Idol Headlines for 9/5/14

Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, The Who and more will perform on tonight’s StandUp2Cancer telethon. The 1 hour live event will air on 31 broadcast and cable networks simultaneously at 8/7c pm. More information on where to donate at

Scott MacIntyre Shares Exclusively with Hallels His Time at American Idol, His New Album & His Own Health Issues – Hallels: You have a brand new album coming out entitled “Lighthouse” which also involves Danny Gokey and Skylar Laine. What is it like working with both of them? Tell us about their involvement on your new record.- I’m really excited to have Danny and Skylar join me on two songs for this album. They are both accomplished and unique artists in their own rights and we had a lot of fun in the studio together. The songs that Danny and Skylar sing on are two of the songs that I produced for this album, so from a producer’s perspective, I really enjoyed the challenge of capturing their performances and figuring out the best way to incorporate them. – Read more at

R Kelly super fan gets arrested
R Kelly super fan gets arrested

New ‘Survivor’ player John Rocker discusses his controversial ‘Sports Illustrated’ article – “Not really. I see these folks that I’m getting ready to play this game with as very similar to the 13 years of professional baseball that I played, and the teammates that I played with. Some of my biggest supporters after that SI debacle were my current and past teammates. I probably had 40 odd teammates come to my defense and say ‘No, we’ve known this guy for 5, 10, 15 years. He’s a great guy. We’ve had Thanksgiving dinners with him, we’ve traveled with him, yada, yada, yada.’ And those are the people that are very similar to what we’ll be doing on Survivor — almost a clubhouse atmosphere and situation. You’re with people the majority of the day, all day, every day for an extended period of time. My current and past teammates liked me so much they would come to my adamant defense after that article. I think once these people get to know me, they will be willing to defend me as well.” – Read more at InsideTV

Caleb Johnson – The Journey Begins: Part VII – Hm. Vevo uploaded this video about 12 hours ago–it only has 20 views.

Colton Dixon – Anchor Photoshoot (Behind The Scenes)

‘Big Brother 16’: Nicole Franzel on the Lack of Power Moves and Derrick’s Dan Game – Did your perspective on any particular houseguests change after entering the house a second time and if so, how? Absolutely. Honestly, I think my perspective changed on everyone, especially Frankie. His true colors came out. I appreciated Victoria a lot more, hers changed for the better because she put the game on hold and was just a good person for trying to support me. Last time you were evicted, you said Derrick was in the best position in the house. Is that still the case? Honestly, yeah, I still feel like he is in the best position. He has never sat on the block and people see him as a week player when it comes to competitions, and everyone likes him a lot so I don’t see them putting him up even as a pawn. Who is in the worst position now? I’d say Frankie is in a tough position. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Ok, so I feel bad for the guy, I watched the video.
    Now it has 21 views.

  2. Saw this on Twitter this morning – – mentioning three Idol Alumni:

    >>Liza (B.) S. (C.) ?@liza1131 9m
    .@ion_orchard recaps their past anniversary celebrations & mentions @thedavidcook

    That’s a reference to Singapore, 2012 – and DC playing that gig for ION’s 3rd Anniversary. Seems that Daughtry will be sharing the Bill with a singer from Taiwan, Elva Hsiao, for Ion’s 5th Anniversary in October – and they have an article about the 5 yrs of performers, with pictures of the past acts – including DC – and Carrie Underwood – who did the first one.

  3. Maybe people just figure the journey should be on its way by now!

    How many parts can there be?

  4. Twenty-two! (Actually, Youtube says 25 as I type, so there are three other people who checked it out or one devoted fan who ran it three times in a row.)

    While I criticized the fan excesses of days of yore — running tubies on constant replay for days, or actually watching them hundreds of times to swoon over every expression — I think the pendulum has swung too far toward fan apathy with Johnson.

  5. I get more then 25 views for family you tubes. Even his family isn’t tuning in!

  6. Part of it is Caleb, but most of it is Idol’s decline. If Caleb’s season had been Season 5, he would have sold plenty of albums.

  7. But Taylor Hicks only sold about 700K, which was not that great for that year.

  8. Here’s another possible Carrie cut & definitely another new cowrite for Carrie’s upcoming album:

    “Something In The Water” (Chris DeStefano / Brett James / Carrie Underwood)

    As previously mentioned Chris DeStefano cowrote “Good Girl” with Ashley Gorley and Carrie. Brett James has been working with Carrie since her debut album – he cowrote “Jesus Take The Wheel” and he cowrote “Cowboy Casanova” with Mike Elizondo and Carrie. More recently, DeStefano and James cowrote “Somethin’ Bad” (Carrie’s duet with Miranda Lambert) with Priscilla Renea. I wouldn’t be surprised if a song Carrie cowrote with these guys were a rocker but I lean to thinking and hoping that with Carrie in the room, they’d come up with something much more melodic than “Somethin’ Bad.”

    The reason I’ve called “The Girl You Think I Am” and “Something In The Water” possible cuts is that Carrie’s listed as a performer of both and the timing of these popping up seems significant since Carrie’s been recording over the past month and a half to two months. But publishers sometimes jump the gun in listing an artist as a performer of the song. Pop writers (and/or writers whose publishing deals are based outside of Nashville) especially tend to do that – Carrie was listed as a performer of “Lighthouse” and “Fighter” over 7 months before she even started recording for her album – those were songs that her people had put on hold and there’s no indication either way as to whether she actually cut them. For a list of additional known cowrites and holds for Carrie’s upcoming album, check here.

  9. That was an example. If Caleb, exactly the way he is now, was magically transported to any early season, he would have sold better than he did in 2014.

  10. I don’t think it really matters that much who gets to wear the crown. The marketplace eventually determines the real winner if there actually is one.

  11. The guy needs a total makeover – get one of those high-powered trainers and find himself some cheekbones & a six-pack, but I don’t know if that will even help. At the very least he looks like he needs some grooming.

  12. If we’re going to attribute the fan enthusiasm of past seasons largely to popular winners and runners-up bringing the sexay, that really raises questions about how much the music ever mattered (if it doesn’t, that’s a source of challenges for former winners, going forward).

    That also suggests the correct answer to “is so-and-so a real rocker” is not to sing Led Zep (there’s no excuse for Led Zep, period), but pointing to one’s well-toned ass and suggesting Johnson kiss it.

  13. David Cook News/Info
    via @R_A_Trafficking | Rock Against Trafficking Video | David Cook (misspelled w/an “e”) blip ~1:01 @thedavidcook

    Too bad they spelled David’s name wrong, but I do recognize the clip as his performance of Billie Jean on American Idol.

    He’s in very good company of artists. :)

  14. Well to be fair how many people watched Candice’s version of this? or Phillip’s? Maybe these Vevo pseudo documentary promo things are just not that popular?

    I know, I’m kind of reaching here but… I just feel bad for him. He won the damn thing, you know? That should mean something. It’s not like he couldn’t sing.

  15. If Kelly or Carrie had to compete during Season 13, they would not do a whole lot better.

  16. Hicks’ post-Idol debut sold 298,000 copies in its first week. His opening sales weren’t the problem. The problem was that there was nowhere to go once his fanbase had been tapped — but a fanbase of nearly 300,000 [and then another 400,000 showed up from somewhere, possibly slower-buying fans] is a far cry from a fanbase of 12,000.

    That’s your difference in scale as Idol viewer behavior changed. What you can sell to your fanbase in their pitch of post-Idol enthusiasm — without reference to radio hits or other build-a-career factors — has dropped by an order of magnitude and then some.

  17. Yup.
    For instance, this is Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More, the hottest new Hard Rock band tearing up the Active Rock charts right now. They are terrific. This is what would be Caleb’s “competition” for front man “image” if he actually toured in rock right now.

    (I know I’ve posted a pic of him before, but any excuse to do so again, I’ll take, lol)

  18. I don’t, because at only 23, he got an opportunity to be on TV, make a CD, work with veterans in the industry – that a lot of wanna be musicians wait a lifetime for – and probably will never get.

  19. I think he’s part of a general trend toward Idol fan apathy but… in the first six months post-Idol, a couple thousand fans would have shown up to watch a video of Cook or Lambert refilling their ice cube trays. (And for Clay Aiken, so many that U.S. productivity would have spiked briefly downward.) There’s a behavior change here that’s separate from whether these videos are interesting in themselves.

  20. In that context sure, you’re right. What I meant was in comparison to past Idol winners and the instant fame that title brought. That no longer seems to be the case for a show no one is really watching or cares about anymore.

  21. (raises hand) I’m responsible for one of them. I couldn’t help it. Only I watched it with the sound off, lol.

  22. I feel sorry for him too. And all of the young people who jumped through all the hoops only to find the promised vehicle isn’t anything close to what they’d hoped it was.

  23. “…how many people watched Candice’s version of this? or Phillip’s?”

    I didn’t watch for those two – – I didn’t even know they had these Vevo promos…That’s because I wasn’t interested in following them – same goes for Johnson. Just seems I have more company, this time.

  24. I know this is OT, but I can’t help myself. Let’s call it an example of how to “make a song your own”. It’s Sam Smith covering Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”. Just beautiful.

  25. There’s a lot that goes into fan enthusiasm. How they project themselves either visually or emotionally is just one of many factors. Would Katy Perry have gotten where she was if she looked like ____ fill in the blank. I don’t think so. Caleb needs help and I think that his appearance/style might be just one area he could improve on.

  26. That’s how I feel too. This is a grueling process and these (usually very young) contestants are under tremendous scrutiny, criticized from all corners. It used to be you went through all of that and got something in the end if you won, even if it didn’t last long. Plus, if the flash turned out to be short-lived you had enough of a fanbase and connections left over that you could make a living in entertainment for a number of years. Now… I mean this kid isn’t going to get 6 months. He wasn’t my favorite but he could sing and he had stage presence, and well he WON the whole shebang! Why did he do all of that if he was just going to end up back working full time somewhere in a year.

    This really sucks. But I guess that’s life.

  27. Oh, I’d definitely advise Johnson to keep his shirt on, and possibly to carry a small dog at all times. #doggoggles

    It’s just that radio PDs have openly dismissed other winners as being about middle-aged ladies getting hot-and-bothered, not about the music, and up to this point, I’d dismissed the PDs as short-sighted and wrong.

  28. I agree. Caleb made some money by winning. He can buy a van and start playing small clubs of 100 or so people and try to build from there. Isn’t that what most of the others are doing? Sure they are not idol winners but still. Pride aside, try to build on what you do have. It seems that he should be able to get better gigs than he had before idol so all is not lost. He won so there most be some who want to see him even if he has to start in his hometown area.

  29. LOL! I’m imagining a little yappy dog being carried around by Caleb in his spiked, leather jacket.

    But what PDs really want is an artist with a following of young, pretty women getting hot-and-bothered about him.

  30. Caleb seems to have a hold on our emotions. Whenever any news about him is posted here, we get excited. Unfortunately for him, our excitement is not about his album or his appearance or his personality, but about his certain March into oblivion. Poor thing.

  31. But even with Katy Perry’s looks, she was dying and going nowhere on the label she was with. Then her management, DMG, (they also manage Adam now) stepped in to get her out of her deal and find a new label that would support her. The rest is history as to how that turned out. So even with her looks, if DMG had not taken charge to help her reach her goals she may not have gone anywhere.

  32. Make mine no 22. He seems like a nice guy. Not sure what is suppose to happen now?

  33. And not only that, but he gets made fun of all over the place as if he’s a loser, when the losers are the producers and everyone involved who didn’t address the issues and do everything they could to mentor them so they’d have some success. I mean, seriously, it’s like carefully putting together a football team and having them play against other teams in their skill category without proper equipment or coaching, and then making fun of them for losing games.

  34. Caleb doesn’t exactly strike me as the type to formulate a long range plan for success and then do all the hard work necessary to follow through on it. I think he likely expected everything to be handed to him on a silver platter along with his win. Sales of his album may be the first real dash of cold water in his face. He’ll get others. It remains to be seen if he can wake up and profit from their lessons.

  35. They both were on the right season at the right time. Although, if it wasn’t for Kelly winning and paving the way for success after Idol, Carrie may have not been successful. I wonder what it would’ve been like if Carrie won first and Kelly won in the 4th season? Would the story be the same?

  36. I know Carrie talked about having a smaller scale tour similar to how Kelly tour for the fifth album. So maybe Carrie will be able to release her album in the spring with several promotion then do a tour in the fall? That way she can have time with her baby and prepare for the tour?

  37. the idol wikipedia page does not even have a photo for him. at least candice got one!

  38. He did come back to Idol after being cut 2x, then taking off a year. So he obviously had some sense of how to accomplish his goal.

  39. A lot of people said that about Danny Gokey. Yet more than 5 yrs after Idol, he has a #1 record.

  40. I think the better question is what would have happened if Justin won Season 1?

  41. Johnson’s consistent in making sure to pose for — and tweet/IG/FB/whatever — photos with every female fan who’s young and hot. There actually are several.

    I remark upon that as a tactic, not as a “some fans count more than others” thing, as he also did exactly as I wanted when I met him, so I am completely happy with my outcomes.

  42. Idol viewer behavior changed for valid reasons. Let’s assume, broadly, that AI fans have fallen into camps of “active music listeners who viewed AI as an avenue for discovery, same as radio/media blogs/music channels on TV/etc” and “passive music listeners who viewed AI as a chance to see variety shows that were more-or-less appropriate for the whole family and then got nice keepsakes at the end.” The latter group is now awash in keepsakes and generally turned off by production choices made over the last several years, and the former group has had its options for discovery increase at the same time that AI’s power to harness promotional channels for its artists has decreased, for a host of reasons. So the show has both fewer viewers and fewer attached viewers.
    Neither group is likely to get excited about Johnson’s CD given the obligatory nature of the whole business. Hicks’ CD was also obligatory, but both the novelty and fuzzy feelings were higher at the time.

  43. I don’t know why the media and audiences treat Sam so differently than Adam Lambert. In articles, it NEVER says “openly gay”. Comments are never “ewwww”. Is it because he looks and acts very straight, and Adam doesn’t?

  44. Idol winners and The Voice winners, apples and oranges. AI winners get huge, huge promotion after their win. The Voice winners, not so much, and it doesn’t have anything to do with talent.

  45. Unfortunately your analogy doesn’t work where Danny is concerned. Following his season he sold 250,00 albums, 150,000 downloaded singles and he didn’t win. Maybe a better comparison would be Blake Lewis who though 2nd found a modicum of success.

  46. More than anything, he needs to listen to what past idols advised him. Someone on mjs mentioned this recently. Who better to advise him but Daughtry, Adam, and Cook? Three guys who have been there, done that, and have the smarts. Caleb should have used that opportunity to ask lots of questions, taken in what they had to advise.

  47. Kelly or Carrie would have fared a lot better because unlike Caleb, they are both marketable in terms of what is current and relevant in 2014. Interscope would have pushed them to radio and they would have gotten actual promo. Would they have sold as many albums of their debut album if it came out in 2014 rather than in 2003 (Kelly) or 2005 (Carrie)? Given the decline of Idol added to the downturn in music sales in general, probably not. But I would bet they would have had 1st week numbers more along the lines of Scotty’s & Phillip’s debut albums rather than Caleb’s or Candice’s.

  48. I heard a new band called California Breed. It was exactly what Caleb SHOULD be doing.

  49. Tessanne has not sold many records. However, quite a few doors have been opened to her, as the story posted about her in the idol thread yesterday indicated. She is booked for shows in a number of countries, small venues exposing her to few potential fans, except for the China gig which will expose her to a massive audience. Point is, she is making a better living from her music now than she did before, and she may be able to leverage this opportunity that her appearance on the Voice has given her into bigger things.

    Now, we don’t know what Caleb has planned but I hope he will be grabbing the opportunities that his appearance on Idol would have presented to him – granted they are not many these days.

  50. Thank god Kelly and Carrie won back then. They helped Idol stay relevant long enough to get to season 14.

  51. “There” as in being in audience, or “there” as in performing?


    #Working Garth Brooks’ concert. @carrieunderwood and @kelly_clarkson is going to be there

  52. It’s actually not that bad. I just clicked on it (finally) and when I looked to the side, this vid turns out to be the latest in the series and the first had 15,000 or so views. That’ still not a lot but it’s not THAT dire. Okay, I fell less bad about it now. LOL

  53. Yes but when Danny came off Idol, he had no interest in becoming a CCM artist. He didn’t seem to have much of a long range plan at all in terms of what kind of artist he wanted to be. He just finally listened to what people were (probably) telling him all along — that CCM was the right format for him. Much credit nto him for finally understanding this and building a team that would support and promote him properly. But it’s not like this success is the result of what he had planned 5+ yrs ago

  54. Well, when Danny came off Idol, he didn’t seem to know much about music, period. To hear Kris, Adam, and Danny talk about music, it’s like Kris and Adam had PhD’s and Danny was in middle school. I was shocked for someone to go Country, hadn’t even heard of The Grand Ole Opry.

  55. But it’s all good. Sam is very successful, as he should be because he is very talented.

  56. She did not say it had anything to do with Adam. Seeing the fellow, knowing about his sexual orientation, and knowing of the success he’s been having in the recording business to date, brought back memories of Adam and his continued struggles to embed himself in the business. Legitimate question, I think.

  57. Oh, thanks for explaining, I thought it was something totally different that I’ll keep to myself. Guess I was wrong.

  58. It bugs me, too. But, I think the difference is that Adam had to come into the public eye when the American Idol was a big water cooler conversation topic, and internet and media was fixated on the question is he or isn’t he? for several months. So he is labeled as “the guy we were extremely interested in knowing his sexuality back then”.

    Everybody else who came out after Adam should thank him for making that topic boring and so-last year for media. Taylor Green sort of did recently.

    Of course some of this is almost certainly coming from male insecurity. My husband has to point out that somebody is gay if I describe a man desirable, attractive, or good looking, as if that should count as something negative that I did not know about him. I think that is their effort to knock down competition. We swoon for Adam as sexy or whatever, but we don’t do that for Sam. He is a wonderful artist and we love him, but I don’t think women throws panty at him at the concert. Hence men do not feel threatened and do not feel need to point out his sexuality.

    Just my opinion/speculation. I welcome opinions from gentlemen on this blog ;)

  59. That’s what I get for posting something OT, I guess. Now it’s right on target.

  60. My money is on performing. You can’t have two vocalists of their quality at a show and not have them perform. lol Next question would be will they both be at both shows tonight or one at one of them and the other at the other show? Lucky people with tickets tonight.

    I’d say Kelly with Trisha on their new song and maybe even Garth for one. He did name Kelly as someone he wanted to sing with yesterday during his Facebook chat thing. Carrie can do anything with either one of them or both even.

    ps. bet we still won’t get a picture with the two of them together

  61. Well at least the series has more views then my dog’s frisbee catching. :)

  62. I see the misspelling has been handled, very quickly.

    Friday, September 5, 2014 – 15:44
    The R.A.T. video has been corrected

  63. But how would advice from other idols change what has happened to Caleb? His label and management would be the ones to make a difference on that front. Didn’t Daughtry advise Durbin? Carrie and Cook? I remember Angie saying Adam gave her some advice. I’m sure there are others. These guys have their hands full with their own careers so anything they tell others would most likely be surface only.

  64. Yes, I posted the update in the original posting. I wonder how many people responded to that error, lol.
    ETA: I just moved it to the top of the post for ease of viewing. Thanks for the additional tweet info.

  65. I’m not sure what you mean by “smaller scale” here. Carrie’s talked for a couple albums now about wanting to do an acoustic tour, and separately, she’s mentioned how not yet having children allowed her to go on tour for months rather than being a “weekend warrior” like most country headliners are. Now that she is expecting, I wouldn’t be surprised if she shifted to weekend-only touring when she eventually does go back on the road, with fewer dates focusing on arenas in the biggest markets. But I honestly have no idea either way. As for an acoustic tour, I’d love one and again, have no idea when to expect one. I have no idea about her music timeline at all, tbh! She and her team will make those decisions when they’re ready, I’m sure.

  66. Advice from some other AI alums or people in his chosen genre would always be good. But Daughtry, Adam and Cook all had much more initial success so I don’t think see how their experiences launching themselves with far greater momentum and backing would be that comparable.

    Maybe Caleb should find that old blog from Chris Sligh :o

    But really, as the AI winner does he not at minimum have decent management looking out for him?

  67. I don’t get it either. When it comes to Adam people have tunnel vision because Sam himself have said that here in the US the media does focus on his sexuality more than outside the US. Sam has had discussions about this with Adam when they met. What’s annoying is that everything needs to be about Adam or turn into an Adam discussion. The more he’s made a victim the better.

  68. Ahhhh…that was a pleasure.. I enjoy Sam so much and would never have recognized the song if it hadn’t been noted it….and Tracy’s original is so memorable.
    Sam turned it into a new song.

  69. It is now up to 98. 6 hours since you posted and 67 views? Does he have no fans?

  70. Caleb is <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Taylor Hicks. Taylor had a very large, very passionate fanbase because he is a great entertainer, talented musician and very likable. All Caleb has is fake "rock n' roll" attitude.

  71. I think if Kelly or Carrie were on Season 13, the ratings and buzz would have been better and they would have had hits singles, airplay and platinum albums. Just like P2 did. They both line up to music that people like and want to hear and buy.

  72. Well it seems bad to me…

    Video #1 was posted on July 8, 2014 and only has 14,994 views.
    Video #5 posted August 6, 2014 and has 5,252 views.
    Video #6 posted August 20, 2014 – 21,268 views. (his most viewed video posted in the past month.)

    And his official album sampler from Aug 1, 2014 only has 31,499 views.

  73. Just to be fair — Danny has a #1 Christian album, not a overall #1 album. I have not seen how many units he sold but it is a relatively small genre so it does not take a lot of units to be #1.

  74. Blake is not a good example — Blake actually sold more units than Danny — Blake Lewis: Audio Day Dream (2007) 309,000 as of May 23, 2011.#10 on the Billboard 200.

    Danny’s debut album did chart higher — coming in at #4.

  75. Given these numbers, his sales numbers are phenomenal. I am not being facetious.

    There are singers out there who get millions of YT views and only sell 50k albums.

    Yet Caleb is converting almost all his views into sales.

  76. Apparently, the advice Cook gave him was “go ahead and diss me!”

  77. Danny’s first week for his second album was about 2/3 the sales total of Caleb’s winner album. With his album continuing to plug along since released in late June, Danny has probably passed Caleb in total sales and I would guess the same is or soon will be the case for Colton’s second album. (I’d give the numbers but this isn’t the numbers thread.)

  78. “… as the AI winner does he not at minimum have decent management looking out for him?”

    *snerk* “Decent Management”? He’s got the same management all the Alumni started out with – 19M. But no special attention from Simon Fuller, he isn’t connected now. And Ian Pirie, who used to run 19 Recordings, IDK where he is…. (Though 19M might be staffed entirely by interns at this point, for all we know. – so ‘decent management’ may be a contradiction in terms now – or maybe it always was – who knows?)

  79. True. I just think that the management ought to be looking out for the brand of the show, even if they aren’t too thrilled with the given year’s winner. There’s a ton of money wrapped up in the show franchise, one way and another.

  80. Does he have no fans?

    Ding! You get a cookie! He has very few fans in the classic Idol sense.

    I live in the 5th largest city and 14th largest metro area in the U.S. My serious estimate is that the largest venue he could stretch to handle here has a capacity of 250, and I think he’d need a beloved local opener.

  81. The point I was making is that even if Caleb was on S5, a really popular earlier season, he likely would not have done better than Taylor. Even Taylor, himself, sold less than many winners after him. So you can’t count on a very popular season.

    But since you brought up Taylor’s very large passionate fan base, why did he only sell 52K of album #2. Did that many fans desert him so soon?

  82. That’s his VEVO channel? HOLY COW, those numbers are seriously pathetic!

  83. Didn’t realize that months later from his surgeries – the extent of his wrists’ immobility is still substantial:

    “Since the accident, my wrist has only come back to 30 percent of what it was once able to do,” Allen said while calling from Ann Arbor. “

  84. yeah he really shattered the wrist. I think he said he broke 5 bones in it He’s even talked about how he probably won’t be able to play catch with Oliver when he’s a little bigger.

  85. Two valuable pieces of advice that any of those three could have given him, which he clearly did not take, if it was given:

    1. Use your Idol song choices and arrangements to show where you fit with CURRENT music, so that Interscope has at least a fraction of an iota of an incentive to try pitching a single to radio and otherwise marketing you. It won’t solve the larger systemic problems, but it puts you in a less weak career position no matter what happens.

    2. Don’t call your fans the r-word or any other insult that pops into your head. Just don’t.

  86. So far one of them turned out to be true, still 1.5 concerts to go tonight.

    Alison Bonaguro @alisonbonaguro
    Aww. @kelly_clarkson is here to sing with @TYcom. #prizefighter #GarthBrooks

  87. So we can blame Daughtry, Cook and Adam for Caleb’s poor numbers because they did not give him the right advice when they mentored. (just joking) But seriously, his fans voted him the win so they were not as upset about the r-word as some were. I could very well be wrong, but I don’t believe he was going to have good sales whatever the advice was. There was little buzz around him or the others. The press was not excited about any of them. The fans of idol weren’t excited except to say how there were no stars in the bunch. The most excitement I saw was when he dissed his fans and when he said Cook was not rock. So I don’t see any way that the label or management were going to throw too much love in his direction. Not a fan of his but it makes me a little sad.

  88. But since you brought up Taylor’s very large passionate fan base, why did he only sell 52K of album #2. Did that many fans desert him so soon?

    Taylor’s 2nd album was released independently so there was no radio play and very little promo. Taylor has mentioned several times about having to pay the Ellen show $15,000 “production fees” out of his own pocket to go on and sing one song. So while 52,000 is a pretty big drop from 704,000, it is still pretty good for a self released album.

  89. So we can blame Daughtry, Cook and Adam for Caleb’s poor numbers because they did not give him the right advice when they mentored. (just joking)

    Nope. I blame Johnson for either not asking or not listening to the answers. “What can you tell me about strategy to set myself up for a career after Idol?” is a reasonable question, as is “How do you cope with fans?”

    But seriously, his fans voted him the win so they were not as upset about the r-word as some were.

    Unfortunately, the people who were okay with it (or unaware of it), while numerous enough to vote him the win, were not the kind of fans who open their wallets to support their snowflake’s music.

    It was inevitable that Johnson was going to win because he concentrated on rock oldies, which is what Idol’s remaining core viewers want to hear. Unfortunately, relying on that demographic for a music career gets you where he is: no radio play, pathetic sales, no press interest. He needed to at least TRY to broaden his appeal to the last few remaining Idol viewers who actively buy music.

    Would this have given him sales of 200k? Nope. Not a chance. Would it have made him potentially marketable to other music-buying audiences, so that even if Interscope couldn’t be arm-twisted into spending money, he’d be in a better position after the inevitable “parting of ways” over “creative differences”? Yup.

    Falling back on “well, he had enough fans to win Idol” is pointless — the vast majority of those fans have demonstrated their uselessness over the past three months. They don’t buy. They don’t show up. They might as well be potatoes. (<=breaks rule about insulting fans, but they are not my fans!)

    There was general spuddiness going around this year, due to shifts in who views and why, but a marketable current artist could have been pitched to non-Idol viewers who are less like starchy root vegetables.

  90. But since you brought up Taylor’s very large passionate fan base, why did he only sell 52K of album #2. Did that many fans desert him so soon?

    Short answer: yes.

    Your core fans are the ones who don’t need radio play or other promo to know about your album because they actively keep up with your career. (In Hicks’ era, it would have been messageboards, rather than Twitter and FB.)

    His sales pattern suggests there were a lot of Idol viewers in the market to feel warm and fuzzy about buying the entertaining, engaging winner’s debut album, but fewer than 10% of them were sufficiently committed to his personality or his music to stick around for album #2.

    This pattern of fan-rate attrition is not unique to Hicks among Idol winners — his drop is high because there was very little promo for the second album to activate very casual fans or engage new ones, but everybody except Clarkson has a substantial drop in second-album sales. The most successful alumni manage to replace a large portion of the defectors with new buyers gained through radio and other promo.

    This is also why Johnson’s defining himself in a musical style with no viable marketing avenue is a mistake. He will lose sales from the first to second album, even starting from a low base (see, e.g., Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox). He doesn’t have a lot of realistic avenues for replacing those buyers.

  91. There are singers who get millions of YT views and won’t sell 5000 albums, let alone 50K. There are very few people who have managed to go from YT star to actual successful recording/touring musician.

    But Caleb isn’t necessarily turning all his views into sales. For all we know, ahandful of people could account for the majority of those views. YT is not a 1 view = 1 person site.

  92. I am not sure what Danny has to do with Caleb — except they were both on Idol. But so were a lot of other people.

    In any case, JMHO but I don’t think that outselling Caleb is that much of an accomplishment. Hopefully Danny was not expecting to only sell 12K – 15K copies of his album (or whatever his total sales are now.)

  93. While there are artist with lots of YT views and low sales, is there a contemporary rock or pop artist (someone who started their career in the past 5 years) who has high sales and low YT viewership?

  94. Much credit? I don’t think he had much of a choice if he wants to make a living in music.

  95. I don’t know exactly why Danny was brought into this either, except that he has a current album out and a song on the charts as a point of comparison (however less than perfectly analogous) to this year’s winner’s album release.

    I have no idea what the expectations were for album sales, enough that with the BMG model Danny’s project was funded. His team seems thrilled with the radio success of Hope in Front of Me. If they continue to have some luck and put the work into it, Danny can aim toward the level of sales that some of the other AI grads have seen in this “small genre” where they have sold 100-250k+ per album over time.

    It will be interesting to see how it works out, especially as Danny will not have a formal tour until after the holidays – just various spot dates. The timing for his new music wasn’t ready to go out touring for the summer cycle, and they are skipping fall tour season due to Gokey baby #2’s due date.

  96. Danny’s first management and label did very well for him in the first 12-18 months before things got tougher due to a variety of things going on. Some of that was challenges with country radio, Danny being stubborn on the amount of time (a lot o’ time) that he was putting into his non-profit, consolidations at Sony Nashville, and etc.

    The new team with BMG, Maximum Artist, and radio promotion specialists is working quite well so far — though I’ll be more comfortable evaluating after another single or two to see if this early good fortune sustains. They clearly are targeting the Christian market but not exclusively so. The single was crossed over to AC, and the album has a mix of song subjects.

  97. I agree 100%. I had the same impression when I watched their interviews with Slezak.

  98. I saw the video before and am wondering if the version of Message in the Bottle is part of David’s version, because it doesn’t sound like the original version, and all the other songs in the video are the covers for the album. If it is it sounds good to me.

  99. I was thinking they should have made the video The Journey is Over before they made The Journey Begins.

  100. I’m reading on Twitter right now that Simone Battle (XF USA, G.R.L.) passed away. No further info for now.

  101. Hope this is not true..Her group’s career was really taking off….Nobody should ever even think about committing suicide..

  102. THE X FACTOR (USA) @TheXFactorUSA
    We are greatly saddened to learn the tragic news about Simone Battle. Our hearts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

  103. Who is tweeting on behalf of the XFUS? The show doesn’t even exist anymore.

  104. “I guess I’m known for rock but I love country,” Allen said. “I grew up with it and I think I veered more toward country this time out and that’s fine.”

    I’ve thought for years that Kris sounded country, and he should go that route.

  105. Honestly, IMO he doesn’t sound any more country on this album than he has in the past. Each of his albums has one or two songs on it that have a more country feel. He’s said numerous times he isn’t a country artist, so I doubt he will ever go that route

  106. I never saw Kris as country or rock. So other than singer/songwriter where is his niche?

  107. I agree, and they are doing ok. That is the type of music I thought Caleb should be doing.

    For comparison, though, California Breed’s first week CD sales were 4000, and they are considered rock/hard rock. I don’t believe they are on a major label. but they do have 2 fairly famous band members, Glenn Hughes, who is also in the Rockers Against Trafficking cd, and was in Deep Purple, and Jason Bonham. So if Caleb was hard rock and sold what he did it would be higher than that.

    The fact that there are still new bands doing classic sounding rock and hard rock with younger band members in their 20s (the guitar player from California Breed is 23), additionally with Caleb and Jessie Kinch winning, means may mean that rock could make a comeback among younger people, because it shows some of that age are still listening to and writing classic sounding hard rock. Though I wish Caleb had actually done hard rock instead of what he did.

  108. I think he could definitely do this after this album. He has made enough of a name for himself to be able to sustain a music career. However, the ones that have had successful indie careers did have more experience before being on the show, so that might hurt him unless he has some good advice. I do think though he has to be more careful what he says in order to keep the fanbase he has.

  109. No, the first is a fan account. The response is Demi through Live Nations twitter. Like I said in my post, she was doing a Live Nation twitter chat

  110. Not sure where you moved your question as to whether it was really Demi, but she also name-checked Kelly in.a sweet tweet naming her as an inspiration.

  111. Ha, okay. That computes. Couldn’t quite put my finger on his sound but this makes sense.

  112. That’s what I would call it. It is closer to Alternative music than country.

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