Big Brother 17 Week 4 Eviction Live Blog

Tonight is the fourth live eviction episode of Big Brother 17. Which HouseGuest will be evicted tonight and which two will become the new Heads of Household? Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Audrey and John are nominated for eviction, and one will be heading home tonight. Audrey is the target, but did she manage to convince anyone to keep her? Plus, who will be the new Heads of Household for the week? Let’s find out!

After the Veto Ceremony, everyone is still on board with evicting Audrey. They are also bothered by the fact that she didn’t attend the ceremony and are now wondering if she will even attend the eviction. Six hours before the Veto Ceremony, Audrey stayed in the diary room for several hours and the other HouseGuests wondered whether or not she would quit and walk away beforehand. However, Audrey does finally come out of the diary room after spending five hours in there. For the next few days, Audrey isolated herself in the have-not room and talked to no one. At one point, James makes her an omelette to eat since he feels bad for her. Audrey still continued to isolate herself, but we return to the live studio and Julie reveals she has not quit. We see a glimpse of Audrey sitting in one of the the nomination chairs before we go to a commercial break.

Julie talks to the HouseGuests next. She asks Jason about the Whackstreet Boys. He dreaded it at first, but it wasn’t as bad as he expected. Julie then reveals The Backstreet Boys tweeted a message to them and shares it with them. They all get a kick out of that before they’re asked to do a live performance.

Afterwards, we see a segment of Audrey’s family. They are all very supportive of her and commend her for going on the show since it was the first time she put herself out there in public. They also discuss her game. They admit she played too hard too fast, but they’re still supportive.

Audrey gives a very gracious speech about being honored to be part of the show, and she admits she knows the house wanted her out for weeks before she jokingly says “Merry freaking Christmas.” In his speech, John jokes about the Whacksteeet Boys before asking everyone to vote to keep him. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote. And since Audrey broke have-not rules throughout the week, she will receive a penalty vote.

Clay votes to evict Audrey.

James votes to evict Audrey.

Austin votes to evict John.

Jason votes to evict Audrey.

Vanessa votes to evict Audrey.

Becky votes to evict Audrey.

Jackie votes to evict Audrey.

Steve votes to evict Audrey.

Julia votes to evict Audrey.

Meg votes to evict Audrey.

With 9 votes to evict (plus a penalty vote), Audrey is evicted from the Big Brother house. Julie talks to her next, and they first discuss her being the first transgender HouseGuest. She was surprised, but grateful for the warm acceptance. They talk about the game next. She admits the game was harder than she expected and notes how it was too bad her allies Shelli and Clay turned against her and believed Vanessa more than her. The goodbye messages are next. Shelli says she still considers Audrey a dear friend and looks forward to seeing her again. John says that Audrey played too hard too fast. Jason says he hopes Da’Vonne is throwing confetti at home as she watches Audrey’s eviction. Steve commends Audrey for her story and says he knows people will be inspired by her.

Next is the HoH competitipon. It’s the classic Knockout HoH.

First is Steve versus Jason. Jason wins and he chooses Austin and John to compete next.

Austin wins. He chooses Jackie and Becky.

Jackie wins. She chooses Liz and Vanessa.

Vanessa wins. She chooses Jackie and Meg.

Jackie wins. She chooses Austin and James.

James wins. He chooses Vanessa and Clay.

Vanessa wins. She chooses James and Jackie.

Jackie wins. She is the first HoH of the week!

Vanessa and Jason are last. Vanessa wins. She is the second HoH of the week!

Julie talks to fan favorite Britney Haynes next about the season. After talking about being a mom, she says that this season is one of her favorites ever already. The HouseGuests she are rooting for are Jason, Vanessa, and John. She notes how it was interesting how the Twin Twist played out. She thought they would automatically be targets, but instead they were brought into an alliance for the numbers. She also predicts Vanessa, Clay, or Shelli could win the game.

And that wraps up another episode of Big Brother 17! Thanks for reading and come back on Sunday to see who Jackie and Vanessa nominate for eviction and which pair of nominees win the Battle of the Block.

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