Big Brother 16 – Week 4 – Live Blog Eviction Results (VIDEO)

Results: Brittany is evicted. Zach and Frankie win Head of Household. Nicole, Caleb, Christine and Derrick are the Have Nots for the week.  Read on for details!

Who will go home tonight? Brittany or Donny? Hm. I think the answer to that is obvious. Nobody is going to send Donny home. Although Cody really wanted to send Caleb home, Brittany is the Detonator’s target.

It’s day 35 in the Big Brother house! Will leaving Caleb in the game come back to bite Cody in the butt?  Cody really wanted to put up Caleb, but he caved to the wishes of Derrick and the rest of the alliance. Brittany is bummed that she has to campaign against Donny, a player that she really likes.

After the Veto nomination, Cody sort of falls apart.  “I feel like such a bitch,” he says. The rest of the group assures him that putting Brittany up was the best decision for EVERYONE’S game. Frankie assures Donny that the house will send Brittany home. Derrick says he feels terrible that Donny was on the block. It was all about putting someone up that would guarantee Brittany’s eviction.

Donny KNOWS something and SOMEONE prompted Cody’s sudden decision to put him up on the block, despite promising that he wouldn’t.  He suspects that Derrick drove his decision and that there is another big alliance (of course, he’s right).  Despite assurances, Donny knows that pawns go home. He doesn’t feel safe.

Brittany goes to work campaigning for herself. She works on Caleb first.  He tells Brittany that he’d rather she stays. He means it, as he tries to convince the group to save. He admires how she fights for her life. He feels Donny is more of a threat– a huge competitor who has won competitions and pulled himself off the block. If he gets some power, he’ll come after the Detonators.

Frankie is sent to the diary room where he’s handed a letter. It’s from his family. He learns that his grandfather lost his battle to cancer. He shares the news with the rest of the house. He cries in Jocasta’s arms. Zach rubs his shoulders. Brittany reads the letter out loud.  Grandpa insisted that no matter what happens, Frankie should stay in the competition.  The family agrees.  Frankie shares happy memories of his grandfather. There is laughter and tears. He was the first member of the family to be OK with Frankie coming out as gay. There’s a big group hug. Frankie feels “so supported.”

Frankie Learns his Grandfather Died

The houseguests are gathered in the studio.  First, Julie offers her condolences to Frankie. Next, she asks Caleb why he took the cash instead of the veto. He has bills to pay, and felt safe enough to pass it up. Cody admits that he struggled with nominations.

Julie announces that the 4 have nots are the “four laziest players in the game” based on the trackers they are wearing. And they are: Nicole, Caleb, Christine and Derrick.  If any of them become HoH, they will no longer be a have not.

More on the Hayden-Nicole showmance! She admits she had a dream about Hayden the night before. It wasn’t steamy or anything! Cut to Nicole’s home town. She lives in some cow town. Only 800 people live in Nicole’s village. Her nickname is coconuts. Her mom admits Nicole plays extremely hard to get. Nicole’s brother thinks Hayden is cool. But he’d rather she bring home the prize money. Dad says if Hayden gets a kiss, he will be really winning her over.   Finally, Nicole does kiss Hayden as they cuddle in bed in a dark room. “Now that the chase is over,” asks Nicole, “Are you over it?”


It’s time to begin the live vote! Brittany and Donny get their to address the houseguests. Brittany says it’s not easy sitting next to Donny. “It’s been a great ride, a great journey.”  She took on the horrible penalty after she lost the Veto, which involved kicking a ball into a net 2400 times in 24 hours, in order to prove to the house that she has what it takes. She apologizes for being hard to read. She pleads for one more chance.  Donny thanks God for the opportunity to play the game, his family, friends and houseguests.  No pleading. Not necessary!

Vote to Evict

Jocasta – Brittany
Nicole – Brittany
Hayden – Brittany
Amber – Brittany
Derrick – Brittany
Caleb – Brittany
Christine – Brittany
Victoria – Brittany
Zach – Brittany
Frankie – Brittany

It’s unanimous.  Brittany is evicted from Big Brother

Giant stank face when Brittany hears the news. Hugs goodbye. Caleb is clutching a stuffed monkey. The houseguests are subdued after she leaves. Brittany was kind of expecting everyone to vote against her. She knows that people vote how the strong players want them to (she’s right). She namechecks Caleb as a strong player. She thinks they were afraid she was a wild card and hard to predict. It was easier to put her up again and again (she was up 3 times) to keep as few targets off their backs as possible. Goodbye messages: Donny felt she was dealt a bad hand. Hayden likes her, but felt she was unpredictable. Jocasta apologizes, but Donny is her boy after he used his Veto on her.

Brittany can’t wait to see her kids. She’s missed them so much. And indeed, her two young children are in the audience for a big, emotional on air reunion.

It’s time to crown two new Heads of Household. Outgoing HoH, Cody, is ineligible to compete. The competition is called Country Hits.  Two at a time, the HGs face off at the podium, where they will hear a short country song that will describe one of three competitions that took place this summer.  The goal is to identify one of  3 types of competitions–either HoH, BoB or PoV.  The first person to buzz in with the right answer wins the round, and chooses the next two players to compete. However, if the answer is wrong, the opponent wins the round. If no one buzzes in, both are eliminated. HG’s compete against one another until there are only two left standing.

Hayden and Christine were randomly chosen earlier to face off first.  Christine wins the round. She chooses Donny and Jocasta. Donny wins the round.  He chooses Frankie and Caleb to go next.  Frankie wins the round.  He chooses Amber and Victoria to go next.  Amber wins the round.  The musical clues are really goofy. So far, HGs are answering quickly and correctly. Amber picks Donny and Derrick to go next.  Derrick wins the round.  He picks Zach and Nicole to go next. Zach wins the round. He picks Amber and Christine to go next.  Christine wins the round.

She picks Frankie and Derrick to go next.  WOW. Derrick THROWS THE COMPETITION so Frankie could win and be HoH! “Frankie, you want to see your grandfather, right?” he says as they step up to the podium. HoHs are allowed photos and mementos from their families.  Derrick then proceeds to deliberately stand to the side as the clue is played. Frankie buzzes in and wins.  (Of course, now Frankie is beholden to him…) Frankie is so moved by Derrick’s gesture he’s practically in tears.  Christine and Zach are the last players. Zach wins the round.

Zach and Frankie win Head of Household

HoH Competition

After the break, the houseguests are once again gathered in the studio.  Derrick admits throwing the HoH competition. “I knew the answer right away,” he says, “But there are some things that are bigger than this game.  I want him to see his grandfather. I feel good about my decision.  I’ll eat slop for a week.”

“It means the world to me Julie,” says Frankie about Derrick’s decision. “This house is an emotional roller coaster…that was just an amazing gesture.  I’m very appreciative. And I can’t wait to see my grandfather!” It’s the first time Zach has won HoH. He can’t wait to see a picture of his little brother, and read a letter from his family.

The next mission for Team America:

The mission chosen by fans via vote is to “Play the role of puppet master and get two Houseguests to have an argument at either the nomination ceremony or the veto meeting.”  Donny, Derrick and Frankie will learn their mission soon.

As the credits roll, we eavesdrop on the house. Frankie is bawling his eyes out as Jocasta and Amber hug him. “It just got real again,” he says.

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