Cassadee Pope Debuts New Song “Like There’s No Tomorrow” VIDEO

Cassadee Pope debuted a new song while headlining a show in Atlantic City last Friday (Aug 29) week. Check out the decidedly poppy sounding “Like There’s No Tomorrow” right here.

The song, co-written by Cassadee, Chris DeStefano & Dave Hodges was written for the singer’s debut album, Frame by Frame, but didn’t make the cut.

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Debuting the song now, could The Voice season 3 winner be contemplating a Taylor Swift like transformation from country to pop? It would be more like Back to the Future, however, as the singer began her career fronting the alt-rock/pop band, Hey Mondays.

Cassadee spent the summer performing solo shows and opening for Tim McGraw and Kip Moore. She’ll be heading out on the road soon to open shows for country music stars, Darius Rucker, Chris Young, Dierks Bentley and Randy Houser.

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Behind the Scenes of the Tonight Show – And as a bonus–Here’s her Voice coach, Blake Shelton, sharing about that time Cassadee had a wardrobe malfunction!

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  1. She’s always been poppy. Even her more country-ish songs are country-pop. And I know Big Machine is determined to try and get its artists to crossover. But this isn’t close to being a pure pop song a la what Taylor is doing now. It’s still country-pop, IMO (especially with that instrumentation)

  2. this still sounds diet country to me. Not fully POP. When she sounds like Avril I will believe the transfer to POP. I am not against Cassadees Diet POP sound.

  3. My first thought was country pop, in both sound and the “riding around with the windows down” story line.

  4. Well, the lyrics fit today’s country radio but that has nothing to do with whether it’s a country song. Of course with Cassadee singing it’s going to sound pop.

    “Like There’s No Tomorrow” is cowritten by Cassadee with Chris DeStefano and David Hodges, both of whom have extensive pop backgrounds but have also crossed into country. DeStefano cowrote Good Girl with Ashley Gorley and Carrie (which is far from Carrie’s countriest song), he cowrote Somethin Bad with Brett James and Priscilla Renea (Miranda and Carrie’s voices are the only country thing about that one), and he’s had a bunch of dudebro cuts and singles, including Chris Young’s Aw Naw. But DeStefano has written with tons of Idols, including Kelly (Let Me Down), Haley, Lee, Kris, and more, and he definitely started out in pop. So did David Hodges (Evanescence, Kelly) – he works a lot with Avril Lavigne and Nickelback these days, but he’s also cowritten some with Carrie (See You Again/There’s A Place For Us – both CCM pop songs, What Can I Say – which was country/pop).

    This is a song that was actually written in the session for what became Frame By Frame, but it’s interesting that Cassadee’s bringing it back out now.

  5. I do not care for this song. Has nothing to do with whether it sounds country, pop or country/pop. It’s boring.

  6. I listened to this, thinking…is this going to be enough to get her another hit? After her last single peaked at #32, she needs to hit out of the park, in my opinion. I don’t think this is more than a single. (Don’t know why I’m using baseball analogies.:)

    While I was not a fan of her going country after The Voice, I did really like Wasting all these Tears, so I’m not against her as a whole..

  7. Agreed, and it has a slightly grating/whiny quality somehow. Maybe just that the YT sound is tinny, idk.

  8. This song is just bleh. Honestly I don´t think Cassadee fits the country scene well.
    She is talented, but I don´t buy it. I see her in the pop/rock lane way more. JMHO.

  9. Ah, not a big deal that she’s singing a song that didn’t make the cut. Maybe it wasn’t her choice that it didn’t make it. I remember David Cook singing songs that didn’t make his records. And Let Me Fall For You, which was just a bonus song, saw way more action than many of the songs that made it onto TLM. I would imagine artists get tired of singing the same songs all the time!

  10. She said right at the beginning of her known career that she was not country, but Blake tried to make her country.

  11. Sounds more POP than the songs on Frame by Frame, to me. I still don’t buy her as a country singer. I don’t believe it is Blake who encouraged her to go country either, she just saw an opportunity to get noticed and she went for it since she’s been working hard on POP but wasn’t able to really breakthrough as solo.

  12. Yeah, most likely. The sad thing is that most likely she won´t break through in the country scene either. As I said, she is just not a believable country act.
    I think she should go back to her pop rock band and try again with them. That might work with a broader audience now.

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