Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 5 – Nominations and BoB Results (UPDATED)

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 5 Nominations BoB Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 5 Nominations BoB Results

The Big Brother 17 Thursday night eviction ended with Vanessa and Jackie winning the BoB competition.

The two put their heads together to figure out nominations. It was decided that Jackie would put up Liz and James, while Vanessa would nominate Becky and Clay. James agreed to throw the comp, a plan that everyone (Vanessa, Jackie, Shelli, Clay, Becky, James, Jason and Meg) except Liz was in on. Vanessa was completely willing to allow Jackie to remain HoH. Whichever houseguest won PoV would take James off of the block so that Jackie could backdoor Austin. If worse came to worst, Liz (and by extension her twin Julia) would go home.

Unfortunately, the plan did not come to fruition. Despite James trying to throw the competition, he and Liz won the BoB comp and are safe for the week. Vanessa is still BoB, with Clay and Becky still up on the block.

Vanessa’s plan still is to backdoor Austin if he doesn’t win the PoV, and will work on a plan to that end in the meantime. Austin suspects that James tried to throw the competition. It turns out he’s not a very good actor. He obviously blew the comp, and then acted pissed afterward. The rest are worried about keeping Austin in the dark. Vanessa won’t tell Liz about the plan to backdoor Austin until after the POV comp. If Austin’s name is picked to play, Vanessa will try to persuade him to throw it.

Austin became public enemy #1 after he blew his game up spectacularly Wednesday night. In an attempt to get close to Jason, he spilled some secrets he shouldn’t have. He admitted that like Jason, he’s also a BB superfan. He confirmed that Liz has a twin named Julia and that he’d love to get her out of the house first, so he’d have more time with his crush, Liz.  In the meantime, it’s clear to everyone but Austin that Liz is stringing him along. She’s Just. Not. Into. You. Austin. Boy, is he going to feel stupid later.

Then, Jason turned right around and spilled all of the beans to Shelli, Meg and Vanessa. In turn, Shelli told Clay and then the crap hit the fan. The alliance had worried in the past that Austin had been gaming behind their backs–not sharing all of his moves with the Sixth Sense alliance. Now they have proof.

Thursday night, in a chat with Austin and Liz, Vanessa lied and said she told Jackie she was fine with being dethroned, but really wanted to stay HoH. After Liz left the room, Vanessa grilled Austin about the conversation he had with Jason. Austin never admitted that he gave Jason details about the twins. She pressed him for the truth, and Austin continued to withhold it. After Austin left, Vanessa looked at the camera and said, “Well there it is. Austin just lied to me. Point blank to my face. Why did Austin have to lie to me? Why?” It’s funny how Vanessa, who lies all the time, flips the f*ck out at every slight betrayal.

For awhile, I thought Austin was really playing a smart game and could win the whole thing.  Stupidly, he allowed himself to get caught up in a one sided showmance. Plus, he doesn’t always think through his moves. Vanessa is paranoid and emotional, but she’s got a mind like a steel trap and thoroughly thinks through–albeit to the point of overanalyzing at times– the consequences before she does anything.

Anyway. Vanessa, Clay and Shelli had a confab about Austin’s lying and all agreed to backdoor him. Becky agreed to go on the block with Clay to win BoB. Vanessa shared the backdoor plan with Jason, James and Meg. Austin volunteered to go up, but Vanessa lied to the group about that, to make it seem like Clay was the only choice. Sealing Austin’s fate, Julia  told Vanessa that Austin voted to evict John, in order make it appear to the house that Steve was America’s Player. Austin believes the backdoor plan is Steve.

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