Brooke White Blogs – The End of the Road and New Beginnings

In her latest blog post, Brooke White muses about the end of the tour and what her hopes are for the future.   Perhaps a collaboration with fellow Idol Jason Castro?:

I guess I am feeling a little thoughtful at the moment, as we are very near the end of this experience… I just returned home from the “end of tour party”. It was fun, we had the band and the crew and all of us, dancing and singing karaoke, however I didn’t stay too late, because one: I’m boring… two: I needed to pack… and three: I’m tired and have to sing tomorrow, or today as I just noticed it’s after midnight! Any who, it was a lovely time with all these wonderful people that I have truly enjoyed working with and getting to know, one of the sad parts of ending this tour… saying goodbye:(

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Of course many of us will stay in touch… but I don’t know, it just isn’t the same. I am really savoring these last few shows, taking it all in and being present in every moment. Not that I haven’t done that from the start… but I guess now that the end is so close, I just feel the need to finish strong! It will certainly be an interesting transition, as this tour wraps up that it will in some ways mark the end of the american idol experience, before you know it there will be a whole new season, with new contestants embarking on the same journey we just traveled. I am not in anyway saying this is the end, in many ways it is just the beginning. I have many mixed feelings about this… happy, sad, anxious, relieved, nervous and beyond. That all being said… I am looking forward, especially to going home! I haven’t really spent more that a week and a half at home since Super Bowl Sunday when we were at the start of the show. Now here we are, almost seven months later, you could definitely say that I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed! And call me a big weirdo, I am even looking forward to pulling out the vacuum and cleaning my house.

So what does the future hold for Brooke White? Well I don’t have all the answers, and I am not a fortune teller, but I can tell you that their will be music! I can’t wait to get creative, I have plans and I am diving into songwriting… right away. Just today, Jason Castro and I busted out our guitars and garage band, and started working on a great idea he had. It was cool. And While I would love to go on a vacation, or take some time off… I am going to keep the momentum going and just give it all I got, hopefully make a great record for y’all to listen to. I have recently been discovering and listening to some new music, I gotta tell you it excites me, it inspires me and helps me realize how much I have to learn and grow as an artist… as a person. While this is hard stuff, it’s good stuff… and though their are often times that I feel overwhelmed and unsure of my ability to really make it happen, I know that I have to give it all I got, and just infuse it with the love that I have for music and the life that it revolves around. Sometimes I feel like my relationship with music and all it’s counterparts, is much like one of my favorite U2 song… “I can’t live with or with out you”. It’s bigger than me my friends… Oh I am intense, LOL. Short story…Speaking of intense… as a teenager I found a group of friends that were deep thinkers like myself that have somewhat of a tendency to over analyze pretty much everything. Well, basically we came up with a name for people like us, “PWATM” pronouced “Pw-at-um”, which stands for “People who analyze to much”. I definitely fall into this catagory… I am a Pwatmist if you will, and can I just say it’s exhausting, however serves it’s purpose somehow in my life… haha.

Well I am tired, I just want to say that I can’t believe that I have come this far, that I am grateful that this all was not just a dream, but a reality that I feel so unbelievably blessed to have experienced. Thank you all so much for being here…or there, for listening, for feeling and for “getting me”. You’re sincere support means the world! Please stick around… I’ve got more.

Also, last note: No, I do not drive the tour bus… hilarious, I get asked everyday from fans (waiting by the arena as we arrive), if I am the one driving the bus. It is in fact our very lovely driver that happens to be blonde and looks similar to me from a distance! Could you imagine; me and my lead foot driving all us gals around on that gigundo bus from city to city… and then getting on stage every night and snapping it out ! Oh it’s funny, and it makes me laugh… thanks for asking though!

Alright, I’m getting loopy, goodnight boys and girls!

P.S.- I almost forgot…okay so my myspace makeover is almost complete and I shall reveal it in a few days! (twirl) Woooo!!!

P.S.S.- Also, I was thinking about how much I LOVE nice people, people who are just truly kind and good hearted… As a kid we learned and sang this song “kindness begins with me”… forgive me, I know it all sounds very sugary… or corny… but you know what, it’s true. Just a thought… ponder:) This blog is very random, goodnight, for real.

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