Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 3 Power of Veto Results)

Find out who won this week’s coveted Power of Veto here:

Derrick is the HoH and he nominated Jocasta and Caleb for eviction with the plan to backdoor Devin. The houseguests chosen to play for the Power of Veto were Devin, Christine, and Donny.

Donny won the Power of Veto!

This is the second time Donny has won the POV, proving that he’s very capable in competitions. As well, Donny winning the POV will likely make for an interesting week. Derrick desperately wants Devin evicted this week, but he’s aware that there are people in the house who want Caleb gone. Therefore, he wanted the POV to be used on Caleb so no one can entertain the idea of evicting Caleb and ensure Devin’s eviction. However, Donny plans to use the POV on his friend Jocasta. So if no one sways Donny to use it on Caleb, then it will be Devin and Caleb on the block together.

All week long, the plan has been to backdoor Devin. However, there may be enough people in the house to go against that idea and evict Caleb instead. Brittany, Donny, Hayden, and Nicole are four houseguests who have admitted that they would rather see Caleb evicted this week. Those four can easily pull in Jocasta to join them in voting out Caleb, meaning they will only need one more vote. Since Christine is good friends with Hayden and Nicole, she could join that side of the house and help send Caleb out the door on Thursday night. Cody has also considered getting Caleb out, but he’ll probably do whatever Derrick tells him to do since the two of them are each other’s closest allies.

However, there are still many variables to consider. One notable one is the relationship between Brittany, Cody, and Derrick. Brittany says she trusts the two of them completely, but Cody and Derrick have become extremely paranoid about Brittany and have started to lose trust in her. Will Brittany risk that relationship even more by going against them and send Caleb out the door instead of Devin? As well, Christine is still a big question mark in the house and will probably just try to continue to play it safe. In addition, Hayden has formed close bonds with Cody and Derrick too and may not risk putting a target on his back, even though he really does want Caleb gone.

Regardless, this should be an interesting week inside the Big Brother house. I expect the vote to be flipped numerous times before a clear decision is made on Thursday night.

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