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Audrey was evicted, and Jackie and Vanessa won the Head of Household competition. Which four HouseGuests did they nominate for eviction and which two saved themselves in the Battle of the Block competition? Let’s find out!

Jackie is excited she won HoH, but Vanessa didn’t want to be HoH again. However, she felt like she had to win after Jackie won since she’s certain Jackie would’ve targeted her. Meanwhile, Austin is determined to get the twins to enter the house together and wants to help ensure Liz won’t be targeted since they just need to survive one more vote. We see a flashback of Austin wanting to approach Jason to reveal the truth about the twins, even though everyone already knows about it. After the twins switched and Julia enters the house, Austin comes clean about the twins to Jason. He even reveals Julia’s name to Jason, and alludes that he would be fine if Julia is targeted as long as he gets to make it to jury with Liz. Right afterwards, Jason shares this information with Meg, Shelli, and Vanessa. Shelli and Vanessa already knew about the twins, but they play along and act like this is new information. In the diary room, Shelli and Vanessa are frustrated that Austin revealed the secret and sold out Julia. Shelli then goes upstairs to the HoH room and shares what Jason just told her to Clay. Vanessa walks in later and the three of them are all flabbergasted that Austin went behind their backs and made a rogue move. Now they are considering cutting Austin out of their alliance since they don’t feel like he can’t be trusted anymore.

We return back to after the HoH competition. Vanessa and Jackie talk privately about nominations. Jackie wants to target Liz, Steve, and Austin. Vanessa is working with Liz, but she doesn’t reveal this to Jackie and says she’s okay with Jackie nominating Liz. Jackie also says she wants to remain HoH for the week, and Vanessa agrees with that.

After the HoH room reveal, Vanessa and Austin talk game. Vanessa admits that she’s having trouble backdooring him since he’s been her closest ally, so she wants to make sure it’s the right move. She asks him about his conversation with Jason, and he lies to her about what he said and she knows it. So now Vanessa feels like she can’t trust Austin anymore. Later in the evening, Vanessa tells Julia everything about what Austin has done. Julia is now furious and is on board with him being the target.

Vanessa talks to Shelli and Clay next and says she doesn’t trust Austin anymore. In the diary room, Vanessa admits she knows she would have to choose between Liz/Austin and Shelli/Clay at some point. After Austin betrayed her trust, Vanessa now feels confident that Shelli and Clay are the two she should go to the end with.

Jackie talks to Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay about nominations. Jackie wants to stay HoH, so Vanessa has to nominate people who will win the Battle of the Block competition. She gets Clay and Becky to volunteer to be on the block on Vanessa’s side of the nominations. Next Jackie needs to nominate someone to throw the Battle of the Block so she can stay in power. Jackie and Vanessa talk to Jason, Meg, and James about the plan about Vanessa being dethroned, so Jackie needs one of them nominated on her side to throw the Battle of the Block to guarantee she’ll stay in power. James volunteers to be on the block. They all also agree to a Final 8 deal that includes Vanessa, Jackie, Shelli, Clay, Becky, Jason, Meg, and James and name the alliance Dark Moon (a saying Audrey said a lot while she was in the house). Afterwards, Vanessa tells Austin about who will be nominated so he won’t be blindsided by seeing people like Clay and Liz on the block, but she doesn’t tell him the true plan. He isn’t thrilled about them being on the block, but doesn’t fight the idea either.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Jackie has nominated James and Liz. She explains that she nominated them because they put her on the block before. Vanessa has nominated Clay and Becky. She tells Clay that he has yet to be nominated or win HoH and Becky that she believes she is mature enough to understand the game move that it is. All the nominees were already in on the plan. John, however, was not told what was going on and is just thrilled to finally not be nominated.

It’s time for the twins to switch again. Julia tells Liz about nominations and that Vanessa is the only one they can trust, but doesn’t reveal what Austin has done. Liz reenters the house as Vanessa, Shelli, and Jackie talk about nominations. Shelli is nervous for Clay, but Vanessa tells her that this is the best time for Clay to be on the block so no one can be resentful over the fact that he never has been nominated anymore. As well, the plan is for Clay and Becky to win and Jackie to be the one to backdoor Austin. However, Vanessa knows that if Liz someone manages to win the Battle of the Block on her own, then Vanessa being the one to backdoor Austin will be like diving into a pool of blood.

It’s time for the Battle of the Block competition. The two teams must throw paint on walls to read invisible letters to spell out the names of three HouseGuests from last season to complete a headline. Liz is trying to win the competition, but James is throwing it. Clay and Becky try different names, but they keep spelling the wrong names. Both teams figure out the names at the same time and rush to the buzzer, but it’s Liz and James who press the buzzer first. James and Liz win the Battle of the Block. The plan for Vanessa to be dethroned and Jackie to remain in power has completely backfired.

And that wraps up another episode of Big Brother 17! Thanks for reading and come back Wednesday for another live recap.

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