Big Brother 18 – Final Power Rankings

Tonight was a live eviction episode of Big Brother 18. Read on to see where the Final 3 stand for the last week of the game.

This week there were two eviction episodes of Big Brother 18. By a vote of 2 – 0, Victor was evicted from the Big Brother house. And tonight Corey was evicted from the Big Brother house by James. This leaves Paul, Nicole, and James as the Final 3. But before I get to my predictions, let me discuss the events of the previous week that led to Victor’s and Corey’s evictions.

Victor: After Victor lost the Power of Veto, his fate was sealed. He was the strongest competitor in the house and a big threat to win the game. By this point in the season, Victor or Paul needed to win every competition going forward in order to make it to the Final 2 together. Victor played a really strong game despite getting evicted three times total. However, it seemed like most of the jury was willing to overlook his past evictions if he were to make it to the end since they were disappointed to see him walk into the jury house. If Victor had made it to the end, he probably would’ve won regardless who was sitting next to him.

Corey: Paul won the Final 4 HoH competition, so either Corey or Nicole needed to win the Power of Veto in order for both of them to make it to the Final 3 together. If either of them won it, James would’ve been evicted in fourth place. However, Paul won the Veto and chose not to use it so Nicole and Corey would be split up. James said he would evict whomever Paul asked him to, and Paul would rather compete against Nicole. Therefore, Corey and Nicole were finally split up as Corey became the penultimate member of the jury.



It’s really tough to predict which of the remaining three Houseguests has the best chance to win the game. Each of them has pros and cons, and who knows how the jury will vote? It may all come down to how they answer the jury questions on finale night. Therefore, I’m ranking them based on whom I think has played the best game out of the remaining three and who I think is most deserving to win Big Brother.

1. PAUL – I believe Paul has played the best game of the remaining three Houseguests. As Paul and Victor joked countless times, they were sitting ducks very early on in the season. When the 8 Pack were together, the plan was to evict Paul soon after Jozea, Victor, and Bronte. However, Paul managed to gain the trust of enough people as the 8 Pack started turning on each other as Tiffany, Frank, and Da’Vonne became bigger targets. Throughout the entire season, Paul has been nominated six times, yet he survived. He also won key competitions required to stay in the game. He also made strategic decisions of joining necessary alliances to stay alive in the game, such as flipping on Paulie and teaming up with Nicole and Corey. However, he still stayed loyal to his one true ally Victor throughout the entire game. Therefore, I believe Paul has done enough to win Big Brother. The only issue is that his jury management isn’t the best. He especially has bad blood with Michelle, and how abrasive he is with people could rub them the wrong way. However, Paul is an excellent speaker and could sway necessary votes in his favor if he makes it to the Final 2.

2. NICOLE – Nicole is benefiting from a good endgame. She was not playing a strong game early on as she just hid behind others and performed poorly in challenges. She allowed potential allies to be picked off one by one as she just attached herself to Corey, and her jury management hasn’t been great either. She doesn’t have a strong friendship with anyone in the jury either except with Corey and Paulie. However, Da’Vonne seems to acknowledge that she has been playing a good game these last few weeks to put herself in a position to make it to the end. What also works in Nicole’s favor is that she was never nominated for eviction until Final 4. It’s very possible that Nicole can win this game if she makes it to the Final 2. I personally think Paul would be a more deserving winner than Nicole since he’s had to fight all season long whereas Nicole hasn’t done anything noteworthy until these last few weeks. However, if the Final 2 is Paul and Nicole, it could be a tossup.

3. JAMES – James should not win Big Brother 18. Not only has he done poorly in the challenges all season long, but he has been completely clueless about the house dynamics too. In addition, he has been too scared to play the game and every week just wants to do what “the house” wants. He has made no strategic moves, and his one HoH reign was a waste since Frank wasn’t targeting him (another example of James doing what “the house” wants). Nonetheless, what James has in his favor is that he doesn’t have many enemies in the jury. Natalie will definitely support him to win, but Victor will be campaigning for Paul and Corey will be campaigning for Nicole. If James does make it to the Final 2, I hope the jury does not vote for him to win since I don’t think he would be a deserving winner at all.

So those are my thoughts on the Final 3. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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