’s vote, so he hopes he can count on one of Todrick or Miesha to help him stay in the house.

Jerry O’Connell drops by and has a few thoughts

Next is a segment with Julie Chen talking about the season with Jerry O’Connell. He’s a big fan of Big Brother and has been watching the season. He says it’s an honor to be there, and he admits he would play in a future season of Celebrity Big Brother. Jerry shares that he personally knows half of the people in the house. Julie asks him if he thinks of any of them differently after watching them. Jerry says he’s a fan of Todrick, but he thinks he’s trying too hard to control everything.

Julie asks him about any highlights for him. Jerry liked Todd’s reactions when he had the Power of Veto used on him and then when he won the latest HoH competition. He says he was shocked when Chris Kirkpatrick was evicted so early. He says the turn of events that sent Shanna out of the house was surprising too. Jerry calls this an unpredictable season. Julie asks him his thoughts on the other Houseguests. He calls Carson great and says he stuck to his game plan. However, he doubts whether Cynthia’s heart was really in the game, but she woke up this week. He says Miesha is an alpha competitor. Jerry says Todd seemed like a floater early on, but he’s in the competition now. He loves Lamar and thinks it would be great if he won. Julie asks him who he thinks will win. Instead of giving a prediction, he says he would like to see Lamar or Cynthia win.

Is Todd the next Target?

We next see Miesha and Todrick talk game. Miesha suggests they should target Todd after they evict Carson this week. Todrick asks if they should nominate Lamar and Todd if they win the next HoH competition. Miesha nods her head. Later, Carson and Cynthia approach Todrick again. Carson asks for Todrick to vote to keep him in the house. If he accepts, then he will have Cynthia and Carson’s jury votes. Carson says it’s likely that Todrick and Miesha will make it to the end of the game. Carson says Lamar and Todd are more dangerous than Carson and Cynthia. Todrick is considering this deal, especially with two promised jury votes. He still wants to discuss with Miesha the possibility of switching his vote. Todrick tells her how he was approached by Carson and Cynthia, but he excludes the offer about their jury votes. Miesha hopes Todrick doesn’t consider keeping Carson, but she’s aware Todrick’s vote will be the deciding vote this week.

It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Carson and Lamar will get one last chance to plead their case. Carson thanks everyone and says he learned so much from them. He takes it as a compliment that he was nominated so many times. He says people can vote to keep him or not, but he will continue to be himself. Lamar gives a shout-out to his children back home and expresses his appreciation for his fellow Houseguests coming into his life. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Miesha votes to evict Carson.

Cynthia votes to evict Lamar.

Todrick votes to evict Carson.

Carson Kressley evicted from Big Brother

By a vote of 2 – 1, Carson has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Carson gives everyone a hug before walking out the door. He sits down for his interview with Julie. She asks how is he feeling. Carson said he made many great friends in the house. She asks about Todrick’s vote. Carson says Todrick’s bond with Miesha was so strong, so he couldn’t get him to change his mind. Julie asks about his decision to target Shanna instead of Miesha during his HoH reign. Shanna saved Carson with the Power of Veto, so why did he trust Miesha’s words over Shanna’s actions. Carson said Miesha seemed to play the game with integrity, so he believed her more. However, he admits that he should’ve gotten rid of Miesha first and targeted Shanna later. He admits he could’ve been played by Todrick and Miesha, but he hopes that wasn’t the case.

Carson hopes to come back for a future All-Star season, and Julie says he’s welcome any time. Afterwards, the goodbye messages play. Lamar says he had a great time getting to know him. Miesha calls him an amazing man and is sad to see him leave. She says he played a fair and noble game. Todrick calls him a dear friend and a class act. He says he was a huge threat, but he will be missed. Todd hates to see him leave. He made his time so much fun. Cynthia calls him amazing and says he has such an impact on other people. She loves him and cannot wait to see him again. Julie asks Carson for his final thoughts. He hopes Cynthia can go all the way. He will be back on Wednesday to vote for the winner, and he says he has a lot watch and catch up on.

Messages from home

Next Julie chats with the celebrities. She tells them who won the Super Bowl and congratulates them for making it to the Final 5. Afterwards, the celebrities are treated with video messages from loved ones. The episode ends with details on America’s Favorite Houseguest vote. The winner of this vote will receive $25,000. This will be revealed on Wednesday’s episode when the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 3 will be crowned.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother. Thanks for reading, and come back next time for another live recap.

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