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Becky and John are on the block, and one will be evicted tonight. Which one will leave the house and join Shelli and Jackie in the jury house? Plus, who will win HoH tonight? Let’s find out!

After the Veto Ceremony, Liz says in the diary room that she wants someone else to target Vanessa next week. She doesn’t want her blood on her hands. Vanessa is glad the nominations stayed the same and she sees benefits in evicting either Becky or John. She’s glad she and her allies control the vote this week. Meanwhile, Liz and Austin did not appreciate Becky’s speech in the ceremony since they thought she came across as too aggressive. They believe she was insinuating that if she wasn’t saved from the block, then she will be targeting them next week.

We next see a segment of James and Meg’s friendship. James admits to having a crush on her too. Afterwards, we see James pulling a prank in the have-not room. He tied up all of Steve’s personal belongings to a chair with Saran wrap.

Later, John and Steve talk game. John is certain Becky will be leaving and Steve is his last ally in the game. He wants them to align with one side of the house: Meg/James or Austin/Liz/Julia. They agree to go with the numbers and form an alliance with Austin and the twins. Liz and Julia are on board with aligning with John and Steve. They also tell them that they want Vanessa gone next week, but they cannot be the ones to target her. John tells them that he has no qualms with putting her on the block if he were to win HoH.

Becky goes upstairs later to make her plea to Liz, Julia, and Austin. She says her target is obvious – she wants Vanessa gone. Liz is now unsure who to send home since both Becky and John really want Vanessa gone as soon as possible.

Next Julie checks-in with the HouseGuests. She shows them clips of James scaring Julia. Julie asks him why he pulls the pranks, and he tells her that it’s a way to pass the time. She asks Julia if she plans to seek revenge, and she says she is planning something and James better watch his back. Afterwards she shows the clip of Meg falling on her face during the Veto competition. Next she asks Steve what he misses the most from home, and he says his family. This leads to a segment featuring Steve’s family and their thoughts on his game so far. His hometown is also very supportive and have even declared a Steve Moses Day. He has a lot of fans back home.

Next is the jury segment. Shelli hopes Vanessa is the one to walk into the jury house, but she is very shocked that it’s Jackie. She sees the footage from the double eviction and is gobsmacked by what happened. She and Jackie both agree that Vanessa is to blame for Jackie’s eviction.

It’s time for the vote. Becky wishes her sister a happy birthday before telling the HouseGuests that she hopes they make the best decision for their games and keep her. John lists all the things Becky does for the house and that keeping him would be dumb, but he wants to stay. Afterwards, the HouseGuests cast their votes.

Steve votes to evict Becky.

Vanessa votes to evict Becky.

Meg votes to evict Becky.

Austin votes to evict Becky.

Julia votes to evict Becky.

James votes to evict Becky.

By a unanimous vote, Becky is evicted from the Big Brother house. She gives everyone a hug before walking out the house and greeting Julie. Julie asks if she’s surprised by leaving on a unanimous vote. She says she isn’t since her only true allies were Jackie and John, the former being gone and the latter being on the block next to her. She also asks why her plan last week didn’t go through, and Becky admits that she was too blinded by her dislike for Vanessa and didn’t anticipate James and Meg making the choice that was better for their games (sending Shelli home). She watches the goodbye messages next. John says that Becky was his closest ally and he hopes she gets to come back into the game. Liz says that Becky was too much of a threat. Steve says he respects her game. Vanessa says it was no secret they were going after one another and she’s not sorry she’s gone. Julie asks Becky who she would target if she were to reenter the game, and she says she would go after Liz.

It’s time for the HoH competition. It’s a racing competition. They must wait until a monitor says “Go” before they can race down the track and press the buzzer at the end of their respective lanes. The last to press the buzzer will be eliminated. After the first round, Meg is eliminated.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17. Next week, after the next HouseGuest is evicted, the current jury members will compete to reenter the game. Thanks for reading and come back Sunday night for another live recap.

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